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Scott Sports SA (formerly Scott USA) is a Swiss producer of bicycles, winter equipment, motorsports gear and sportswear. The company's main office is in Givisiez, Switzerland, with branches located around Europe and in the United States, South Africa and India.

Nico mentioned, "I bought a Scott Spark 910 in February 2018. Four months later, and only using this bike on gravel roads, a bush at the pivot point on the rear suspension failed. I was told that the pivot assembly might have been poorly assembled - a new bush was sourced, fitted and locktided. Eight month after that (and a major service in between) the same bush on the same pivot assembly failed again. Now I am told it was poor maintenance and definitely nothing wrong with the frame and/or swing frame. I am very disappointed disgusted with the Scott products and their after sales service. Seems like I will have to buy and replace a swing arm repair kit (at a cost of ±R1500) every 6 moths."


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Brian Thompson says

"This is the worst online company i have ever ordered with. I ordered 6 sets of reverse osmosis filters on Aug 10th with a delivery date of Aug 25th. After spending 2 hours on the line before speaking to a representative who told me that they only had 2 sets in stock but would have those shipped to me and the balance would ship later. As I needed them urgently, i agreed. She said I would receive an email confirming the tracking number. Nothing arrived the next day so I called again (a mere 55 minute wait this time). I was told the filters had not shipped as promised but they would go out that day and AGAIN I would receive an email confirmation with the tracking number. Guess what, next day and nothing received AGAIN. I called (50 minute wait) and was told it still did not ship. I then got a call from the original representative to say she would make sure it would go out - that was last Friday Aug 28th - and of course, I would get an email confirmation with tracking number. Guess what, nothing was received - so I called on Saturday (they are supposed to be open but were not). Called again on Monday Aug 31 and was again told that it did not ship as promised. The original rep called me and said she messed up but would fix things and have it expedited. She promised to send an email with confirmation and tracking number. Guess what, nothing received and I am currently on hold (45 minutes so far) to find out what is going on. MY ADVISE - DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS COMPANY. THEY ARE NOT HONEST AND THEIR SERVICE SUCKS !!!!"

Gyanadeep Sahoo says

"Terrible delivery service Easy to place an order but terrible delivery service. They have 3rd Part delivery service and they don't share correct information to the delivery people though every thing is correct on my order details including my phone number and address. It seems like may be they are sharing information by phone so the informations are not correct to delivery boy. No one follow up. Customer service people will keep you on hold for 30 min. Then when I called the delivery people they said they have local delivery people whom I need to call. and they are clueless how come the information are incorrect. I scheduled my handy man to come and wait for item to install and I paid my handy man for the wait because I was sure they will deliver on said day."

Ted Mammele says

"Placed an order 3 weeks ago . I called once each week to get a shipment update and was repeatedly told that my order was being processed. Three weeks ago and my order is still being processed? I canceled the order! This is a terrible company to do business with! Edc"

Walt says

"I ordered three units that they claimed they had in stock, but immediately they said shipping was delayed by manufacturer and it would ship in two weeks. When I called after two weeks with no update they sent another update that they would ship in two weeks. I don't think they have a clue. Horrible customer support!"