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Crunchbase is a platform for finding business information about private and public companies. Crunchbase information includes investments and funding information, founding members and individuals in leadership positions, mergers and acquisitions, news, and industry trends.

Originally built to track startups, the Crunchbase website contains information on public and private companies on a global scale. Crunchbase sources its data in four ways: the venture program, machine learning, an in-house data team, and the Crunchbase community. Members of the public can submit information to the Crunchbase database. These submissions are subject to registration, social validation, and are often reviewed by a moderator.

An unhpappy customer shared this in a review about Crunchbase in, which compares the best business software and services based on user ratings and social data, "Bad Customer Service Experience" Their support team is inflexible and impersonal. I sent a semi urgent request with some details. I was met only with boiler plate answers which came two days after my initial message. I am upset with how little empathy they demonstrated, and I would caution anyone who is curious about this software to leave curiousity at the door unless they are willing to make a substantial purchase with no going back.


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"colleagues are nice, free food"

Former Employee - Sales Development Representative says

"This is specific to the Sales department only. There are a lot of growing pains that are completely understandable in scaling and growing a Sales department. We are also in an unprecendented time in history and navigating this is proving difficult for every one of us. I started this position hopeful, excited, and ready to commit to at least 5 years at the company. My experiences were so demotivating that I ended up quiting in less than a year and during a time of record unemployment. The Sales department has an arbitrary and broken system of accountability and recognition. It is hardly a "meritocracy" and I didn't really believe these other posts that talk about favoritism- but it is plain as day. In one instance, I worked hard to develop a campaign around a competitor and was discouraged every step of the way. I was told we couldn't win business from this competitor and I could try but dont be surprised if nothing sticks. And although I created this cadence, executed and ened up landing a meeting which later closed - I didn't receive any praise or recognition. Fast forward a month, I get to listen to the praise for two of my colleagues who had the same idea. My manager who initially told me it wouldn't be a good idea is now praising my two colleagues- knowing full well I already did this. They are were praised as ambitious Sales rockstars. This is just one example. I am sure, like me, it's hard to believe a reputable company would have such a toxic environment. It doesn't even make sense, right? Why would you want to actively discourage your top performers (that was me) and encourage and praise your less effective/productive reps? However- if you are looking to beef up your tech bro t-shirt collection- this is an amazing place. You will get SO many t-shirts. I forgot to list that under Pros."

Former Employee - Ops says

"We are sorry to hear about your experience. There’s a lot of tough feedback in here. While we don’t agree with many of your views stated here, we will certainly discuss this internally with the team and see if there is an opportunity for us to improve. Thanks for the feedback, and we wish you the best in your future endeavors."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"There is no concrete vision moving the company forward. A culture of safety and support doesn't exist, and there is a lot of gossip as a result. There is also a concerning amount of drinking in the office, encouraged by leadership. Executives are often working against each other rather than with each other, and each of them prioritize managing the CEO over managing their teams."

Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"Slow-moving, do nothing culture. While they may claim to be startup after the spinoff, CrunchBase has more of a slow-moving big-company culture. Jager is from Salesforce, and he has brought their culture with him."

Former Employee - Business Analyst says

"long hours, no commision, no growth opportunity"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- Transparency about the company's flaws is not encouraged. Not a culture at the leadership level that is willing to be open and honest with employees about areas of concern. - Requires company pulse checks to get feedback from all employees, not just the ones that are going to speak the loudest - Have senior interviews with all people that leave the else are you going to learn about what issues you should focus on to keep the company a good place to be? No one on management spoke to me when I left beside by direct manager. Really questionable."

Former Employee - Sales/CS says

"Too many cliques on the team Calls at 6am or 11pm with international customers Pipeline is scrutinized Lack of playbook, support and training"

Allan Ling Kosmo says

"Emailed the support team prior to expiry of trial to cancel the subscription. Didn't happen, still got charged. Emailed the billing and support team multiple times to cancel the payment and subscription. Didn't get any response at all."

Dominic says

"Awful platform displaying fake information and violating individual's data privacy rights."

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