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The Deskstar is the name of a product line of computer hard disk drives. It was originally announced by IBM in October 1994. The line was continued by Hitachi when in 2003 it bought IBM's hard disk drive division and renamed it Hitachi Global Storage Technologies. In 2012 Hitachi sold the division to Western Digital who continued the drive product line brand as HGST Deskstar.

Derek shares his opinion on Amazon, "The newer HGST ALE614 drive is ridiculously loud compared to the older Deskar models. It's so loud that I actually thought it was experiencing the click of death on arrival... The sound in my opinion is very abnormal and I'm not sure I can depend on it. I hate this drive because it's so noisy. If I can find an older ALE640 model I will be returning this drive, but they seem to be going for 300 bucks now!"


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