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In meteorology, a cyclone (/ˈsaɪ.kloʊn/) is a large scale air mass that rotates around a strong center of low atmospheric pressure. Cyclones are characterized by inward spiraling winds that rotate about a zone of low pressure. The largest low-pressure systems are polar vortices and extratropical cyclones of the largest scale (the synoptic scale). Warm-core cyclones such as tropical cyclones and subtropical cyclones also lie within the synoptic scale.[5] Mesocyclones, tornadoes, and dust devils lie within smaller mesoscale. Upper-level cyclones can exist without the presence of a surface low and can pinch off from the base of the tropical upper tropospheric trough during the summer months in the Northern Hemisphere.

Christina from Virginia shared her experience with cyclones in 2003, 2011, 2018 on the National Weather ServiceUnited States Department of Commerce web page:

"I have been through three major hurricanes that tore up my area of Virginia pretty badly. My first lesson learned was Hurricane Isabel in 2003. Isabel really messed our area up in the northern neck of Virginia. No power for 13 days. Nowhere to get gas or ice. I will never forget the howling of the winds and thinking this will ever stop. Many houses were lost into the Rappahannock and Potomac rivers during Isabel.

My next experience was Hurricane Irene. A microburst (powerful wind) came right across the street. It looked like someone’s hand just cut a swath right through the trees. The sound of that wind! It creeps me out every time. No power again for 7 days.

Last year Hurricane Michael got us! No power for 5 days and many main roads washed out. Several roads were impassable until this past March! I DO NOT play with these storms.

Do not think just because you’re not taking a direct hit that it can’t be destructive!! Prepare ahead of time! Buy lots of water, fill up large buckets with water to flush toilets, buy batteries, charcoal to cook food, table sandwiches food as peanut butter and jelly will help too. Always have paper plates and plastic utensils. Get baby wipes for personal hygiene for everyone, not just babies. Fill your vehicles up with gas and remember your pets!! Get extra pet food, litter, etc. Get your prescription and over the counter medicines ahead of time! And don’t forget you need an NOAA Weather Radio when the power goes out to stay on top of things.!! Be prepared to be self-sustaining for days because you will be without power for days and possibly stranded for days. Do not ever wait till the last minute to gather supplies and if they tell you to evacuate then do it!"


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