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Droom was a Canadian electronic music duo formed in 2002 in Vancouver that combined elements of futurepop, synthpop, post-punk, and gothic rock. The band had two clubs hit singles and enjoyed success on college radio charts.

D Room have boring and intoxicating tracks, songs sound the same and are tedious to listen, according to Rivethead at amazon.com

"I'm intoxicated by the first few tracks...but then...wait...has the track even changed to the next? I got bored the first time I listened to 128 1/2 Days because it all sounds the same! Different lyrics...somewhat, but that is about it! They could very well be better. The songs get incredibly tedious to listen to due to the fact that most range from 5 to 7 minutes in length."


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Thomas S. says

"I bought tickets for 3 shows for around $300.00 total. A month ago I was told the shows were cancelled and I selected to have my money refunded.The site said it could take up to 30 days. I just checked and it says it may take an additional 30 days from now."

Carolyn Larios says

"i am trying to access my purchase and i cannot find it any where is not even on my profile i created."

Mario says

"We had our show cancelled, which we surely understand with COVID that this was a possibility. But for up to 30 days for a refund (when the venue or provider cancels, it shouldn’t take so long) is ridiculous! Day 28 and still waiting!! I will think twice before booking with Vegas.com again. Probably book directly with provider in future."

corrine Johnson says

"My Only son unexpectedly decided to get married in Vegas. So I booked a fight and room to be there the next day. A couple hours later they cancelled their plans. I requested refund, but was denied. I travel a lot, and I will never purchase from this site again."