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Crema is thinner than sour cream, a little more tangy and slightly salty. You can sometimes find it in stores, but it’s very simple to make at home by combining sour cream with heavy cream and lime juice (you could use buttermilk instead) and allowing it to set up at room temperature for a few hours, until it turns into a kind of liquid velvet. It’s marvelous with fish tacos, as a dressing for hot slaw, or drizzled over roasted carrots or sweet potatoes. Once you start using it, you will use it all the time.

In a chat with a customer, she complained of the product. This is what she said " The coffee is a much lighter brown than the usual dark/French roasts you get (e.g. Starbucks Espresso, Asda French Roast 5), closer to the Lavazza medium roasts. Misleading description, and it didn't taste good either way, tasted half a cup and arranged a return.

This sort of stuff really doesn't help with Amazon's credibility - their own brand food stuff I've tried so far hasn't been so great, they need to do better."


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Administrator/ Cook (Former Employee) says

"The owner was never present and no organization. It was a newer restaurant and the owner focused on other businesses. We always ran out of food because the owner was never there"

Cashier (Current Employee) says

"It can be a good place to work if they offered benefits,when summer break comes hours are cut, thanksgiving we are closed for almost two weeks, no pay and Christmas the same thing, no sick days but I got a job."

Caixa (Current Employee) says

"Empresa dinâmica, um bom local para se trabalhar. Mas no momento estou em busca de uma oportunidade para atuar na área que estudo."

Dishwasher (Former Employee) says

"Flexible hours"

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