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Denim Co is a restaurant in Brisbane, Queensland Australia. Offers Premium cafe blend from Lavazza coffee. Serving breakfast all day long cakes & sweets.

Denim Co has inefficient service and its overpriced, claims Clenaranjo at

"Terrible and expensive food. We went there for coffee and croissant and we all agreed this is a place no to be recommended. 1. Coffee was bitter and too strong 2. Service was too slow and inefficient, they only had two waitresses working on a Saturday at 10:30 am. 3. The croissants were clearly old, they were hard as rocks and not tasty at all 4. Prices where very high, which is not a problem if the price matches the quality, but that was not the case here. Paying $30 for 2 flat whites and two non-fresh croissants is a bit much. 5. Due to the lack of staff all available tables were dirty, which we only realized after we ordered."


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