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Cracker Barrel Sucks. Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, Inc. is an American chain of combined restaurant and gift stores with a Southern country theme. The company was founded by Dan Evins in 1969; its first store was in Lebanon, Tennessee. The corporate offices are located at a different facility in the same city. The chain's stores were at first positioned near Interstate Highway exits in the Southeastern and Midwestern United States but expanded across the country during the 1990s and 2000s. As of September 1, 2019, the chain operates 660 stores in 45 states.

According to THE CAPITAL TIMES in a piece written by Tarquinio, J. Alex in 1997, in early 1991, an intra-company memo called for employees to be dismissed if they did not display "normal heterosexual values". According to news reports, at least 11 employees were fired under the policy on a store-by-store basis from locations in Georgia and other states. After demonstrations by gay rights groups, the company ended its policy in March 1991 and stated it would not discriminate based on sexual orientation. The company's founder, Dan Evins, subsequently described the policy as a mistake. From 1992 onward, the New York City Employees Retirement System, then a major shareholder, put forward proposals to add sexual orientation to the company's non-discrimination policy. An early proposal in 1993 was defeated, with 77 percent against and only 14 percent in support, along with 9 percent abstaining. It was not until 2002 that the proposals were successful; 58 percent of company shareholders voted in favor of the addition.


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Retail Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"The pay is low , poor management ! Don’t ever work at Cracker Barrel In orangeburg Sc. The manger there talk to you like you are nothing and they are very rude . They don’t appreciate what you do for them. You don’t get a break in between shifts very low pay.DiscountLow pay, no breaks, poor management, rude managers, no uplifting spirts"

Cracker Barrel Server (Former Employee) says

"They fired me because i was pregnant. Made several comments before about getting rid of all pregnant women working there. I started out at 4 days a week and they kept going down to where i was only working one day a week."

Associate Manager (Former Employee) says

"Not only did they try and send different forms of a severance agreement to try and fool the people whom they sent it to, in order to pay everyone less. They refused to pay even a single cent on my expense report even when in the contract it states that they are to reimburse you for at least one trip to and from the training location. That was all after I was forced to work through the outbreak, was kicked out of my hotel and the company never found me a new room, and approved my travel and then never paid. Worst company i have ever worked for and I won’t frequent it as a patron ever again."

Cracker Barrel Server (Former Employee) says

"The work was way too stressful with the lack of staff. The management side of things was very unorganized and unprofessional to say the least. I wouldn’t ever go back.NothingHorrible management"

Cashier/Food Prep (Former Employee) says

"This place is a NIGHTMARE to work for. Blatantly disrespectful management & staff. I have not one single good thing to say. I was a prep cook and cashier.p.s.STAY AWAY.Absolutely NOTHING.Seriously EVERYTHING."

Line Cook/Prep Cook (Former Employee) says

"My hours would bounce and I would sometimes be scheduled a 15 hour week or a 42 hour week. Worked there for 2 years and know the hole kitchen and could help anywhere and was barely making 12 a hour. Basically if you weren't a friend of the managers and know them personally you were left with the scrap hours and forced to work 10 hour shifts without a 30 min break.steady work never boredno breaks, bad management, no communication, unstaedy hours"

Guest Sales and Service Associate (Former Employee) says

"Not enough hours. Was told that hours would be cut if we did not cross sell to guests. Frustrating work environment. Unprofessional management who treated people rudely."

Grill Cook (Former Employee) says

"Management does not teach you anything and then will get mad at you if you're confused or just dont know what you're doing. If you're sick and can't come in they'll yell at you!NoneManagement!!"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"They are racist towards white people! Home office gives no support to Restaurants dealing with tyrant general managers they are allowed to do whatever they want even though the company talks a good game about their people promise! Worst company to ever work for"

Waitress (Former Employee) says

"The food is good but that’s about it. I wouldn’t recommend working here. Not enough pay for the amount of work. Can’t get vacation days off when asked."

Server (Former Employee) says

"Sucks it’s not fun at all and the managers are mean when it comes to being sick or trying to take off for important things like a funeral or anything. So I would Say noNothingEverything"

Waitress (Former Employee) says

"Terrible management. Won’t let you off work, even if you request it 2 months in advance. They don’t care about family matters and having children all they care about is moneyNoneNine"

Server/ Shift Lead (Current Employee) says

"Dirty, bad environment! Very negative. Change of management constantly and none of them like being there and it shows. There is no teamwork, nor is it encouraged! Everyone has a bad attitude, the only positive is customers, whom we look forward to!"

Hostess (Former Employee) says

"Awful place to work. Management was scattered, terrible place. If management liked you, you were fine. If they didn’t then you were screwed. Hated every shift."

Associate Manager (Former Employee) says

"By far, working here has been the worst experience ever. Training is pointless once you are in a store. DM will tell you right off your development means nothing. GM yells at you constantly. No management cohesion. No plan. Sell more food on less labor. People pleasing is as big of a joke as this company is. ."

Chef (Former Employee) says

"dont work there- management not fair - have their picks on who they like and who they dont - Let great workers go - keep lousy ones around. Could never make management happy"

Server (Former Employee) says

"I don't even know where to start. Working here was the worst experience of my life. The management is comprised of literally the worst human beings you could have the misfortune of knowing.The entire management team was replaced last year (not because the company actually cared, but because they all quit or transferred) and the new management is as bad, if not worse, than previously. The only good manager is the current, new, GM. They verbally abuse, belittle, yell, and insult you constantly. Speak down to you like you're a child. Sigh when you ask for help. You need a manager for literally ANYTHING from voiding a check, clocking out, or approving a birthday sundae and they act like you're bothering them when you do so. They play MAJOR favorites and the same 5 people are always in the best sections. Older servers don't do their job or run food but managers let them get away with it while yelling at younger or newer servers for the same thing. Management has made me cry on multiple occasions by yelling and belittling me in front of coworkers and I'm not alone. I've seen multiple servers brought to tears by this 'management' team. Every single manager (save the GM) employed right now at the Grove City location are just pathetic power trippers who think being a manager at a bad chain restaurant makes them better than the people that work under them. The policies in place by the corporation are also so clearly written by old white men who inherited their titles and money from their daddy and have never actually worked a single day in their lives. Managers go overboard enforcingThe discount the board FORCED Cracker Barrel to increase from 20% to 35%Everything, Management, Policies"

Server, Grill Cook, Prep Cook, Shift Leader, Night Maintenance, Trainer (Former Employee) says

"While I cannot myself speak for the company as a whole I can speak for the store (406, Mt. Arlington, NJ) I worked in. The store itself was constantly dirty, there wasn't a single day I went to work here and walked into a clean kitchen. There would be some disgusting layer of oil, food scraps or garbage that missed the can littered all over the place. The food safety is an absolute joke, and I am unsure of how after receiving poor marks on numerous NSF inspections the store remains open. Personally I have witnessed food products that were going bad, if not already expired, being used and served to customers. I have seen food go to tables raw on more than a couple occasions. I as a shift leader would bring up safety issues or behavior issues, that I could not address as a shift leader, only to be brushed off. They constantly run with far less employees then they need and don't bother properly training their staff, nor do they give adequate time to train. The managers recently completely changed. and that did not solve their problem only worsen it. If you want to save yourself a lot of time effort and frustration do not put yourself through working in this place. They will pay you to do one job and expect you to do their jobs as well. The managers only care about making their bonuses and will constantly remind you to do well so they can get their extra money."

Retail (Current Employee) says

"I was told multiple times that if I sell more things, I'll get more hours. Well, here's the thing: even after a good week, I'm lucky to go from 8 hours then to 10 hours the next week. I applied for part time, but this is ridiculous! Don't work here if you expect to make a living or get yourself out of a financial hole. It's only good for a side hustle."

Server (Former Employee) says

"It was a nice place to work at until they decided to switch management. Schedules are all over the place and they don't respect your availability, school or if you have a second job to make a living. The favoritism is crazy and if you're not on their good list expect to get treated very unfair and feel less than. Managers are petty and unnecessarily bossy which comes out as plain rude. Most of the time they think they're doing a great job but it's the complete opposite. It adds stress and it's not the best environment to work at. The only pro is you might meet some very nice & fun coworkers."

christina kohl says

"Only three tables this morning. Ordered breakfast sandwich with bacon. Breakfast sandwich was open faces, no bacon. Was going to talk to waitress. But she took off never came came back. Was charged for bacon. Told cashier who talked to waitress who blamed on the cook. Three customers in the whole restaurant. It is not that hard people. Very disgusted cannot get 1 of 3 orders correctly. Just not that hard. Wont be' going back. Waitress needs to pay attention before she slaps the food down and takes off."

Vicky Horn says

"This is the 4th time I have placed a to go order at the Cookeville cracker Barrell. So far not one single order has been close to correct. Two times they blamed it on door dash for not checking order. Once was my fault bc I came when the told me too and it was Cold and one bag of the order was given to someone else and that was my fault also. Today I order a uncle hersel' s breakfast but she informed me I was wrong even though menu said what I wanted was uncle hersels she insisted it was old timers drove 25 min into pick it up so it could not be door dashes fault again but it was mine for not checking order. Again food missing and what we did get it was wrong. I could kick myself for not checking. They will never replace a meal only an item. So I can go get my gravy and hashbrowns later and eat my biscuit and eggs now or go get missing items and Cold eggs with them. Not to mention the grits on an another order missing mashed potatoes on another order missing and the bread missing also. I guess after 4 consecutive times of basically same issues I have to realize they cannot or will not be able to get it right nor will they take care of THEIR messup only blame customer or door dash must be their policy. Wish I could post pictures on here."

Virginia says

"I’ve tried to order online twice since COVID started and both times was unable to. The first time I actually downloaded the app and it was broke just like the website was, so I called it in and no problem. Tonight, I tried again to order online and it wouldn’t go through, so I called and the guy said I had to order online for curbside orders. I told him I was just online trying to place the order and it didn’t work. He was no help so I hung up on him. What is wrong with Cracker Barrel? Why are they throwing their customer service out the window? It is really sad that this is upsetting me and a lot of other folks over ordering to go because they have really great food. Great food or not, if you don’t keep it simple sam, you don’t get my business!!"

Daniel “IanSword” says

"Useless app, impossible to order online and rude staff at the phone, the staff in Daytona doesn’t even know the name of the orders, and over and over problem never go back again!!"

Kaitlyn Wilson says

"I will NEVER place a Togo order again. I have a few times and it was terrible experiences. I dont mind going in and dining. I would rather wait 30 minutes to be seated than to place a togo order."

Destroy Liberalism says

"The website they have for online ordering is the most hideous, useless, and agonizing/aggravating experience I've ever encountered. I just wasted 30 minutes creating an account in which to order. After I logged on, the navigation of the site is not very clear at all in some areas of the site. Once I finally found the Christmas dinner special, I had my credit card ready and after figuring out how to choose my dinner details, choosing the date I wanted the food, the time, and that I was going to pick it up at the store, clicked on "checkout" and the site throws back an error message!!! I tried it 3 times and got nowhere. I'll just go to Publix or some other high-end grocery store and pre-order my Christmas food items. This useless website needs to be fixed or simply shut down."

Frank Castro says

"Oh my God as if we don’t have enough to worry about out here with this Covid 19 infecting us now we have to worry about what we eat in the restaurant how sad is this time I hope it gets better sausage sausage that I was sold tasted rank like it is old meat why do I have to worry about what I eat around here now I guess that’s why I cook so much at home how sad when the striving to try and get more customers in there but they allow for something like this to happen I’m sad I haven’t eaten at Cracker Barrel in several years because I moved to Kyle and because I had to bring my mother 90 years old to Walmart I decided to buy her breakfast what really upsets me about this whole thing is that my mother ate her food like it was nothing because she doesn’t have the senses that she’s had before when I finally had her all settled and she was eating I tried mine and was upset what I tasted in the sausage"

Eric Harmon says

"This restaurant has a website that is supposed to let you order online. What it does is nothing. It will not let you order anything. What you get is an error message that says they no longer have that item. So they are out of pancakes and eggs? They have seen our last dollar."

Tik Tok videos says

"I ordered online for Curbside pick up I had to wait about 45 minutes to an hour for my my food. I finally called again and they brought it right away and I wanted to eat right away but my food was already cold. Also cold coffee and cold food."

L. Pogose says

"We ordered the heat & serve for 4-6 figuring 2 of us would have left overs - since unable to be with our children. We received dinner at the pick-up - when we got home we were missing the stuffing, the turkey gravy, got corn muffins instead of the rolls we ordered, and the topping for the loaded hash brown casserole. Sweet potato casserole was the texture of baby food - we did receive a qt of something that looked like soup - we did not order - and it tasted like water. Also had to heat all food in our own dishes for almost an hour - and they ran out of instructions -so not only we missed half our dinner but had to wash all the dishes for our heat and serve dinner. We went hungry for our Thanksgiving dinner!"

Fulfer says

"If you place a curbside order,they never answer the phone.So I tried checking in on line.They still never reply.So we have to walk in to get our food.😡😕This has happened more than once.Very disappointed......."

Jorge Manay says

"Been a customer for over at this food chain for over 10 years. Never had a problem with the food that I'm aware of. The last few months the food has been very good like always but the side dishes have been coming out and being served to me with a piece of hair. This is no mistake because its the second time the side dishes are with hair, on January 4th 2021, Not a great start for the New Year!"

Richard Cunningham says

"Went to the Mt Juliet store in Tn. The service was slow and the food was cold."

Teresa Smith says

"We were at the cracker barrel restaurant off interstate 24 exit 152A. A phone arrival I went to use the restroom and found the toilets were not flushed, around the back of the toilets were hair and dirt, The sinks have not been wiped down. The waitress that we talked to seemed more concerned than the manager. The manager said they checked the restrooms every 20 minutes which if they did they would not look like they previously did when I entered. The manager did not seem concerned about the situation when we told him if they don't clean the bathrooms with the Corona going on then how we know if they're cleaning anything else. He's just sort of rushed away but given an attitude the whole time that we were discussing this with him. I would not recommend eating here unless you make sure that things are clean and then wipe down. Thank you Teresa Smith"

C Colson says

"Cracker Barrel, Norcross Ga,# 28 is off the chain. The store has a very large sign on a stands outside at the door entrance and several small signs throughout the store stating masks are required. However, there was several people not wearing masks. Asked a staff member why their mask rule was not being enforced. The staff person said, we aren’t allowed to address customers about masks. I said that’s interesting because signs say differently and other stores like Targets, Publix, Walmart, etc., will stop you at the door and if someone slips into the store and try to go through the line I have seen them not check a customer out without a mask. She really just ignored my concerns. Every time we moved away from a non- wearing mask person, someone else would come stand beside us without a mask. It’s hard to social distance in that small store, therefore, masks should be enforced. Nevertheless, we decided to just leave."

Venus Cairy says

"The family was not up to cooking Thanksgiving Dinner so we decided to give Cracker Barrels' take out Holiday Dinner a try. Two items were tasty...the very small portion of turkey we received and the pie. All the sides: dinner rolls, squash casserole, sweet potatoes, stuffing, cranberry relish and gravy were sub par at best. No bang for our buck 😤. The family was not impressed, and recommends to steer clear of the take out Holiday meals."

Kathy Casey says

"My husband and I had friends that we took to Cracker Barrel for lunch around 2pm. It was the worst experience we have had. The beef was stringy and tough and the pot roast special was just awful. It was a waste of $50.00. I can tell that they have new workers. I will have to find another favorite restaurant. One of our friends wanted apple butter and never received it even after asking a second time. Must be hard to get good help with Covid"

Dan says

"Cracker Barrel here in North Jacksonville you get food that has been sitting back in the back for awhile and service that is not up to Cracker Barrel standards. I should have called customer relations regarding my last visit to this location."

Frank says

"I have eaten at cracker barrel and enjoyed the meals that is why I am so mad at my latest experience. Today being thanksgiving 2020 my wife and I decided to order out online to avoid the long waiting times. I placed an online order at 3:38 pm and was replied that my order would be ready for curbside pickup at 4:13. So good so far. When I got to the store at 4:15 I called and let them know that is was outside in pickup lane 2. 90 minutes and 2 more phone calls later I am still waiting. at the curb. I could have stood on line for a seat in the dinning room. I am disabled so I had to get my walker out of the car to go inside to find out what is going on. I asked for the manager who looked up my order and said it has ben ready all along. I said why wasn't it delivered to the curb. This is while a bunch of associates are milling around. So I took my order and left. The manager gave me a pie for my troubles. This a mistake, ( online ordering at cracker barrel), I won't make again."

yamaha says

"Too many unhappy customers that could have been avoid with simple fixes. Their old equipment like the grill with no timer means over or under cook too often. For the fried chicken they bought new fryers last year and it still too crispy or under cooked and not seasoned with the right spices. Biscuits are too salty and not as good as McDonald, why ?. Corn bread not sweet and granular, have a drink on hand not to choke on it for safety reasons. Hamburger, the bun and meat too heavy dense and hard to digest. Mash potatoes dry mean bad cook who did not put a lid on over the pan and mix it before serving. Breakfast need to improve like under cook pancakes and start to offer an alternative from hash brown and grits like fried hash brown and fried potatoes, etc. I worked there before the pandemic and i cleaned the place 4 to 5 stars everyday. Now the dishwasher and servers and cook and cashiers do that for cost cutting reasons, i don't think it's sanitized 5 stars anymore and i don't think they save money either having to give more hours to their already overworked staff......"

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