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Dex One Corporation was an American marketing company providing online, mobile and print search marketing via their website, print yellow pages directories and pay-per-click ad networks in the U.S. In April 2013 Dex One merged with SuperMedia, and the combined company (after further acquisitions) now does business as Thryv Inc..

Christopher warned, "!!!BEWARE!!! I was flat out lied to by a representative of this company and Thryv has done NOTHING to right the wrong. Absolutely disgusted and will do everything I can to get the word out about the terrible ethics of this company. I was contacted by a representative of this company which I happened to be from my small hometown. I gave him an opportunity to pitch me what Thryv has to offer a small business owner like myself. Sounded great and I told him I would consider it. This is my issue: I clearly expressed my concern about being a new business and not wanting to be bound to a contract. The representative told me that I have 30 days that I could change my mind and get out of the 6 month contract. NOT 3 days, but 30. They later told me 3 was the deadline when I called to cancel."


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Rick says

"I don't like their site, it is illegible, also they have suspicious reviews here"

jroseland says

"I worked at Dex Media for several years and I learned to my dismay that Dex's yellow pages and online yellow pages offerings are a big waste of money for small businesses. I once remember looking through the billing software records and seeing that a huge proportion of advertisers end up in arrears not being able to afford their bills.

After I quite my job there I foolishly signed up for one of their featured online yellow pages listings. It was maybe like a hundred bucks a month. They told me that the section got a lot of traffic. That was false, I think I got one or two calls in a year from that ad.

This was about a decade ago, I'm sure that even less people use the phonebook or online yellow pages now. People use Craigslist, Goole and their social media networks now to buy and sell stuff or find local busineses."