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DAZN (Da "zone"; German: [dəˈzoːn]) is an English over-the-top subscription sports streaming service. The service carries live and on-demand streaming of events from various properties. DAZN was first launched in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Japan in August 2016, and in Canada the following year. It launched in the United States and Italy in 2018, and in Spain and Brazil in 2019.

In September 2017 BRAD GAGNON wrote a piece for AWFUL ANNOUNCING about DAZN being forced to apologize for messy rollout in Canada.

When we last checked in on DAZN — a UK-based on-demand sports streaming service which this year acquired exclusive digital NFL rights in Canada — the company was taking heavy fire for shoddy preseason streams which lacked in quality, struggled with lag, were plagued by error codes, and contained far fewer features than fans had become used to with NFL Game Pass. At that point, Alex Rice, DAZN’s Managing Director of Strategic Partnerships, told us that the company was taking negative feedback seriously and was working on product improvements. But those problems didn’t go away, and DAZN was torn to shreds by frustrated subscribers when the regular season opened last weekend. The backlash forced the league itself to issue a statement indicting DAZN, and Rice followed up with an apology on Thursday. Unfortunately, a lot of users remained dissatisfied.


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Receptionist/Segretaria (Former Employee) says

"Ho lavorato per loro circa due mesi. Mi chiedevano sempre di tagliarmi i capelli corti (avendoli molto voluminosi e ricci) perchè "non erano ordinati" e mi dicevano sempre che il mio abbigliamento non era abbastanza formale (ci tengo a precisare che i colleghi spesso e volentieri erano in tuta. Io in giacca e pantaloni lunghi. Che per la mia mansione, a chiunque parrebbe più che adeguato)."

HR Assistant (Former Employee) says

"This is for the Tokyo office. Typical start up in many ways. Very fast moving. Higher ups in the main office in London are good, local managers were terrible. Many abused their power."

Bilingual Customer Service Rep (Current Employee) says

"I do not wish to furnish any information at this time, I am just looking for a better job and or position with better Pay and weekends off. I like the company I work for now"

Head of Digital Strategy (Current Employee) says

"It's been a pleasure to be part of the DAZN business and watch it grow from a traditional media company into a global disruptor. Despite having the pains of a startup, the overall corporate atmosphere keeps everyone working toward a singular objective."

Technical Programme Manager (Former Employee) says

"Extremely fast moving, so doesn't suit everyone. However, very interesting technically with lots to learn. Friendly environment with some very experienced and knowledgable individuals"

Accountant (Former Employee) says

"Nice place, has Sky Sports News on during the day."

Publicity Manager (Former Employee) says

"I was one of the first women of color to work in the U.S. market. I met many talented people from around the world, and feel it's overall a great place to work. While I was there I was allowed the opportunity to recruit diverse creative staffers, and their public-facing talent to enhance their public perception, contributing to their standard for diversity and inclusion, and the importance of understanding culture."

Former Employee - Content Creator says

"I worked at DAZN full-time for more than a year Cons: Literally everything else. To start, the company is very obviously losing metric tons of money with no plan on how to *make* money -- selling the product for $2/month is a move borne of desperation at best, a bait and switch at worst. The latter would be well in line with the company's motto of swindling their customers out of money whenever possible -- no refunds to customers during COVID when there were no sports, and no help from the customer service team when comms get flooded with customer complaints. In fact, I'm not even sure if there is a customer service team -- when I started the company had just fired the entire department, which wasn't the last time I watched dozens of my coworkers get laid off without notice. To that end, the company clearly has nothing but contempt for its workforce. Layoffs and furloughs were common everywhere during COVID, but most companies at least had the decency to inform their employees they were losing their jobs -- some folks learned they had been let go by DAZN when they couldn't access their email. The recent corporate restructure was done without any on-the-ground feedback and made almost no sense. Case in point: DAZN hired the guy who started social media at ESPN, a literal award-winner visionary in his field. They divorced him from the social media team within a year and stuck a person in charge with zero social media experience. There is less than zero diversity at DAZN. Basically every manager is a straight-passing old white dude. Every talented women I've known has left the company to go somewhere they won't be harassed by higher-ups. For a tech company it's weird that the tech doesn't work -- most customers expect to be able to stream the games that they pay a streaming service to watch legally, but since we've already established DAZN doesn't give a one iota of thought to their customers, it shouldn't really be surprising. It would be easier to mitigate the damage done by angry customers if the customer service team was on the ball, but again they've all been fired and replaced by people who don't realize their job is customer service. And I haven't even gotten to the "work-life balance": if you work for DAZN, you will be expected to work 7 days a week, 80 hours a week, every single week. There are no breaks. There are no lulls. There is only a failing company that is trying desperately to act on their 2020 expansion plan with a fraction of their 2020 workforce. There are no promotions for hard workers; there are no raises for those who have run themselves into the ground for years on end. There is no response from HR when teams call out being understaffed and overworked. Even when folks quit, and literally cite in their exit interviews "I left because I am overworked and this is the only way I can work less," nothing changes. And finally: I applaud the (minimal) efforts made by the company to fix their toxic work environment and make things more welcoming for women and people of color, and it is broadly a good idea to look internally for promotions rather than hiring from the outside. But when the woman who runs HR goes on maternity leave, the solution is not to give all her tasks and responsibilities to her underling. Now there is one person running HR for an entire global company, and I cannot stress enough how much she is out of her depth and loathed by the workers at the company. To make a long story short: working at DAZN means long hours for little pay with no chance to advance your career. It means waking up every day with no idea if you, your coworkers, your entire team will have a job by day's end. It means entire departments and teams being uprooted on the fly with no input from the workforce. Zero starts, would not recommend, left as soon as I was physically able to But hey, the view at 1WTC is pretty nice!"

Current Employee - Product Manager says

"I have been working at DAZN full-time for more than a year Cons: The list is too long to type here, but mainly: racist, poor culture, lack of diversity, management is mean, boys club atmosphere, old school media company mentality, lack of development, lack of pay, no raises, mostly older white men, women get little to no respect, management is terrible, no vision for the future, pretends to be a tech company but nobody has ever worked in tech"

Current Employee - DAZN Associate says

"I have been working at DAZN full-time for more than a year Cons: •Underpaid •No room for growth •Clique type of culture among teams •Organization and communication between teams is poor"

Current Employee - Content says

"I have been working at DAZN full-time for more than a year Cons: Where to even begin? No diversity. Women are treated like objects. No growth opportunities. Insulting raises (if you even get one). Plus massive layoffs and furloughs during a global pandemic! And not even in person. People are getting let go over email and not even a phone call. Some people were locked out of their accounts without even being able to read their email. This place spends money like they print it and has no profitable business model in place. It’s a sinking ship that just hit an iceberg"

Former Employee - N/A says

"I worked at DAZN full-time for more than a year Cons: -overworked. -no diversity. -poor salary in comparison to the rest of the industry. -ZERO work life balance -no management support -no HR support -working with people from London slows us down."

Current Employee - Producer says

"I have been working at DAZN full-time for more than a year Cons: Poor leadership, toxic work environment, zero work-life balance, a failing business model that isn't generating revenue. Leadership is immature, fails to communicate and generally creates a toxic atmosphere. Most people have no idea whether they are even going to have a job in 6 months because the business is losing so much money at a rapid rate. Employees don't get days off because "we get to work in sports" which means 90% of the company works around the clock with the exception of the young immature leadership who are constantly jetsetting to events and sending scathing emails at all hours of the morning. The offices are cold, lack diversity and are generally miserable. There is a very white male lockerroom culture that is prevelant in all territories and especially bad in the US offices. People get laid off in waves.... entire teams in the middle of a work day... in front of everyone with no notice or explanation. Most of my coworkers fear they are next so we all work extra long hours on top of the existing demand."

Former Employee - Senior Backend Developer says

"I worked at DAZN full-time for less than a year Cons: It is plain chaos. People argue and shout at each other in the office. Sometimes you can hear them screaming from across the office arguing or saying borderline racist and sexist remarks to each other. You have teams where very few people do work while the rest slack off all day. These people even have the nerve to say that they are not doing anything during stand-ups! Some colleagues working there for months did not write a single line of code! And some of them took it a step further and sold their story and got promoted to senior positions! Talk about meritocracy. External contractors do not care about the product but they were given by management the power to have the final say in the architectural design of solutions. This meant that the in-house teams that disagreed with the decision were forced to shut up and swallow the pill even though they knew that in the end, those decisions would cost them in the future. The whole "You build it you own it" mantra that is said daily is an outright lie. The hiring process is broken as well. A few candidates might not be hired at the company depending on their nationality. Additionally, you get surprised by a new contract saying that you need to be “on-call” rotation every few weeks after you actually get hired. I do not know where to begin regarding the development process. It is totally disorganized. There are other reviews here that describe the chaotic scene perfectly."

Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"I worked at DAZN full-time for more than a year Cons: no vision, very chaotic, too much interference of the UK management"

Former Employee - Production says

"I worked at DAZN full-time for more than 5 years Cons: The worst place I have ever worked for 'jobs for the boys.' I got the impression that a small cabal of friends ran the show and gave one another promotions whilst they car-shared. Some dreadfully under-skilled people had quite important positions. Some were very lucky they had friends in high places and that many of the more junior production staff had the professional integrity to put right their manager's ineptitude. I had the ongoing impression that the place was fuelled by secrecy and rampant cronyism. Underpowered, old equipment that crashed on an hourly basis. No access to replacement peripherals such as a mouse or keyboard and a totally useless technical support team. I personally once asked for a replacement HDMI cable and was told the company doesn't have them. This was a television production department - which says a lot. Extreme frugality with pay, total refusal to offer worthwhile overtime rates and never once did anybody in production, to my knowledge, receive any form of bonus. The argument was often made that working in sports broadcasting was reward enough. The management were wilfully opaque with revealing salaries - and would often ask employees to keep quiet about earnings, I assume to avoid mass protests such was the disparity between workers. They introduced a system of "career levels" to counteract this murkiness, but it had no bearing on pay whatsoever and so proved to be absurdly trivial. Yearly staff surveys seemed more an exercise in mutual onanism for the Senior Management team. Recalcitrant employees were constantly hounded to take part in them on the basis things would improve, yet when results showed obvious areas of concern, they were seldom fixed properly, if at all. As with many large companies, bureaucracy was omnipresent. Almost any action to move a project forward had to be accompanied by filling in a form and having it authorised by five dimwits before you could move forward. Stunk of self-preservation for middle management who had nothing else to do. For a company that had access to worldwide sports rights, they point blank refused to allow employees any access to the sport, whether that was free tickets to events or discounted TV subscriptions. - unlike any other broadcaster I am aware of. If this was a tiny production company, I could understand but the hypothetical argument that it was too expensive is completely futile when you consider the lavish fees spent on an office in Manhattan, large Christmas parties (that everyone thought were rubbish) and the type of cars driven by senior staff. My biggest gripe was the general ineffectualness of the bloated middle-management. The obsession with career progression and pleasing the bosses among the lickspittle production management team meant that they showed minimal empathy or understanding to the more junior staff, who were almost always those who actually created something tangible. They usually seemed more interested in briefing against others and getting a better grip on the greasy ladder of career ambition than making worthwhile changes. If you were skilled at ego-stroking it was very likely you would be a good fit. Obviously there are exceptions to the foolish or selfish people I have referenced, and it was largely on the back of the extreme goodwill of the well-intentioned, professional (and almost certainly underpaid/overworked) staff members that DAZN continued to operate."

Current Employee - Software Engineer says

"I have been working at DAZN full-time for more than a year Cons: - Lack of technical and architectural vision and leadership. - Lack of BAs. It took them ages to hire any at all, then they furloughed them and now some have left and not been replaced. - Lack of ux resource. - Lack of process. They say they're CI/CD and scrum but they're not really doing either. - No opportunity for career progression. Promotions aren't even advertised they just get handed out to the people who've been there the longest and suck up. - Decisions get made through favouritism and ego rather than logic and reasoning. - Lack of diversity and inclusion. Some people are really unhappy about they way they've been treated. Kind of ties in with above - there's no meritocracy. You have to be the right type to get anywhere or get your views heard. - Slow to react to the move to remote working. No proactivity or ability to respond constructively to change meant morale nose-dived. - White Rose office location is inconvenient and will limit the calibre of engineers (and product etc) working here in the future. - A lot of good people have already left. TLDR Do yourself a favour and look for something else, there are better companies out there."

spykes says

"It\'s 2021. Fix your damn app. You are more expensive than ESPN and can\'t even figure out this streaming stuff. "

Herbert Schiller says

"They advertise events as if you could watch anywhere but you quickly find out it's only available in US, worst than that they will make it impossible to cancel, their website is crap, make sure you use PayPal so you can cancel your subscription on PayPal and avoid being renewed."

Stelios Kounou says

"Just signed up to watch the Boxing. The registration process on my laptop was straight forward and payment went through first time and i can see that i'm now logged in on the website. However I installed the DAZN app on my smart TV and it says "DAZN ISN'T AVAILABLE IN THIS COUNTRY".

I am in Spain so how is it that you allow me to view on my laptop but not on the TV?


Paul says

"Stay away from this scam, no way to delete your account, they simply refusing to do that, so it's simply clear that your personal data is being transferred to third parties"

Yogesh says

"Like many people, I am financially challenged by the covid driven business shutdown as my income has been cut substantially. I therefore appreciated that most of my subscriptions, such as my gym membership payment were immediately stopped by the businesses I deal with as their services became unavailable.

There is one notable exception to this. My Annual subscription to the DAZN sports streaming service has not been refunded. Live sports have not been available to stream since early March and as a result I requested DAZN refund the balance of my annual subscription. After seven weeks all I get from DAZN are delaying excuses as to why they will not process refunds. It is clear that this company is trying hard not to refund subscriptions for a service they cannot currently supply.

During these difficult times it seems very bad practice for a company of this nature to take financial advantage over their clients who are struggling to make ends meet. Beware of this company, they should be penalized for their approach to this crisis. Even after the crisis is passed, do not subscribe to DAZN."

Ericson B says

"I have been a subscriber for DAZN for quite some time. They decided to auto bill me for the year without any refund even during a pandemic. Most people sign up for the LIVE sports but there is none. They decided to bill me anyways without reason. I have made several follow up emails and calls and they are not responsive. Horrible company during horrible times. Some companies step up during a pandemic. This company's true colours shows. They are scummy and scam artists. Avoid at all costs."

JP says

"Trying to sign up from Switzerland but can't ... apparently too many people trying to log into the site. Maybe because of the Champions League game tonight that I also wanted to watch? This has gone on for three hours. No obvious way to get a quick message through to support. I dunno, but I think a live sports video streaming website should be able to handle volume of traffic. Not a great introduction. Cannot recommend."

Romain Marchetti says

"Very bad experience. Streaming does not work. And it is not about speed because I can watch Netflix and YouTube in HD with no problem.
No way to pay if you can't watch online sports game..."

Shaun Coleman says

"The DAZN streaming experience is VERY bad. The video constantly freezes and buffers. I subscribed to DAZN because it was the only way to watch the Premier League in Canada. It worked OK at the beginning but the Premier League is unwatchable on TV. I can watch on my computer and on my phone, but I want to watch on my big screen TV. Their tech support is virtually non-existent - all they do is ask you to check your internet speed (mine is more than fast enough). If you can find another way to watch the sports on DAZN, do so."

Jak Birse says

"Gee there are a few DAZN review options on here. FYI the 3 star review isn't, not sure why 3 stars when it is a complaint?
Any way don't touch DeAdZoNe your money's gone and no refunds.
Scummy McScumsters."

Jak Birse says

"Starting a campaign to get my money back from DAZN
Twitter #DAZNphukedme
They have gone into "ignore you mode" well I say bolloxs to that.
Do not subscribe to this platform. It is inconsistent in video quality has terrible customer support and seems to believe it has a right to you money."

Mick Monroe says

"Who designed the menu? Why is it so difficult to find a game one wants to watch? Why can't I watch a live game from the beginning?

They should get a sports fan to redesign the service, it has nothing that I would rate above average, and much is very poor.

This is the 21st century, Information Technology should not be a problem, but it seems to be just that at DAZN.

They have been in business long enough to evolve their product. I guess profit rules.

I'm looking to get another solution, I have suffered with DAZN for three years, no hope on the horizon."

Tim says

"This is the 3rd and final time that DAZN has ruined a game for me by revealing the score line. If you are late or even arrive at the end of the game to watch it BEWARE - DAZN will show you the program at full time first.
Also if you are watching don’t pause for any reason - bring a bottle or bowl to watch the game in it’s entirety or DAZN will show you LIVE full time score.
What’s the point in paying $20 per month to get the score and then not bother watching I can get that for free thank you.
Hey DAZN why don’t you ask people that watch sport what they hate the most then start by making sure that never happens.
I’m waiting for one of the Big boys to do this properly - what a waste!!!
Also there is no support - I can reach Donald Trump easier than their “help-desk”.
You have to answer 4 questions and none of them ever relate to the issues you are actually having.
Hey DAZN I cancelled my subscription and am proceeding to tell everyone I know what a waste it is and go back to tv sports.
.....sorry to spoil the ending for you!"

jacqueline davies says

"Why do I have to wait 30 min sometimes before the app loads up .once open quality is good"

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