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DKNY is a New York City-based fashion house specializing in fashion goods for men and women, founded in 1984 by Donna Karan.

One angry customer shared this in a review "Paid for the item then a week later received a email that the order has been cancelled. Checked online on DKNY website and three weeks later the item is still available to buy online. No refund from DKNY has been sent and I have been charged shipping, tax and duties. You send emails and they are simply ignored. Very poor communication. I would never buy anything from this company again online."


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Former Employee - Manager-In-Training says

"Poor regional/district management, subpar HR team, cutthroat environment encouraged, gaslighting, does not empower women unless favoritism is a factor"

Former Employee - Assistant Manager says

"District managers and above do not help. Immense micromanagement"

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"- too much pressure to sell from management - sales goals are unreasonably high - management is unfair"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Worst company I have ever worked for. Extremely underpaid and overworked. No professionality from higher ups. Lots of empty promises like recieving clothes monthly. If you want to live in constant anxiety, work for DKNY."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Upper management has poor direction Promotions are based on more favoritism than effort Lots of turnover"

Former Employee - Senior Designer says

"Very unorganized, and there's absolutely no strategy. They also treat creative people like garbage. All they care about is number, so there's no design integrity in any of the products. No matter how beautiful clothes you design, someone will toss a bought sample and make you to copy T to T. And if you are a woman, person of color, or immigrant, stay away from this place. They will never pay you equally, or give an opportunity to grow up such as promotion or bonus. This place became an epitome of white-male-corporate-america once G3 took over from LVMH."

Former Employee - Full Time says

"Too many unprofessional , childish , gossiping managers which creates an uncomfortable work environment"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Working there wasn’t bad. I just hope the manager would understand a little more. they talk about other employees a lot."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"There have been rebrandings, an acquisition, constant changes in leadership that continue to get worse. The brand can't figure out what they are doing and have zero transparency until the last minute. Pay is LAUGHABLE. Not competitive with the market. I do not think they have taken inflation into consideration since the 90s? PTO is poor. No growth opportunities and no plan in place to foster growth. Forcing talent to be hired away. The culture is toxic and hostile. Starts at the executive level and trickles down. Leadership is non existent. THEY NEVER HEARD OF WORK LIFE BALANCE No one is happy at the company and execs don't care about the employees."


"New ownership is awful. Ownership yells at upper management like they are children- (like in your face tell). Crazy town."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Managers would bully associates about what they were wearing and their weight. Unrealistic sales goals were set, manager was always late and never followed dresscode. Completely disrespectful to everyone."

Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"Not many people had my back, they took advantage of my niceness. I did not enjoy my time with this company. You did not get pto, no holidays, and they take advantage of those who are team players"

Public Relations Intern (Former Employee) says

"co workers weren't nice to interns never really felt comfortable or part of the team never rewarded for hard work did not enjoy the experience"

Sales Assistant (Current Employee) says

"they are awful. Rude upper management always under pressure. No benefits, long hours. No communication. Need to train yourself. Old systems time for a new one."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"I worked part time at DKNY and it was extremely stressful as a part time job, considering i was in school while working but the management doesn’t take that into consideration and expects you to work 20+ hours a week and make all your targets. I was pressured to make my goal on my second shift, while i was still training and learning more about the job and products, which was very unfair.discountLong hours, stressful job, unreasonable pressure to make sales"

Sales manager (Former Employee) says

"Wow just wow! They should replace west coast district manager ASAP, She’s tired and bitter. The clothing is awful quality and keeps going down. Working by yourself in a huge store is just asking for people to come steal really. I don’t expect this store or company to last much longer.."

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"Company well compensated me, but the mall in general was a complete dump. Meeting metrics was unrealistic considering the demographic of the mall traffic."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work would consist of cleaning, dusting, replenishing the store and helping out customers. Supervisors were great leaders and helping us improve our sales during down time. The hardest part of the job was to see the store manager breaks all the rules, gossip and didn't get in trouble while others did. I didn't like how the store manager would get too close to us and rub on to us while he passed by (he would apologize) but it got to the point where everyone was uncomfortable. He was dating an associate while she worked there so she had to leave for him not to get fired.Meeting new peopleStore manager"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"DKNY is not a professional place to work. Management is unprofessional and disorganized. They don't give you the proper training when you are hired. Zero product information. Get ready to find out by yourself what's the name of whichever style of jeans because they won't explain. The store is always messy and they won't really fix it unless a district manager is coming to visit the store. They won't let you fix it either because your role is to be there to sell and just sell. At the end of the day before closing, that's when they send someone to fold. As any other store, they force you to buy their clothes. You gotta wear the brand. You get 75% off (just for 8 pieces) FROM THE REGULAR PRICE, and 30% off for whatever else you'd like to purchase. Not convenient at all. In other stores you get discounts over discounted prices. Scheduling: Opens schedules from 9.30 am toll whatever time. Closing is at 9 pm but you stay until 10 or whatever time the manager on duty takes to finish. Be aware that YOU need to remind them that you need a break. While 15 minutes is what any other company gives you for shifts of 4 hours or less, DKNY won't. They are gonna make you work WITHOUT any short break unless you work more than 6 hours. Then you get 30 m. The Store Manager is hard working and sales focused. Really flexible at scheduling. Still he seems to be a little impatient and unable to see that the other two managers are Just not doing their job as it should be done. They have zero idea of how to train people or being a leader. The visual manager is terrible. Just goFlexible schedules.Forget about the breaks."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"This was not the best environment to be in. Previous management did not want you to move up and grow within the company. It was difficult being heard with any new ideas or improvements that could be utilized in the store."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"The hardest part of working at DKNY was the management that was at the location I was working at. The management did not respond to issues that arose due to employees lack of respect, as well as, no authority figure was present during many hours of operation."

Temporary sales supervisor (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work would be, opening the store , counting in Tils from safe, logging and printing sales goals and agenda. Executing the day's task with a goal in mind.Working average of 30-39 hours per weekNot always full time"

Associate Apparel Designer (Current Employee) says

"Management makes it unbearable. Even if your direct manager is ok, you still feel the wrath of the higher ups. Basically you are made to feel less than, then your work suffers because of it, which in turn gives them ammunition to complain about you and make you feel even more less than and the cycle continues. Don't Do It!benefits are ok, love some of my coworkerseverything else"

Assistant Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"As part of the management we were over worked. no hours for employees and no hours to finish anything. I was running around all day. I would come in 2 hrs before, clock out for my meal and work through it, and work 1-2 hours per shift once I clocked out. This was "expected"."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"The management is very unproffesional in canada. Filled with gossip and obvious fake behaviour. Sales are mandatory to make but dont even make commision. Uncomfortable environment."

Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"traffic in this store was so slow that the days seemed to drag on. the owners of the franchise would do most of the tasks like shipping and receiving, tagging etc. leaving nothing for the employees to do but what ended up being standing around waiting for a customer to come in. the owners did not trust the employees and checked in on us almost daily. I felt very uncomfortable working there. however they did pay me very well compared to other retailers in the mall. always off late also. shifts were 10-7 or 12:30-9:30.sweet paychequeeverything else"

Assistant Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"Company expects a lot from employees. Management team administers all supporting rolls due to the lack of hours given to sales associates."

Part Time Associate (Current Employee) says

"worked in a team environment to organize and distribute clothing from store to warehouse. Management is unorganized and chaotic. Learned how to work well in a team environment to achieve goals set from day to environmentmanagement, benefits, room for advancement"

Production/Planning analyst (Current Employee) says

"No management support, catty work environment, environment of fear and disorganization affects employees, allow creativity by encouraging, not intimidating hires"

Store Manager/Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"Upper management don't listen to needs of product and styles. Yet stores near by would get what's needed. Unfortunately this type of performance doesn't appeal to positive financial gain for the store."

Ghadeer Alshemmery says

"I ordered shoes and they confirmed the order, after they receive the money they cancelled the order without any reason! Every day i send emails but no answer like they disappear from the world! Very bad experience, they have the worst customer service in the world. Don’t trust them and don’t buy from them any more. I want my money back !!"

Raluca Marinescu says

"I recently purchased this sweatshirt - Rosewater BOXY HOODED SWEATSHIRT WITH TAPING for my daughter. At the first wash, which was done rigourously by the instructions, pink turned with black spots...colors mingled...not even the cleaners couldn't save it. Crappy clothes to wear once! For sure I will avoid shoping DKNY from now on."

candygirl candyman says

"Purchased an item Dkny sports jacket washed it once the item the logo on the right arm is lifted up. I have reached out to customer service twice they refuse to assist but would refund me to get the item fixed in that case I should be able to send the item back to them to fix it with a free shipping label I don’t shop at Macy’s anymore and will not purchase and more Dkny item I work too hard to throw my cash away like that I have jackets for 3 dollars 5 dollars washed them and they are still good purchase at Walmart and dollar store so for Dkny lost a customer"

Giedre Liaugminaite says

"Very bad quality. So shoes so sweater!!! Costumer service is not answering for a half year!!!"

Elina S says

"This was probably the worst customer experience so far. I purchased a bag and I had to pay twice the price for custom clearance so I returned it and asked for refund. 3 months now and I haven’t received a formal answer about what is going to happen with my money. I’ve sent multiple emails and I got the same answer that my request is sent to the management team and once they have an answer they will contact me and now they don’t even reply to my emails! I am somehow convinced they are not going to return the money!"

Adina Tenenbaum says

"I purchased a perfect coat for my daughter and we were very excited about it and I even paid for express shipping. The day that it was supposed to arrive I received an email from DKNY saying that the item when out of stock and it was no longer available. I was very dissapointed and surprised at the lack of professionalism at DKNY."

Kasha says

"Honestly the worst experience ever! Not only did I receive the wrong item but it’s been over 5 months since i first contacted them about returning this item for a refund and they’re still telling me ‘it’s been forwarded to the correct management team’ I’ve spoken on their live chat twice and both times it has been raised as high priority but still not resolution. It’s actually disgusting how bad their customer service is. I have been told there is no complaints team just an email and even those people are unable to actually resolve the problem. I must’ve filled out the contact us form over 20 times and when I’m lucky enough to get a response it’s just utter rubbish or they ask me to send pictures of the item which I’ve already previously sent more than once."

Sandy Korda says

"stay away from Donna Karen International website. They are yet to return funds, it is now 5 months and i am still chasing up a refund. They lie and tell you they have returned the funds but they haven't. i was forced to put it as Fraud on my credit card in order to get my money back"

Isabella wang says

"Customer care? More like customer I don’t care! Oversea order that went through fedex cross. I didn’t receive confirmation, so I contacted them. Every email I received was an representation of incompetency, they couldn’t find the order, even after given all the information over and over. Even try to play me with my periods order! They send me info of my previous order saying it’s on its way... how ridiculous?! I have already receive that. No answer or solution to my missing order. Always write back with gibberish. You charged me so send me my order! Even when I demanded to be pass on to management, after weeks still no answer. Only “ we will get back to you when we hear back from management”... I have seriously never been this frustrated with an online order. After a month, still no confirmation on the order! Just how ridiculous can a company be?! 🤯🤦🏻‍♀️ And I have been chasing up on daily bases! The online chat team is rubbish too! All info provided, they couldn’t find the order and just cut off! Also never available! What’s the point? I even chase up with fedex, they given me an answer saying it’s dkny’s error in 24hrs, they provided the info back to dkny. After that still nothing from dkny. After a month, the clothes had no size left... Luckily I paid with PayPal, they refunded immediately. Thinking it may be an computer or system issue, I ordered again( very stupid of me). No confirmation on the order! Meaning it will be the same... I think I will be smart and get PayPal to refund straight away. How is this company still in business!"

Carl Green says

"Paid for the item then a week later received a email that the order has been cancelled. Checked online and three weeks later the item is still available to buy online. No refund has been sent and I have been charged shipping, tax and duties. You send emails and they are simply ignored. Very poor communication. I would never buy anything from this company again online. **UPDATE** Got a refund weeks and weeks later but was refunded LESS than what I paid for the item. Also I was charged shipping, tax and duties for the item and this was NOT refunded even though it was them that cancelled the item, and the item never leaving the country. Never again will I buy anything from this company!"

ul says

"Contacted Donna Karan (EU) twice as the ceramic strap on the DKNY watch I have has broken and requires a specific part to repair. I asked for an address to where I can send it and they don't even respond/acknowledge my messages"

Mrs Margaret Duncan says

"DKNY - disgraceful customer service. I was offered a refund for a purchase which DKNY accepted was faulty. They requested my bank details - a year ago - and I still haven’t received refund. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM DKNY. They have no respect for their customers"

Sonika says

"It’s not even a year I bought the bag and don’t even use it everyday It’s already faded and torn it’s shame to buy such an expensive bag I have Micheal kors and it’s been 6 years I m using it and it still looks same"

manish sharma says

"GARBAGE!! Is the word for them I bought a jacket worth 400$ and 1st time I wore seems separated completely from the shoulder. When I visited the store they said talk to customer service and they never answer your call. So GARBAGE is the word for this pathetic brand."

Adele says

"Don’t buy off their website. They are scammers. First order I am still missing a $112.70 refund for a wallet they cancelled and didn’t send, second order I’m missing two bags and a wallet $465 worth of products not sent and today I received order 3 (a bag that I didn’t even purchase). The slip says the bag I ordered but the bag I received is definitely not latte in colour nor is it a crossbody. It’s a black shoulder bag. Pathetic customer service They owed me over $586.15 in refunds And now an extra bag. I’m sick of the shipping costs and I’m sick of their lack of customer service. Scammers at their finest. Looks like the only way to deal with this is through a solicitor."

MD-7 Skin Care says

"I got this DKNY Blaze 28" and the problem is it was lasting for only 1 trip, one of the wheels broke off and the expansion zipper torn apart. DKNY store sales rep asked me to find warranty information online but there is no such thing."

User says

"You’d think a well known brand would offer at least reasonable customer service right? WRONG! They will take your money, partially cancel your order and take their time refunding the difference. Very slow unhelpful response from customer service. Eventually got a refund but not impressed at all with the service - not even an apology given."

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