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Mercadona is a Spanish family-owned supermarket chain, the leader in the country. Francisco Roig Ballester and his wife, Trinidad Alfonso Mocholi, founded the company in 1977, which began as a small butcher shop in a village in Valencia. Juan Roig assumed the role of CEO in 1981 and the company has since expanded nationwide.

"Noemi A." from the "Moncloa" website, writes a review on Mercadona's Deliplus on September 2, 2020:

"DEODORANT 0% ALUMINUM Among the hygiene products, we find the 0% deodorant, available in spray and roll on. It is ideal for those people concerned about the supposed effects of this substance on the body and looking for more natural formulas. It is made with plant extracts and is also alcohol-free, the best option for sensitive armpits.

Where is the problem? It promises up to 48 hours of protection, but the reality is that this deodorant "leaves you" in a few hours, so it is not suitable in hot weather, or for moments of physical activity. We do not recommend it at all. If you are looking for something natural, better try the alum stone, also for sale from the Deliplús brand."

(Translation from Spanish)


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