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Coupang is a South Korean e-commerce company founded in 2010. The largest online retailer in South Korea, Coupang's annual revenue exceeds US$4 billion. The company's Rocket Delivery network provides same-day or next-day delivery of more than five million unique items. Coupang claims that 99.6 percent of its orders are delivered within 24 hours.Coupang is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, in the Songpa-gu District. Coupang also has offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Los Angeles, Mountain View, New York, and Seattle.Coupang was founded by Bom Kim in 2010. A student of Harvard University, Kim started to study for his MBA at Harvard Business School but dropped out after his first year. In November 2018, Coupang received a US$2 billion investment from SoftBank. Other major investors in Coupang include BlackRock and Fidelity.

An employee had this to say in an interview, "Mediocre, dictator-style CEO who doesn't listen to his employees and reigns top-down. Strategy that changes together with CEO's moods. Working through interpreters for most of meetings as it turns out English is not popular in Korea."


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Nice D says

"Been a regular support for Gmarket for a few of its korean made products and do not have problems till the beginning of covid 19 which has not hit korean yet during that time. Ordered some korean made masks and it took nearly a month to arrive. Despite several emails to the seller, I did not received any replies or notifications from them thats where I called up my credit company to cancel the order. Eventually it took 30 days to arrive instead of the 14 days and most of its reviews said it has arrived and the materials is not as good as it seems. I began to check and wanted to transfer the fund back and found out that its actually not it claimed to be. The masks was certified with korean cert, said its 3 ply surgical masks, turned out to be only 2 ply and its made in china. Worst its not water proof!! So another those made in china pirated product that do not exist again. I did not realized my account was restricted till I wanted to get a regular item from korea. This really got me mad when I appeal to the Gmarket support team about my case. And despite the effort they still restricted my account and replied the item was delivered. Despite it took 30 days!! And it was not a products it claimed to be! Nowadays what sort of Buyers Protection do we get? Again the company was owned by Ebay? Very bad management again."

Former Employee - Product Manager says

"The company philosophy is "expect impossible and churn through people as they are not delivering the impossible""

Picker/Packer/Shipper (Former Employee) says

"I hated it I wouldn’t wish my worst enemy to work ever!!!! You can’t speak to other employees or your fired you can’t have your phone on you if caught with it your fired,an the lockers aren’t set for people anyone can open your locker an take your belongings"

julia julia says

"Don’t ever buy anything from this websites. I buy baby bed, and i even pay for additional shipping. They write it in the website that they can do shipping to australia. But after i pay for everything, they suddenly cancel it and say they can’t delivered the package because it’s too big. It’s been a few months. I didn’t even get my money back. So disappointed."

Current Employee - Product Manager says

"It's the culture of 'let's burn through our teams fast' 70h weeks and it's never enough"

Imventory (Former Employee) says

"Bad management not with OSHA regulations, should be shut down ASAP. It does not let people grow at all. There is favoritism in the at company as well as them not caring for the employees. The main people that do not care about the employees is tje Staffing Agency, NELSON, Corey, and JT, as well as Lance. Horrible managers horrible ethics horrible work."

testujin28gou says

"I ordered a few items online from Gmarket's English-language web site while I was in Seoul, South Korea. The first item arrived ... DAMAGED. I had to waste my time getting a Korean speaker to negotiate the return of the damaged item to the seller, and then to request a refund. Gmarket's English-language Help (accessed via your online Gmarket account messaging area) is all but completely non-functional when it comes to settling disputes/returns, etc. in English. I was eventually refunded the price of the damaged goods several weeks later. Another item arrived about a week or so after the first item. It was not as described by the seller online, and therefore was of no use to me. It seems from the "damaged goods" debacle above, and now the "item not as described online" fiasco, Gmarket's online group of sellers includes a motley collection of less than reputable individuals/organizations. I immediately began the dreaded process of trying to negotiate the return of the "not as described online" item to the seller and ask for a refund. Again, Gmarket's Help when it comes to English-language assistance was atrocious. This process took over 2 months to have Gmarket eventually acknowledge that the item had been returned to the seller - even though I used an express courier service ("next-day delivery") to return the item to the seller - with tracking number provided by the courier service. The tracking number confirmed that the item had indeed been delivered to the seller the following day. Gmarket then suddenly wanted to issue me with only a partial refund. I refused. I insisted on a full refund. The "not as described online" item was unopened and still in its original packaging. I stood my ground. I wanted a full refund. One month later I received an e-mail from Gmarket indicating that I would be refunded the full amount at the end of the month. I waited patiently until the end of the month. What happened? You guessed it ... NO REFUND. I tried to contact Gmarket yet again via my online Gmarket account area, but all messages I sent to them were ignored. I didn't receive a single response from Gmarket to my enquiries asking them about why my refund had not been issued. I explained that neither PayPal nor my credit card company had any record of a refund having been issued. Gmarket continued to ignore my requests for information regarding the refund. Now we are about 4 months after the original purchase of the item. I then decided to submit a chargeback claim with my credit card company for the second item that was returned, and for which Gmarket claimed that they would be issuing me with a full refund. Two months after submitting my chargeback claim (and now over 6 months after the original Gmarket purchase), my credit card company issued me with the expected refund. Why did I bother with this (unnecessary) drama? Simple. I cannot abide customers (people) being subjected to disingenuous, discourteous and appalling service - whether it's by a single-person operator of a small business or a larger, well-known operator. I don't care if the item is worth 50 cents or 50,000 dollars - all people should be treated with understanding, consideration, and absolute honesty. Conclusion: DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM GMARKET. IN MY ESTIMATION THEY ARE NOTHING BUT A GROUP OF SHYSTERS. What should you do if Gmarket refuse to help you? Even if several months may have passed since your Gmarket transaction, contact PayPal and/or your credit card company (if utilized for the transaction) and initiate a chargeback claim. I will never purchase another item from Gmarket. I'd rather not have the item if I can't find it elsewhere. When you consider making an online purchase, my advice would be to avoid Gmarket altogether and purchase the item elsewhere, they don't deserve your hard-earned money ... or ask yourself if you really need the item ... or, better still, give the money you would have spent on the item to someone who is deserving of some human kindness."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"High turnover all positions. Sometimes you see people leave each week. Pay is minimum wage and never more. There is no room for growth, so I suggest using this position as leverage for another more promising job elsewhere. In the eyes of Coupang, you are expendable. Full-time employees also view you the same and treat you as such. Also seems that FT employees remain in same position forever as well."

Warehouse Associate (Former Employee) says

"Horrible place to work they'll have you come in at 5:30 in the morning and you'll be done by 9 in the morning you'll never get a full day's work the overnight shift takes all the hours the people there are immature especially the females you'll end up getting into it with someone. STAY AWAY"

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