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A Marie biscuit is a type of biscuit similar to a rich tea biscuit. It is also known as María, Mariebon, Мария and Marietta, amongst other names.

A dissapionted customer shared her review about Cuetara Maria Biscuit Cookies, ¨Awful. Crumbled them up and threw them in the woods for the possums. Get fresh Marias at your local grocery store, which are crunchy and tasty in that wonderfully subtle way!¨


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Pete. .............. says

"Where do I start! In short an experience never to be repeated. The bill for the work wasn't as quoted and was difficult to change. I ended up in an argument and they eventually conceded and I was able to settle the bill. I will never use this company again for all the hassle I received. They lure you in with a low figure for the mot and service and then try to charge more for new tyres etc. I asked for the recording of the conversation which they sent to me and I pointed out to them their mistake on the cost of the tyreswhich they reluctantly reduced. My advice is stay clear of this company!"

Apisai says

"Called so many times at one time i was put on hold for almost 33minutes. Send couple emails to different email address provided no one responded to any of my email. I managed to get hold on one of the employee at an early morning phone call requesting for fullservices report and all she send me was a invoice or what i paid. Not sure if services report or invoice are the same."

Shirzad Jarchlo says

"Very BAD !!! The service doesn't include anything!!! I paid £108 pound and had to pay another £28 for OIL!!! Service did not even include oil! As soon as they take the car, start finding faults and call you with lots of repair costs !! VERY BAD"

Gary Archer says

"This is one service that I would stay well clear of, made the mistake of paying upfront, they have now cancelled 2 appointments and just didn't turn up for the third, now I can't get any response by email and was hung on the telephone wasting time, I will give it one more week then take a small claim against them."

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