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Cuisinart ( kwee-zin-art) is an American home appliance brand owned by Conair Corporation. The company was started in 1971 by Carl Sontheimer to bring an electric food processor to the US market. The "Food Processor" was the first model, introduced at a food show in Chicago in 1973. The name "Cuisinart" became synonymous with "food processor." It is also a portmanteau of "cuisine" and "art."

C.K. discovered Cuisinart's F rating with the BBB only after getting 8 stitches:

In March of 2012 I made a Whey Protein shake with a Cuisinart Stick Blender. I unplugged it and proceeded to clean it according to the instructions. I ran my left thumb around the blade housing to remove excess shake before rinsing it under the faucet (to keep the shake from splattering) and I felt something snap. I then looked down and saw that the blade was wedged into my left thumb. Long story short I was taken to the hospital and received 8 stitches. I reported the incident to Cuisinart and was given the runaround for weeks. Their Customer Service is terrible. Finally, after calling daily and writing their PR Department, I was contacted by a Customer Service Rep and asked if I wanted Cuisinart to pay my medical bills. I said yes. They told me I had to turn in the blender to them but I was advised by an attorney not to give the evidence up yet. I reported Cuisinart to the BBB (where they have an F rating) and other consumer groups including the CPSC. Cuisinart said I was withholding evidence and all I had to do to be reimbursed was to turn in the blender. I felt they would just say the blender was fine when I knew it wasn't. I reluctantly turned the blender in and they said there was nothing wrong with it, denied any liability and refused to reimburse me. I have permanent nerve damage to my left thumb, I couldn't work for almost a month (I am self-employed and have a skincare practice). I paid out $1,400.00 in medical bills on top of lost income. I asked Cuisinart for $1,600.00 to settle and they refused, blaming me for the entire incident. They have a history of blaming the failings of their products on consumers. I now do whatever I can to warn people about their shoddy products, I write magazines to scold them for giving Cuisinart free OR...overall I let EVERYONE know Cuisinart has an F rating. Glad this website exists but it's a shame a major company like Cuisinart doesn't care to treat consumers better.


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Vendedora (Former Employee) says

"No aconsejo trabajar en cuisinart ya que la sra marjorie alejandra figueroa g. No sabe manejar retail.No se da cuenta que el vendedor necesita mercadería para vender.Se deja llevar por comentarios sin pedir explicación.En dos meses que trabaje nunca llegó mercadería.De hecho despidió a dos vendedores sin rrazón.Problemas de codigo"

NA (Former Employee) says

"If you are looking to grow within your career. Here may not be the right place for you. But, If you don't know any better then this place would be the best for you."

Norman Alexander says

"Ordered A Food processor work bowl lid around Dec third. Finally shipped 12/14. They shipped wrong one. I shipped it back. They shipped another one 1/8/21. UPS lost it. I called Cuisinart, Was told they will ship another one. Received E-Mail 1/23/21.It was still being processing . Today 1/31/21 Still nothing. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. & Was told a full refund would happen LMFAO. I am at the point to toss every piece of Cuisinart & Sunbeam I own in the trash. I am now on my way to purchase a KITCHEN AID processor. Will never buy another product from them or Sunbeam again & Tell all my Friends & Fellow cooks likewise."

Peter says

"I’m a loyal customer, 30 plus years. Coffee maker product malfunction (shuts off mid-brew) from day one; notified customer service, they passed me off to corporate who told me not to return it, to cut off the electrical cord, email them a picture of it which I immediately did, and they would send a new one. Two calls and emails over a month apart and both “it’s currently back-ordered” with no indication of when they would have them in. Pandemic, dog ate my homework, nothing of substance. I’m a coffee drinker, not a tea drinker; when do I get coffee again?"

ikariwtissa says

"Last week I bought the Mini Prep Pro Mini Chopper And Food Processor with the following characteristics:
Material Stainless Steel
Colour Stainless Steel
Blade material Stainless Steel
However, when I got the food processor I realised only the blade is steel. The material is PLASTIC. I had to contact customer service myself - even though I bought it from Amazon- only to get a reply confirming that only the blade is from steel and they are sorry for the inconvenience and that I should return the product to get a refund."

Teresa says

"This email is to inform you that I purchased a hand mixer and I am returning it as soon as possible. Being a Cuisinart I expected the "Best" but received a product that I wouldn't wish on anybody. A year or so I also purchased a coffee maker that was also not up to par, but wrote it off as a fluke that I received a bad product. Today, after opening my mixer to use .... which I can't use due to a manufacturing defect. I now realize it seems to be an ongoing issue that your company isn't doing anything about. Selling defective products deems to be the way of the world for you. I will not be buying anymore Cuisinart products and will advise all my friends and family not to do so in the future. Your products are a very big disappointment!


Joerg H. says

"I'm in Germany. Don't know how they are in other countries. Here it's a desaster. No customer service. The phone number leads to an automatic message. Nobody answers the phone on the number I was told there. No reply to several inquiries on the website"

Louise says

"If I could, I would give a zero rating for faulty products and poor customer service

I bought the SIGNATURE COLLECTION MULTI-TEMP KETTLE in June DIRECT from Cuisinart, and on receipt realised that the back light didn't turn off after 10 mins as per the instructions, so I emailed them about it. As a new purchase direct from Cuisinart this should have been simple to resolve, but I had to take photos, provide purchase receipt etc. They responded saying that they would send a replacement, but as the kettle I bought was manufactured in 2018 my guarantee on the replacement new one was reduced by 18 months?
Anyway, 2nd one arrived, and this time the back light didn't work at all... they now wont replace it, and want me to send it back for repair!

2 brand new kettles, faulty and not as advertised.

Their customer service is appalling, you cannot speak to anyone by phone. Be warned - their guarantees are based on the manufacture date (which you wont know) rather than date of purchase.


Darek says

"After a long research online and very good feedbacks I decide to purchase CUISINART COOKFRESH PROFESSIONAL GLASS STEAMER.

I tried to use it and found out that there are no preset functions: poultry, vegetables, seafood etc. so wildly advertised on every video online and every review of this product as well as on images on the packaging. There is just a timer and two functions: steam and keep warm. That’s all. How this is possible? I feel cheated and tricked.
I have returned it. Initially I have been refunded £50 instead of £175. After nearly a month of struggle with cuisinart North America, France and UK I finally got full refund. Never again. Terrible experience.
Customer Service is very poor. It is almost impossible to get in touch."

Jonathan says

"To say that I am disappointed would be an understatement. I bought a brand new $80 Cuisinart coffee pot and it recently stopped working after somewhat infrequent use over a year (and a few months).

I contacted Cuisinart support and I have to say that the experience was horrible. I found out that I had to pay for shipping to have the new coffee pot sent to me AND I have to pay for shipping to send the cord from the old coffee pot back to them.

Rather than switching to a new brand immediately, I decided to give them a chance. I gave them my serial number, model number, and shipping information.

Skip forward to today. The new coffee pot arrived and they sent me the wrong color. Now I have a coffee pot that doesn't go with anything in my kitchen. AND, I STILL HAVE TO PAY THEM FOR THEIR ERROR!

I always thought of Cuisinart as a well known, well-trusted home brand. Apparently, that is no longer the case."

Killhippie says

"I bought a kettle from this company, similar to one that had lasted many years, the new one has a glitch on the display, if set to 85 degrees it flashes 75C for a second or two, also it does not always turn off when boiling at 100C. The company said they would replace it with a later batch model, they didn't so the replacement had the same issues and then even though I sent a video of the issue they supposedly could not replicate the problem and were highly dismissive, i felt they thought I was lying.

They retuned the old kettle for some unknown reason with no protecting packaging loose in a box and and it was covered in scratches and dents, a weird practice and not great to be left being basically called a liar and seeing returns treated so badly. Avoid this company, they don't care at all and the kettle was over £70, and don't expect returns in a good condition, I binned mine it was that bad, not that it was needed. So I'm still stuck with a kettle with this issue still, well that's just great Cuisinart, thanks for nothing."

Tony Eaton says

"People do not order from this company as they only send part off your Order. Don't contac you then have the cheek to tell you they won't refund your money.And not to mention there customer service . What a joke off a company has totally put me off to buy anything CUISiART."

morris fiedman says

"I purchased a countertop oven/ air fryer which failed during the warranty period. Cuisinart said that I had to return the old unit to claim the warranty. It cost $60.00 shipping to return this unit. They should inform customers of this prior to purchase."

steve bradley says

"Very very expensive poor customer service sandwich / Waffle maker / toaster handle breaks after only a year and this burns you as it’s normally hot when shutting and snapping
I have purchased 3 of them only for this to happen each time. After further investigation I found 50 other customers with same complaints
Maybe this is something they should redesign but honestly this product is not long life if no proof of purchase they offer a new one with a discount so you can burn yourself again lol so be warned!!"

Ian Verschuren says

"After trying to make a purchase, I found several bad reviews here and on other sites for the cuisinart web store. Came to realize that my order placed on the cuisinart site got me a order confirmation from the web store. Then noticed that pricing, products, contact information, etc is all the same, so it is actually just their outlet. Granted, I am spoiled by Amazon and their speed and quality, but my experience so far was - Order placed last week tuesday. Email confirmation on wednesday morning that the order was received. It's cookie season so I paid for 2 day shipping to get my replacement blade quickly. Friday rolls around, no tracking number or any other word. I try to call customer service and after 15 minutes on hold give up. Send an email, and get the we will get back to you in 24 to 48 hours response. Monday rolls around, still no response. So now it's coming up on a week, and still nothing. Then I figured out the whole shenanigans of the two sites being related. Found a bunch of online reviews complaining about slow shipping, no shipping, wrong items shipped, and poor customer service. So, decide to just cancel the orders. Just got off the phone with customer service (this time it only took 12 minutes on hold). It's a telling statement when I say I have to cancel an order, and they just respond with what's the number, and ok you're all set. They must get that request a lot if there's not even a question about why or what the issue was, and what they could do to fix the situation. Looks like I will be buying another food processor instead of fixing it, and you can bet it won't be a Cuisinart."

Sharon Bardsley says

"Bought a mini pro - it lasted about six months of light use before the flimsy plastic bearings failed. It's marketed as a small food processor. But it only has one speed and there's no feeder hole in the top. It's actually just a cheap chopper/grinder."

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