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Danziger Goldwasser , with Goldwasser as the registered tradename, is a strong "40% ABV" root and herbal liqueur which was produced from 1598 to 2009 in Danzig . Production now takes place in Germany.

Back on October 2014 a customer wrote a review for Amazon about a Danziger Goladwasser bottle he bought: Closure of the bottle was leaking and the contents leaked by two-thirds. This is so unacceptable as useless. Therefore, it would be good if I replaced the article.


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Billing Administrator (Former Employee) says

"Provides health benefits but not great, health and vision no dental. Has a 401k, with a generous 1% match, if they have a good year, I've been told to not expect a match. Raises 2% to be expected ex:(45k = $900 year or $37.5 per paycheck(24)). Best part of this job are the employees, most are very friendly. Work atmosphere is an old school environment, the average age of employee is 50+. Not a room for young people building their careers or highly motivated people as you will soon realize limited space and no incentive to put in the extra effort. Unfortunately you don't get the sense that the company is looking out for you and your future. Good for experience and someone further in their career looking for less pressure at work. Does not offer OT. Management are usually willing to accommodate working extra hours here and there to take off time. You get 19 days off from a pool of sick/personal/vacation and can carry over up to 5 days. Conveniently located between 287 and the Hutchinson Parkway but morning and evening commute involves heavy traffic regardless of where you commute to and from."