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Dean Foods is an American food and beverage company and the largest dairy company in the United States. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, the company maintains plants and distributors in the United States. Dean Foods has 66 manufacturing facilities in 32 U.S. states and distributes its products across all 50. Its 58 brands include DairyPure, Land O'Lakes (Licensed), TruMoo, Friendly's, Mayfield, Dean's, Meadow Gold, Tuscan, T.G.Lee and Alta Dena.[4] In November 2019, the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy citing the decline in consumption of cow's milk and the growth in demand of plant milk.

One utility worker shared this in a review, "Was lied to on day one about my shift and was immediately placed on midnights with no prior indication that I would be on that shift. As utility, you're trained in multiple areas which is great until you train in one spot for maybe 4 days, get moved away for 2 months the brought back to it being expected to remember how to do any of it. Management is not on employees side, I asked for extra help and was burned for it 3 days later. The money is good and OT is usually always there. Afternoon people were the best. Dayturn was stuck up and midnights will watch you burn."


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Former Employee - Maintenance Technician says

"No parts to do repairs, but expected to keep production running"

Current Employee - Route Sales Representative says

"There’s a bunch of repetitive paperwork required that you aren’t actually compensated for doing."

Former Employee - Sales Manager says

"Poor communication with no direction, trying to be something they aren't"

Current Employee - Logistics Manager says

"Every week was a different direction"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Completely inept senior management (current, and past), Aversion to risk impairs ability to shepherd change, Horrible culture at Citiplace"


"Poor management, company was run poorly. That’s why they are in the condition there in now. They are not transparent with there employees. High waste of product. Poor service to customers, to much to tell."

Former Employee - Logistics Coordinator says

"Poor management and terrible hours"

Current Employee - Sales Representative says

"Overbearing computer work. no time to see customers"

Former Employee - Fleet Asset Coordinator says

"Going through bankruptcy. STAY AWAY."

Former Employee - Director says

"Everything else that they offer"

Warehouse Associate (Former Employee) says

"Management has no idea how to talk to people. Certain groups get away with things other groups are written up/fired for. Safety is compromised daily. Treated like robots. Set scheduleeverything"

Assembly Line Worker (Former Employee) says

"This company does not treat their employees how they should be. Favoritism, mangers don’t do there job. Hr doesn’t know what to do. Plant manger is horrible"

Accounts Payable Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Management had no idea on what they were doing. Kept chasing dead ends and ignoring potential revenue streams. No room for advancement unless you knew the right people.NoneEverything"

Material Handler (Former Employee) says

"They are very selfish and there points system sucks if there a virus, going around and u get food poisoning. And u have a doctor's note and if you're from another state, PayPeople"

Associate (Former Employee) says

"Hired on for a role that I wanted. Unfortunately, my position was eliminated after the bankruptcy was settled. My team was nice during my time there and they knew their stuff, great knowledge. I would have liked to continue with the company but I guess it wasn't meant to be.Free milk, juice, coffeetoo conservative, old systems"

Transportation Manager (Former Employee) says

"The company is a state of disarray, poorly managed no sense of organization. The transportation side is a calamity, they dont even a place to operate out of."

Lab Technician (Current Employee) says

"If you want to work for a place that treats you like a number instead of a person this is the place for you. Management is horrible they could careless about you as a person they only care about themselves and stuff getting done. They treat hard working people horribly but cater to lazy people who don't do their jobYou have no life"

Machine Operator (Current Employee) says

"A lot of foreigners who don't speak English a lot of your management don't know what they're doing and also a lot of favoritism machines that are very very old"

Pasteurizer (Former Employee) says

"Starting working there wasn’t too bad at first Hr never there orientation was non existent just gave me a book and was told here you go pretty much just setting you up for failure in my opinion 2 months later management isn’t too bad at least night shift morning shift pretty bad discouraging and non existent until they want to tell you what you are doing wrong and pretty much talk down to you best part is your co workers at my 4 month I requested a transfer talked to the recruiter pretty much said happens all the time and it isn’t a problem just let management know I work night shift so I would just talk to them on Monday didn’t get the chance received a text in the morning saying I was gone and I asked why and what I did wrong they said nothing just parting ways. Little fishy right? Nonetheless just keep your head down don’t talk to management unless you want to hear about what your doing wrong pretty easy job"

Mls (Current Employee) says

"not A great place to work. Body gets abused long hours and you are only a number to management . Do yourself a favor and stay away. Very long hours and bad benefits, lying management and very understaffed"

Regional Supply Chain Manager (Former Employee) says

"Leadership team filled with very poor managers who had no respect for other employees. communication from leadership to management team on key business initiatives and direction was horrible. the worst company i have ever worked for"

Distribution Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Run don’t walk far far away from this place. They work you to death, then demand more. Management sucks! No team work! Drivers get abused! They don’t follow DOT regulations, unless they know someone is watching"

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Very negative working environment. Management cannot make a consistent decision regarding how to handle customer service. Work balance is unfairly distributed and managers have favorite employees."

Route Sales (Former Employee) says

"Hired me knowing they were laying off . Do not get a job here.. I know of three other drivers who they did this to .. They are cutting routes and employees"

Delivery Driver (Former Employee) says

"Not much to say it was stressful do not apply here it was a bad idea for me to do so here in Baton Rouge Louisiana horriable horriable horriable horriable.Pay when you first start off.Good Pay didn't last once you have your on route."

CDL Route Driver (Current Employee) says

"Management in the Boise office sucked! Always wa ting more, wouldn't listen to any issues.. never had a manager not work with drivers to make a better environment at the work place"

Customer Service Representa ve (Former Employee) says

"You may want to get everything in writing that they promise you. One day off per week Sunday. Work Holidays, Management could care less about you, They do not appreciate the work you do for them."

Roy Lantz, Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"Not a good place to work . It’s all about milk don’t let you take off . Get wrote about any little thing . Management Is very poor . Just always on the line"

Route Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Awful managers, even worse corporate management and a company that is driving them self out of business with unrealistic ideas of drop shipments, web orders, and edi distribution. Milk is not a dead horse, but is certainly becoming one due to inexperienced executives changing what worked. The sacrifice made by honest hard working blue collar laborers to be stabbed in the back by dean foods."

Debagger (Former Employee) says

"I was working for deans foods Orange City for a year and a half its Very racist in that Plant its Black n White not one color your treated as a slave.NoneNone"

Bobby says

"Dean Foods got way too big acquiring too much overhead. They sacrificed quality for quantity. When you\'re just a number, don\'t expect anyone to care.."

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