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From Everything.Sucks LLC is an online platform and suite of mobile apps that enables users to order from local restaurants and stores for on-demand delivery. The company currently has more than one million users and an online marketplace of more than 12,000 restaurants, wine and liquor stores, grocery stores, and laundry/dry cleaning providers. Headquartered in New York, offers service in over one hundred cities across the United States, including Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C.[5][4] In 2014, expanded into Hong Kong. The Hong Kong assets were then sold to Foodpanda in 2016, ending's international business.

Claire T. wrote a review of for Sitejabber describing the service as Completely incompetent ¨Horrible. Don't ever use them. Cannot get my phone number right. Showed my order as delivered- it wasn't. Was then in contact w the restaurant who told me my order was sitting but multiple drivers had been thru picking up other orders. 5th call to said oh well if the order is cold call us back. Shame on at that point. Order was obviously cold. Called back - told it's been escalated, they'll get back to me. Meanwhile, I have cold rotting food and they charged me close to $89. Apparently 6 calls and counting is their secret. For ONE order. Pathetic.¨


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Driver (Former Employee) says

"I worked over 80 hours a week usually to make a decent living. Some days 9am till 10pm you could make $80 and some days like Valentines $300. Most days are about $120 if you work all day and its not bad economic times like now. I got fired as a driver for speaking out on ways to make the company better after working here for 1 year and 6 months almost. I didn’t get a heads up, even began work that day, and at noon i got booted ofline, and sent a letter sayijg i was fired, without any explanation of why. This happened June 3rd. Unempathetic and horrible of them to do. Cons: Everything. Expect to make $9 an hour"

City Manager (Former Employee) says

"Very poor organization. Customer service and driver support was ridiculous. Pay for drivers is low and customer are being overcharged for food prices at restaurants. Most times double what the actual food prices are. Bottom line care only about the dollar, not drivers or customers. Still owed $110. Dollars from them. There DdI program for drivers is ridiculous and adds more burden then help, hidden fees. Beware of starting a job with them......... Cons: Low pay, no support."

Business Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Client was constantly adding works without extending deadlines."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Initially upon employment, it appears that this company is a great entity to work for as they have the "startup appeal" and the look of a close knit community. But then you start to notice that is always on the phones (even during the hands on meetings) and you begin to wonder why certain promises do not add up. Cons: Working here."

Installation Specialist (Former Employee) says

"A typical day is confusion on where you are suppose to be and what you are suppose to be doing."

CUSTOMER SERVICE REP (Former Employee) says

"they try to make you think they are cool and understanding but everyone talks behind each others back and are cut throat. Supervisors have no knowledge of what they are doing and leave all the work for the night shift. The morning shift which consists of the higher up and long time older employees are treated better than the night shift which consist of mainly minorities."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"This is not a long term option for work. The pay is minimal compared to the work load. There is no room for advancement and people have worked there for multiple years as temps to never be hired on to the company. The work environment is very relaxed but the job itself can be stressful as in any call center. You start by taking calls and emails and then they will add zendesk tickets, laundry and chat all while never offering a raise. They almost never hire people for the day shift so be prepared to work nights and weekends are mandatory. Cons: no benefits and low pay"

New York, NY (Former Employee) says

"Til this day I am grateful for the job, because it allowed me to further expand my management skills and also learn how to handle difficult customers on the phone. It also allowed me the chance to practice my writing (when writing to customers). Cons: constant fear of being fired, difficult to advance or get raise, no quality control, low employee moral"

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Systems do not work effectively. Hours are long and no chance to change your hours"

Electronics hardware QA tester, dir (Current Employee) says

"very talented team- management needed to utilize and cultivate those skills and use them to build an empire. Company needed senior advisers but let lower management drive even though they lacked the experience and or time on the job. Cons: decisions made by lower mgt was not always on target"

Account Manager (Current Employee) says

"Contact merchants about their active/new accounts.Discuss opportunities to boost sales by trying to sell different products."

Front End Developer (Former Employee) says

"Overall is a great place to work with a mid-sized team of hard working engineers. Cons: Huge amount of work requiring staying after hours"

Dispatcher/Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Helped pay the bills while in college. Stressful work but managers had empathy and provided the guidance i needed."

Jill Hemann says

"Worst delivery service ever!! Going on 2 hours since order placed. Call both them an is ready with driver has arrived. NEVER AGAIN!"

Sandra Kraemer says

"Just trust me. My bad experience is way too long to list. Do not order from All I will say is it’s been almost 3 hours and the restaurant just now received my order and they want me to wait another 45 minutes for me to get my order delivered . So four hours from when I placed my order I might be getting my food. Turns out we’re just gonna go pick it up ourselves. Don’t do it!!!"

Kim says

"I order a Mac book from apple November they decided to ship it threw these people, here it January never received my MacBook nor refund! I will be suing"

Sheila says

"On 1/18/2020 I wanted to purchase a Cafe Courrioer gift card, their website diverted me to Delivery. com for payment. I was hesitant (never having heard of but purchased a $100.00 email gift card. I received two emails from, assuring me an email gift card was sent to the recipient and a receipt of my purchase. On 12/21/2020 the debit card purchase cleard my bank account. I asked the intended recipient if they received the email, they said no. I asked again after a few days and still no email. On 12/23/2020 I called to inquire. They looked into it and said the email wasnt sent but the recipient should access their account through the app. I said I don't know if they have the app or an account. If the recipient didn't have the app, for example if they got a new phone, then how would they be notified that their account had been credited, especially if no email gift card had been sent? I would never know the recipient hadn't received the gift and they wouldn't know it was sent if I hadn't asked. At this point I asked for a refund and was told I would get one in 5 to 7 days. Finally, I asked if there was a way to validate my inquiry, in case I had to call back, they have no system to do so. Guess what...on 1/8/2021, more than two weeks later, I had to call back and explain most of the situation again because I had not yet received a refund. They said that management had been notified, they would look into it, and they would call me back or email me information pertaining to this issue. I am still waiting."

Awill Ways says

"If I could give this company less than one star I would. My order was completely wrong!
You place your order in one of their drivers place the order also when they pick it up my order was entered completely wrong by the driver I received the exact opposite of what I wanted. Tip the driver $10. Call the customer service rep once I realize my food was absolutely wrong. Was told that I was getting issued a refund. The refund never came. I checked my account a week later. No refund OK. I called the one 800 number. Get a very rude rep! She acted as if I was the problem. I don’t see your phone number I don’t see your email address we don’t see anything associated with you.!!!!! If you want to wait an hour to receive the wrong food. Chipper driver an extra $10. Be spoken to in a rude manner. Never received a refund for a mistake on their behalf. Definitely go to"

Bobby Lauck says

"Worst service I’ve ever seen placed order at 8:15 p.m was emailed letting me know estimated arrival was pushed back I checked in with support three separate times as time passed to be told order was arriving . Was called at 10:15 and told sorry our driver checked out we won’t be delivering your food . We didn’t know until just now that we had no drivers . After three separate support calls . The last of which I was told driver was contacted and was told they were 4 minutes from restaurant then would be arriving at my home . How do you contact the driver and not know he was not on duty ? Was told they would be refunding me ."

Jennifer says

"I ordered a bacon burger, fries and a lemonade. It was supposed to tAke 30 minutes. An hour and forty minutes later I got a burger. No fries, no lemonade, no Mayo, no mustard. They charged me $26!!!! When I complained they had old me there was nothing they could do about it. Worse service ever!!!!!"

Geri Vp says

"Very late delivery. Driver lied saying they were at the restaurant waiting. Food was cold. Third country call center which puts you on hold and asks to call you back. They refused to cancel my order and refused to refund my order. They also said they couldn't transfer me to a supervisor, and the supposed escalated matter was never followed up by them.
I emailed them again and was denied again my refund. They gave me points which were too minute to even redeem, and that was after I said I did not trust their driver, their company, and had no desire to go though them again. That agent simply did not respond either."

Tonje Storm says

"Unprofessional disorganized was 30 minutes late and rude will never use this service again and didn't receive my whole order it was the worst service I have ever had and when I called to see why my order was late the person was difficult to understand I managed to make out it will be another three minutes well it was another 10 minutes and then he knocked at my neighbors door when it clearly said my apartment # on the order"

Olivia says

"If I could give them a zero, I would. I ordered from Tan's Chinese in town at 4:22 pm and it took until 6:35 pm to get it! Over two hours for one dish? They didn't contact me saying it would be later than expected or anything. When I called asking where my food was, they did the basic "Sorry to hear about that". I asked if I could get any type of reimbursement and they said no. AND they have a five dollar delivery charge, plus tax and tip? It would have cost me less in gas to drive there if my car wasn't in the shop. That price is understandable for a place like Seattle or any major city with traffic, but not in a town where it takes 10-15 min to drive throughout all of it. I also understand if they were busy, but to not call your customers explaining why their food is so late? Or to offer any type of reimbursement or discount? Unacceptable. DO NOT EVER ORDER FROM HERE!!!"

Sarah Sweet says

"The worst experience with food delivery I’ve ever had. Been waiting on my food for two hours. Tried to cancel and get my money back but they said it’s already on the way. Thirty minutes later still not here. Called twice and getting no where with these people. Horrible service. Use door dash"

Kelley McCartney says

"Very disappointed. Ordered from Taco Bell. I ordered at 7:15 pm. They said order would be here at 8:35. Then I get a text saying they couldn't pick it up. This was at 9:00 pm saying Taco Bell was closed. Obviously to avoid fault on there part. I called Taco Bell to ensure they were not closed for ant reason. I hope corporate investigates this. Of course you can text them with your disappointment. But no number to call. Obviously we were not able to order by the time they let us down. Then 1 to 4 or 5 business days to get your money recruited. Hope that happens. Avoid them at all cost! Despicable about sums it up."

BpWays says

"43 minutes ago-Edit
3 hours ago I ordered 2 hours ago I wanted to eat. 1 hour ago I wanted my money back. Ill go home with no refund or food. Just laughed at for letting them debo my lunch money."

Kristi Boston says

"I just called my favorite Chinese restaurant, & they INSISTED I use what a CROCK! Just the set up process is such a joke, & time consuming!! This particular restaurant used to be so awesome for delivery, that they’d be there before you’d hang up your phone, I swear.... now, all I could see for reviews, is how awful & COLD their food is, & how slow & expensive the delivery service is! Up to $20 to deliver dinner?!? Really?!? Only to have someone w/possible COVID breath breathing all over your order?!? No thanks!!!"

Rich Hoffman says

"For the love of all things holy. Don’t ever use this service. Your better off picking up your own damn food. Unless you don’t mind waiting for hell to freeze over. Your food will certainly be that cold if it gets there"

Macy Bell says

"I would give 0 stars if I could. Delivery time says 45-60min. As soon as I submit the order, it gets pushed to 90min and then to 105min. This is the second time I've had an issue with delivery times getting pushed. I spoke with someone in the chat and they ended the conversation before I could provide a response to what they said, and the issue was still unresolved. They mentioned it is busy, which is understandable, but if that's the case, then just provide an accurate and honest delivery estimate on the website for the customers. I have now been on hold for more than 10min waiting to cancel my order. I will never order from this website again."

clifffeld says

"Horrible. No contact with driver or restaurant. I phoned them for help as order 120 minutes. I Said restaurant didn’t answer phone. He put me on hold and returned saying “restaurant doesn’t answer phone, sorry.”"

802 says

"Yo !!!! I got straight screwed over by in less than 20 mins.
I ordered food for delivery + tip.
I'm waiting And waiting, check email. restraunts is closed but they already charged me, Christmas Eve with no dinner, banks closed. In these times of covid-19, lesser to none resolve.
Wow!!!! I got robbed of hope and full stomach."

Nina Dhal says

"Why I telling you to do not use this service because:
1. they have no proper support team
2. delay answer of ticket
3. provide document which is not match with your records
4. They manipulate data and deduct amount from wallet
5. They are not pay COD amount to your bank
6. If you have any refund from then they did not send in bank"

Ernest says

"This was the worse experience I have ever encountered. Tracker for these people "We Deliver", said driver had not shown up and delivery would be in 178 minutes. I called the Killeen number and you couldn't understand because of language barrier and I could only hear every other word. They hung up on me then when I called back some woman was laughing in the background and I couldn't get him to answer me. Finally when he did I went into my email and then got a call from driver saying he was here. Couldn't find me, after I left a detail message of where I was. I had to go out to flag him down. Then he didn't wear a mask.

My food was warm and tastey, I love the China Cafe, food always good.
But, didn't have sauce for sweet & sour chicken and we didn't get our 2 egg rolls."

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