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Body & Brain (also known as Dahn Hak or Dahnhak), formerly called Dahn Yoga, is a business founded in 1985 by Ilchi Lee that teaches a Korean physical exercise system called Dahn Yoga. In Korean, dahn means "primal, vital energy", and hak means "study of a particular theory or philosophy". News sources have described its exercises as "a blend of yoga, tai chi, and martial arts exercises". DahnMuDo is a Korean traditional self-healing martial arts and involves a comprehensive system of movement that is derived from the ancient tradition of Korean healing and martial arts forms.

Some followers suffer the price they have to pay to be a part of this practice, as the following quote from flyinghighsolo.com suggests, "For some, like Ashley and Renee, Dahn Yoga provides physical and spiritual renewal. Others have called it a financially destructive cult. What is Dahn Yoga and how does it turn from feeling good to feeling “had”?"


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