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D. W. Brown (born June 30, 1961) is the co-owner and head instructor at the Joanne Baron/D.W. Brown Studio (Baron Brown Studio) in Santa Monica, California. He has acted in, directed, produced and written films. He also has acted on television. In theater, he has worked as an actor and a director.

Natasha mentioned, "I started class at Baron Brown with the highest hopes of finally joining a school where the work is taken seriously. I had received a phone call from Joanne herself who told me it was, God's mission for me to take this class.

I am writing this because something must be said about how this school is managed and the lack of integrity in its founder Joanne. It is an outrage that somebody has the nerve to manipulate people into taking her class and threatening them if they don't want to continue.

By the end of the course, I was one of the supposedly lucky ones asked back to one of the better classes, but the only way was to sign up and pay a huge sum of money right now! I told them I'd think about it. Less than 24 hours later, Joanne was calling me personally, leaving me messages about how I need to do this and using manipulative statements to keep me there. I didn't call her back yet because I wanted to think about it so I start getting calls from a No Caller ID. I pick up and It was her, I felt like I was being stalked and pressured into something I needed to think about.

So I call her back later to tell her I don't want to do it - a big part of that decision was in her aggressive way of chasing me; she said some of the meanest things to me over the phone. I said I'm not going to continue with the program, thank you I learned a lot but maybe I'll return later and she said things like, You have fear of commitment issues because you must come from divorced parents, You don't really want this and you don't care or you would be doing my class It's never gonna happen for you" and some other very mean things that as a person who supposedly is passionate about art and teaching, a good teacher would never say things like that to a student who is hopeful and admired them. She knows that her words matter and she isn't using that power for good - she should be inspiring people. Before we hang up, she says "Well now we don't want you anymore for our class.

I was taking her husband's class who also asked me why I wouldn't continue and I told him about her aggressive phone calls and I think he could tell it was quite hurtful to a student who did care very much about the work. I told him what she said, We don't want you for our class and I left quite disappointed because I had come in with the best energy to this institution.

Next day she calls me again, I send it to voicemail and she says that she heard that I was disappointed and she actually does want me for the class now and she apologizes. She didn't sound genuine. She sounded like she was just trying to protect herself from any possible liability.

Stay away from this institution and anything to do with it. Find a place that is more open minded that feels like a safe place to explore - not one that uses fear and threats to keep you there. In addition, it's very expensive, dirty, saw a cockroach in the classroom, a lot of time is wasted on talking about BS when that time could be used for doing, some of the teachers think the class is their own personal session to talk about themselves and most importantly, Joanne is not a generous teacher.

And word of advice to the school, you say you want our peers to challenge us yet over half of the people in the class didn't even know who Cary Grant is... how can you claim to accept the best of the best students who don't even have basic knowledge?"


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