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Dattner Architects is a New York City-based design firm creating engaging and impactful architecture. Dattner Architects was founded by Richard Dattner in 1964 with a commitment to civic architecture. Under his leadership and creative direction, Dattner Architects has designed a wide variety of award-winning projects.

Dattner lacks professional values and ethics as an employer, salaries are mediocre and family insurance is poor, there is no work-life balance and management is bad, according to a review by a former employee at glassdoor.com

"It's all about money. If you are passionate about architecture, forget about this place. Lack of professional value and ethics. Mediocre salaries. Poor family insurance. Bad management and no work-life balance."


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Project Architect/Manager (Former Employee) says

"Poor management; no growth opportunities; sexist - even the women were threatened by new voices and initiative takers. Same people did everything- no room for new voices. Dull work on a daily basis - website portfolio is deceiving. Principals are absentee and do not aid but criticize plenty. Leadership needs to understand industry standards better and exist in a bubble. Cons: Nasty people especially the partners"