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The CVH (Compound Valve angle Hemispherical combustion chamber) engine was introduced by Ford in 1980 in the third generation European Ford Escort and for the 1981 North American Escort. It was later used in the Ford Sierra as well as the second generation Ford Fiesta and from 1983 it was used in the Ford Orion.

A disappointed customer shares his experience on, "Cambelt failure is a common and expensive problem with CHV engines, especially when your talking in the bag of crap league most of my Mk3 Escorts were! (none cost me more than £500!). CHV's also go through valve stem seals and have the ability to convert oil into sludge! Not for nothing does CHV stand for "Chronic Vibration & Harshness" in some circles. Rubbish engines IMO, found in scrappy where they belong!"


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