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Dettol is a brand of cleaning supplies and disinfectant and antiseptic, introduced in 1932 and the manufacturer owned by the Anglo-Dutch company Reckitt Benckiser.

According to An International Journal of Medicine, Volume 86, Serious complications associated with Dettol poisoning

Dettol is involved in 10percnt; of self-poisoning-related hospital admissions in Hong Kong. Although serious poisonings and even deaths after ingesting this common household disinfectant have been reported, the frequency with which these complications may occur is not known. In a retrospective study of 67 cases of Dettol poisoning, we found that serious complications were relatively common (8%), and these included aspiration of Dettol with gastric contents resulting in pneumonia, cardiopulmonary arrest, bronchospasm, adult respiratory distress syndrome, and severe laryngeal edema with upper airways obstruction. It is particularly important that the airways are adequately protected before the patient is lavaged following Dettol poisoning, and the immediate recognition of any upper airway obstruction requiring intubation will then be lifesaving.


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rachel ost says

"Very bad customer service. They do not care."

Stand-up Guy says

"Product Defective NO Customer Service AT ALL I purchased an aerosol product of theirs and it was totally blocked within 3 uses. I phoned their CS on 0845 7697079 on 27NOV17 about 09.00 and was told the matter would be dealt with. After hearing nothing from them I rang again on 20DEC17 10.28 re ref R076565670. It is now 28FEB18 and still nothing heard. Perhaps their MD would like to tell me why he employs staff to deliberately ignore his customers!!"

Noggin says

"I've decided to leave a full review on Dettol, I'm giving it 3 stars because their customer service aren't as foolish as the people designing the product. It would be rude not to give some credit somewhere. Maybe someone who works for Dettol can do something to improve the stuff that's supposed to help you clean. As this goes on, I'll be surprised if we still see bottles of this stuff stocked on supermarket shelves. The only thing it's good for is recycling the plastic bottle when it's all gone. So I'm going to share my experience - Not good. I decided to try it out for the first time, and a waste of £3 it was. It took about four hours to take a few particles of sugar off my work surface, I had to leave it to soak, grab a bucket full of warm water and splash it onto the worktop to get rid of the cold water that was a mixture of the Dettol spray itself and just water. I've also come across radiators with more scent. I even put my nose to the nozzle and gave it a sniff. I expected a whiff of antiseptic, like a medical practice, but instead I could smell the sugar I'd knocked over on the worktop stronger than the actual Dettol spray that I'd decided to use to clean my home. I went out after this, to my local Aldi, and I bought their own version multi-surface cleaner, and it worked much better. My kitchen is now clean all thanks to a cheaper and less common version of a product that is supposed to be known to do the trick. Humiliating. I won't be using the product again, unfortunately. Don't bother wasting your money on this, it's not worth it!"

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