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Crocker is an archaic synonym of potter.


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Telereceptionist/Dispatcher (Former Employee) says

"Rather drab work enviornment. Stuck in a basement with little windows and ZERO air circulation. Never been sick more times in one year than I was when I worked here. Doesn't matter how much you disinfect your work station, its in the air and has no escape. If you're new, plan on doing everyone elses work. People in supervisor positions like to turn off their lines and gossip through the chat window instead of working. If you make a mistake, don't plan on getting much support or constructive criticism. Expect to get thrown under the bus instead of being shown how to correct your mistake. Lots of complaining about others behind their backs instead of telling them what they're doing wrong so they can correct it. Favoritism is also key here. Certain individuals can do no wrong no matter how many people complained about them. Hopefully a lot of that has changed over the years, but I somehow doubt it. Cons: being tethered to your desk, short breaks, repetitive, petty gossip, not much room for growth"

Operator / Dispatcher (Former Employee) says

"To say this company won't do whatever they can to work with you on any needs you have would be a mistake. The management is very attentive and personable. If you're in a pinch and need a job with some security that will teach you some solid skills, this is a good place to start. The pay bracket has fallen behind in the last few years for this place, but it will get you by better than not having work at all for sure. You can put the time in and the effort for advancement and it will pay off, if you are patient enough. Weekend shifts are mandatory. Cons: stressful, not the best pay"

Current Employee - IT Specialist says

"I have been working at Crocker Communications full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Small company is unable to compete with pay/benefits offered for similar positions at competitors."