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MultiChoice is a South African company that operates the DStv satellite television service, a major satellite TV service in Sub-Saharan Africa, and GOtv, a minor satellite TV service operating in over 13 Sub-Saharan African countries. MultiChoice was formed out of the subscriber-management branch of the M-Net Terrestrial Pay-TV company and broadcasts the full range of M-Net channels on the DStv service. MultiChoice is owned by the MultiChoice Group media conglomerate. One of the subsidiaries of MultiChoice is DStv Mobile, a service that delivers television transmission to mobile devices such as laptops, smartphones, and notebooks. In 2018 Multichoice had a total subscriber base of 13.5 million viewers and Naspers claimed that MultiChoice was one of the fastest-growing pay-TV operators globally.

AMultiChoice was accused of making workers’ lives hell according to a piece written and published by THE CITIZEN, there was a discrepancy in salaries: People doing the same job were earning at different rates because some were more experienced than others. When the change of employment strategy came into play, the people earning at a higher rate were told that their salaries would not be adjusted until those who were earning less, had had increases. After the media giant laid off more than a 1000 customer care staff members citing an increase in self-service platforms, an ex-manager exposes the tactics used to force retrenchments. After the media giant laid off more than a 1000 customer care staff members citing an increase in self-service platforms, an ex-manager exposes the tactics used to force retrenchments. The company instructed managers to get rid of staff.


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Clerk (Former Employee) says

"I’ve been through 4 supervisors in such a short amount of time and have seen a team of maybe 15 dwindle down to 4-5 if that. Management does not know how to effectively communicate with clerks. They seem to be running around with their heads cut off. There’s room for advancement but only because nobody else wants to apply for higher positions or management already knows who the want to take the position. You get no sick leave. I was told in my interview to not get sick. It’s all just backwards and unorganized. Save yourself the stress. Cons: Everything else"

Scheduling (Former Employee) says

"This company has a fabulous appearance and lots of promises, training opportunities, and vision. Unfortunately it was a sad experience as they discriminate against white people are ageist and cover up their racism in a very polite way. The systems are not effective and very mediocre people are appointed to do highly responsible work. They seem to have lost track of the "magic" of broadcast and it shows in their dwindling viewership."

Installation Technician (Former Employee) says

"Had one of the best times in DSTV multichoice, including trainings and opportunities to learn something new everyday. in overall the management has one of the best brains and technicians who helped me to become an expert in some field of study to day and kept me in the course of proficiency in computer Cons: none"

Customer Service Representative and cashier (Current Employee) says

"the hours are long and the work is not bad its just some customers give you attitude but all round not a bad gig it has its good and bad days mostly bad days the managers and supervisors are always on your case about the littlest things Cons: long hours"

Sales Executive (Former Employee) says

"during my period at the company i acted as sales executive, oversee day to day activities. liaise with the customer when they are dissatisfied with our services and also receive customers calls."

CSR (Current Employee) says

"Its always a fun environment at work as we deal with different people on a daily basis and during breaks there are some some relaxing areas where people can rest or play games . Management is also very freindly and workers do respect each other which is very important in the work place. Working late shifts is teh hard part of teh job. Playing Games at work is teh part I enjoy the most"

Live chat agent (Former Employee) says

"The place is just fine. There is nothing out of the ordinary to tell. I do not regret working there, as I have learned a lot."

Helper (Former Employee) says

"Great, well organized working condition right for anyone one ,the bosses are very experienced and lovely people and they always makes your day better Cons: Long hours"

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