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Deutsche Bank AG is a multinational investment bank and financial services company headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, and dual-listed in New York Stock Exchange and Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

The bank's network spans 58 countries with a large presence in Europe, the Americas and Asia. As of 2017–2018, Deutsche Bank was the 17th largest bank in the world by total assets. As the largest German banking institution, it is a component of the DAX stock market index.

Customers have much to say online, stating that it has the worst customer service for expats you can find. They describe the bank customer facing service support at the bottom of the bottom with processes and tools are all 10 years back in time. From a disgruntled ex-pat to the country of Germany regarding Death Bank: Germany, what the h$ll are you doing letting this bank continue operating? They are thieves, money launderers and a national disgrace that soils your name everywhere that they go. Shut them down already, and make them pay back all our excess fees. It's gonna happen eventually... if there is any justice in the world!

And then there's Donald Trump's notorious relationship with Deutsche Bank! Trump's murky relationship with Deutsche Bank is still under congressional investigation, so the book DARK TOWERS Deutshe Bank, Donald Trump, and an Epic Trail of Destruction is necessarily incomplete. Still, the book has enough detail to make its case that Deutsche Bank was more than just one more rogue bank; it is a cautionary tale of what happens when a bank pursues profits at any cost, without being weighed down by pesky moral scruples.

Trump pitched himself as a successful businessman and an executive, even though his actual record included a string of spectacular bankruptcies and lawsuits -- including an effort during the 2008 financial crisis to sidestep a $40 million debt to Deutsche Bank by invoking a "force majeure" clause likening the economic catastrophe to riots or floods. Rather than pay what he owed, he sued the bank claiming harm to his finances and reputation, eventually settling out of court.


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"Very unorganised work culture, too hierarchical. Culture and values could definitely be a lot better. The attrition rates seen in this organisation speaks volumes about the nature of work environment."

Former Employee - Managing Director says

"A truly toxic work environment"

Former Employee - Assistant Vice President says

"Worst job ever. Crazy hours (leave 10pm). No advancement. Vice Presidents and above were too comfortable and didn't want anyone to challenge their position. They are constantly cutting costs to pay the never-ending fines. Senior management and traders break the rules, but still get rewarded. Middle office and back office get shafted."

Former Employee - Analyst says

"Only politics and greed, no merit"

Current Employee - Quantitative Analyst says

"I don't think I even have a proper job...need I say more?"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Lines of code pushed monitored and need to explain why you missed your "Required Targets" for the sprint - 3 strikes and your out. No real home either the goal is every couple of sprints you could move to another project. Code Target is still there. Everyone is looking out for themselves."

Former Employee - Vice President says

"Toxic culture and cliques of rather inept senior leaders who literally despise each other drive internal conflict and a complete breakdown in collaboration."

Former Employee - Director says

"No coherent strategy to create a viable long-term business"

Current Employee - Analyst says

"Long working hrs, Under staffed, routine/boring work, poor pay"

Former Employee - Managing Director says

"Absolutely the worst place I have ever worked. Management has no idea what they are doing and are faking everything they do. The regulators should shut this firm down as they don’t even have enough budget to be compliant."

File Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Horrible place to work. Hostile work environment with unprofessional, poor management. Very strict with no clear instructions/guidance. I have never been treated worse at work before. The job consists of filing sensitive loan document information in a huge file room. Management would berate employees everyday for no reason. No talking is allowed. No breaks are given. I was once yelled at for taking a 2 minute bathroom break. Honestly, working anywhere else is better.Full time, easy job, they will hire anyoneNo breaks, low pay, monotonous, no advancement"

Vice President, Finance (Former Employee) says

"If you are lucky you will work under a decent management. If not, conniving self-serving top management is flourishing here. Women are just props. If they don't like you, you'll know about it and soon will be like a deer running away from a hunter until the next performance assessment. You'll learn how bad you are without real work related arguments. Good luck! You may need it. Good pay because the attrition from this toxic environment is through the roof."

Application Support Analyst (Current Employee) says

"There is highest level of politics with indian senior management. They restrict your growth in every possible way and try to force you to left company.NothingThere are many"

Buchhalter als Krankheitsvertretung der Finanzabteilung (Former Employee) says

"Jeder Arbeitsraum war eine große Halle mit etwa 20 Reihen. Insgesamt etwa 40 Arbeitsplätze in einen Raum"

Project Lead, CIB Divisional Strats (Former Employee) says

"Very stressful environment with no accountable managers. Long hours hours with with many meetings. Lots of avoidable noise. No much of a team spirit environment."

Operations Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Where can I begin? When I first received an offer with DB I was very excited and looking forward to a future full of potential. Instead I found a position that just wanted me to click enter daily on a keyboard, while working with people that had no professionalism at all. This was one of the worst places I have ever worked. You are trained to walk a hamster wheel, your ideas aren't important, there's no space for growth and management is always scared you're going to take their position. It was dreadful, I would go to work hoping the day would come where the torture would come to an end."

ANALYST (Current Employee) says

"Plz ignore if u get job there you wot get good pay and culture management is relaxed and they will put in busy mode.every year we wil get very good hike like 3% or less than thst."

employee (Former Employee) says

"managers looks the other way, everyone is only concerned with themselves. managers throw employees under the bus without legitimacy. employees lie to protect themselves at the expense of others. attrition is high for the above reasons and i saw no interest in change. i got laid off for highlighting that i point out bad behavior, people with title should lead by example and that they should treat employees better."

Executive Administrative Assistant - Global Compliance (Former Employee) says

"Company is a pit of mostly distrustful and distruction upper management. There are senior executive and directors that are responsible for racist, discriminatory behaviors - any new employees are constantly judged on cultural, race, and age."

Project Manager/Senior Business Analyst (Consultant) says

"One of the most stressful contract assignments I have ever worked. They cut my rate twice in six month yet gave me more responsibility. They are very shady and deserve to be shut down in the US as their management are a bunch of criminals. FINRA and SEC need to shut them down"

agente (Former Employee) says

"Non mi sbilancio se no mi fanno causa chi vivrà vedràNessunoTutti"

Liaison (Current Employee) says

"The people here are so rude and nasty. They just want you to obey them and listen to their orders all the time. I had been bullied for more than a year and my manager didn't do anything to stop that bullying group. One of the associates' only job is to put the people down and interfere in their business all the time even if it has nothing to do with her. Because of such people, the work culture here is so unbearable and people literally cry while working here.. I had been gou g through the same state of staying petrified and dominated all all these months until my my team was taken over by another manager who made this workplace really nice and comfortable. I'll give 1 star to overall environment here in DB"

Senior Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Not at all employee centric. Certain mid managers influence work and performance management which has reached peak of biases. Top management puppets are not at all bothered of ground level happenings and interested in entertaining foreign counterparts."

Jr. Portfolio Manager, Assistant Vice President (Former Employee) says

"I was there for 6 years, nearly the entire time the bank was going through financial distress. As a result culture was bad, there was virtually no opportunity for growth, and I maxed out my learning potential instantly."

Technician (Former Employee) says

"Only people who are desperate for a job would work for DB. they only hire contractors and pay them very little and with no benefits and no vacation paid."

File Clerk (Former Employee) says

"The managers there are very rude and disrespectful. They are always on gossip and dont pay any attention at work. Miserable place to work you feel like a slave."

Executive Assistant - Global Loan Operations (Former Employee) says

"Poorly run management was as bad as I have ever scene working in the industry. Allowed inappropriate behavior by managers received very little respect as an employee."

Vice President, Wealth Management (Current Employee) says

"Avoid at all costs; management has no clue; lot of politicking; no leadership or growth opportunities; mediocre middle management; bad bonus and salary; if you do good and questions, you are punished rather than focus on resolving the issue; sinking ship that relies on old fame"

Commercial Manager (Former Employee) says

"Staff are horrible, arrogant, poor communication and people skills and management only cares about themselves. They ust care about bonuses and hitting the pubs and bars. Not sociable place towork and managers work you like a dog - right to the bones!NoenBad company to work for"

IT Cons (Former Employee) says

"Don't go to DB unless you want to be dissapointed by managers I've left AFBC because my ex-boss was affecting directly her direct reports including me by failing to negotiate workload with stakeholers. The ex lacked vision and picked the wrong battles with direct reports, generating a lot of frustration in the team. The project healt was not of any interest, only situations that were putting her in a good light mattered.Dedicated team membersLack of basic manangement skills"

Astrid YlösalaisenKimeeri says

"They dont speak english and they are incredible rude. I wanted to open an account and called them multiple times. Allways they just sayed that there is no english speaking service and hang up or connected me to somebody else who did not speak. In the end after speaaking to multiple different persons somebody just sayed that I have called to the wrong adviser and she can not help and hang up with no excuses or sorry?!? God damn, just learn some languages! And have in infoline somebody that can speak some other language than the mother language or at least knows how to speak to customers. So embarassing from them. I just ended up to open an account in an other bank."

Truong Giang Vu says

"The first time I contacted to customer service and would like to ask for a additional service from my account. The lady was very very rude, even I can talk with her in German without any problem. If I can rate this service, I would give zero and this is one of the worst service I have ever met in my life."

A regular user says

"The services are expensive. The technology is horrible. Doesn't provide a phone number to get assistance in English."

SA says

"There aren't any 0 stars, otherwise I would have put that. Just try getting through to the help line. Stay away, worst bank ever!"

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