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The Punjab Police ,abbreviated as "PP" is the police agency responsible for law enforcement and investigations within the state of Punjab, India. Punjab Police has a broad array of specialized services, including the prevention and detection of crime, maintenance of law and order and the enforcement of the Constitution of India. D.G.P. Headquartered at Chandigarh along with his secretarial staff including Administration, Intelligence, Security, Crime & Forensic Science Laboratory, Provisioning and Technical Services Wing. Presently Punjab has 24 Police Districts headed by SSsP and Three Commissionerates headed by IGsP/DIGs. The present DGP of Punjab Police is Dinkar Gupta since February 7, 2019. He is an IPS officer of 1987 batch.

On January 2020 a employee wrote for indeed about working at the Punjab Police: Poor HR management with little to no spending on Research and Development of institution. There were very little planning or they never knew what actually they wanted from their interns.


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