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Michael Saul Dell (born February 23, 1965) is an American billionaire businessman and philanthropist. He is the founder, chairman, and CEO of Dell Technologies, one of the world's largest technology infrastructure companies. He is ranked 27th richest in the world by Forbes, with a net worth of $27.2 billion as of April 2020. In 2011, his 243.35 million shares of Dell Inc. stock were worth $3.5 billion, giving him 12% ownership of the company. His remaining wealth of roughly $10 billion is invested in other companies and is managed by MSD Capital, which incorporates his initials.

An anonymous user current Dell Technologies employee recounts his experience working on the company on the "Glassdoor" website on September 10, 2020:

"The most stressful job I’ve ever had. Literally thought I had a heart attack at the end of one of my shifts one day, but it was just a really bad panic attack apparently. They don’t ever cut you slack. They don’t care about their employees as much as they say they do. There’s not as much opportunity for advancement as they say there is."


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