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Darden Restaurants, Inc. is an American multi-brand restaurant operator headquartered in Orlando. As of April 2017, the firm owns two fine dining restaurant chains: Eddie V's Prime Seafood and The Capital Grille; and six casual dining restaurant chains: Olive Garden, LongHorn Steakhouse, Bahama Breeze, Seasons 52, Yard House and Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen. Until July 28, 2014, Darden also owned Red Lobster. Darden has more than 1,500 restaurant locations and more than 150,000 employees, making it the world's largest full-service restaurant company. As of 2018, Darden is the only Fortune 500 company with its corporate headquarters in Greater Orlando.

A former employee had this to say, "Terrible company work life balance is terrible Communication from corporate untimely. No room for creativity or other systems Pure corporate and no individuality of managing Wrote more statements then actually getting anything so wrong. Management come and go thru these places, and very hard to get consistant structure and everyone on the same page. Lazy servers who don’t chip in without pulling teeth. Darden cut back bussers and bartenders money into a tip share program which has cut their pay in half, especially when they’ve been working there for many years. District Managers always rude and puts employees on the spot, and don’t know how to talk to them."


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Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The management is extremely unorganized and only cares about their bonus."

Server Assistant says

"I came in with 5 years serving experience and was only allowed to bus tables for minimum wage. They scheduled split shifts several days a week, which doesn't work for many people. People constantly called off or did not show up, and they didn't have any repercussions."

Former Employee - Server says

"Hours can be long if you work a double Customers"


"Manager is arrogant and very cocky."

Host says

"Management is often changing and adjusting to new schedules. With managers leaving every few weeks to go to other stores it is hard to maintain a consistent schedule and relationship with them."

Current Employee - Server says

"Management needs major improvement: Yelling does not help anything Favorites are abundant, typically employees who stand around doing nothing (talking to managers) Night shifts are hard to get (favorites) They hire too many people Expect quality when they don't provide training"

Server (Current Employee) says

"guys I used to love working here. I didn’t understand why my coworkers were always mad and upset until after I was there for a while. Managers are unprofessional, untrustworthy, and treat you like you are nothing. One out of 4 managers in Mansfield tx at OG actually cares about us but there is so much they can do. People get fired for the wrong reasons, and people that actually do wrong always seem to get rewardedTips can be good, coworkers make days betterManagement"

Server (Current Employee) says

"For 5 years I was in an unfaithful relationship where the bartender J.P thought it was funny to sleep around with coworkers that we worked with at Longhorn Steakhouse (Yonkers) while having me take care of her child and do all the dad and boyfriend stuff no one wanted to do.The funny part was employees and management knew I was getting cheated on. Good luck with harassment ladies they condone it instead of preventing it."

Olive Garden Server (Current Employee) says

"Olive Garden 6423 is the absolute worst job I have ever had from a management standpoint. Once was written up for using the bathroom. They called it " Poor performance". If you want a toxic workplace with uneducated management this is the place for you. If not seek employment elsewhere. Out of all jobs I feel least valued here.No pro's.No breaks, scheduled outside of your availability."

Certified Trainer/ Line Cook (Former Employee) says

"Managers only care about the bottom line. As an employee you are nothing more than a number They try to compensate you with meaningless pins and "awards" with no added pay . Raises come once a year ,so if you're hired right before or after, you have a long time to wait for compensation."

Server (Former Employee) says

"Constant pressure from corporate to force things on the customers but no backing from management when a customer would complain about the selling tactics we were forced to use"

Server (Current Employee) says

"abusive manager. poor money. liars about shifts. say full time and give part time. only good for play money if you don't have bills. only care about corporate. I'll leave here and tell everyone how bad it is and i'll never go in a dardens restaurant again."

Line Cook (Former Employee) says

"Poor training and not team oriented at all. Lack of direction from management. Poor pay for the work. Completely let down and dissapointed. Everyone is only worried about themselves and no one willing to help anyone but themselves"

Yardhouse (Former Employee) says

"Dissatisfied with the management and corporate side of Darden. Little to no upward movement. Extremely disappointing conversion to a majority of reheated food being served."

Server (Former Employee) says

"Horrible company bad management low wages very stressful overworked underpaid managers should be fired from that location very bad place to work.no help to workers not good starting wage no room for advancement"

Production Worker (Former Employee) says

"Olive garden management team sucks they are unorganized they a petty like kids they are bad at communication with workers and they are not sensible and you don't have breaks they want you to work all day like slaves.."

Server/Waiter (Former Employee) says

"this company has run down kitchens and is not clean plus the management is always right and now report all credit card tips plus they do not guarantee hours each week"

Server/Waiter (Former Employee) says

"Very poorly run restaurant. The general manager is clueless and can't handle when it gets busy. They tend to turn a blind eye to some things as long as numbers are met."

Full-time Food Service and Hostess (Former Employee) says

"All four supervisors ended up being fired, treating staff badly and unfairly. They were partiers and unproffesional. Many staff complaints and low morale.nonebad management"

Olive Garden Server (Former Employee) says

"I worked at olive garden for 2 months. In that time 2 members of the management team, including the general manager, were either fired or went back to serving. It was a disorganized, completely unprofessional mess to work there. In the 2 months i worked there, not one member of management bothered to even learn my name. They tell customers waiting for tables that there are "slim pickings" for wait staff after they send 90% of the staff home before they should. Overall terrible experience. Would not recommend working at the hyannis MA location.NothingDisrespectful management. Being taken advantage of."

Olive Garden (Former Employee) says

"Very very poor management. They treat the staff horribly. There were problems with customers and racial issues that were not handled the way they needed to be. Theft almost weekly."

Culinary Assistant (Current Employee) says

"I'm looking for the highest peak of culinary experience postible the recipe is important to a culinary field so we peak freshness possible which creates the best culture for our guestsEtc"

Hostess; Server (Former Employee) says

"The restaurant I worked at lacked management who actually helped employee and guest but showed favoritism and did the bare minimum. a typical day is doing your job on top of other peoples job because either the restaurant is understaffed or because you are told to do so. Their is competition and hostility towards server,host, management, and kitchen staff.discounted lunch"

server (Former Employee) says

"horrible management, they do try to write up there staff for every little thing, to keep you under there thumb, there is severe favoritism, do not sign the arbitration agreement they give you upon hiring. they do not care about there staff and then they wonder why there is always jobs for there companies available. I personally witnessed 5 people leave that were long term in one month due to management. !! in the long run, you will go out of your mind working there, smaller companies are better and you will get the appreciation you deserve!!nothinghorrible place to work"

Cook, busser, dishwasher (Current Employee) says

"They don’t not care about the people that work there. They only car about making money and they will cheat the workers out of the hours that they are suppose to get."

Host (Former Employee) says

"I had worked for this company for almost 9 years. I was promised when I was hired that I would be full time. I was never given the oppourtinity, nor was I given training for other positions to try to gather extra income. The hardest part was to stop seeing all the customers that I enjoyed to see and speak to."

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