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Costco Wholesale Corporation, doing business as Costco, is an American multinational corporation which operates a chain of membership-only warehouse clubs. As of 2015, Costco was the second largest retailer in the world after Walmart, and as of 2016, Costco was the world's largest retailer of choice and prime beef, organic foods, rotisserie chicken, and wine.

Herr Kutz, a platinum Costco member, wrote the following in a review: Just signed up for Costco since I could split the cost with someone and I was very underwhelmed with the prices. Most items were around the same price or more expensive than the grocery I frequent, except you have to purchase a larger quantity at Costco. I'm pretty sure this overhyped reputation Costco enjoys is just another part of the fake news liberal media.


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The only way to move to up into a good position is if you are married to a manager, dating one, or just straight forward agreeing with everything the higher-level manager says (even if they are wrong)! Management has their favorites who they make unique accommodations for. They also give positions to recent graduates (that's what they will tell people when denying them) over a person who has been dedicated to the company for years, even though Costco says no degree is required to move up. Another thing, because "employees get paid well, they should be able to do the work of 2 or 3 people" (those were the actual words of a manager). The employees are overworked and stressed out. Many people think employees stay there because they are very content with how they are treated and compensated. Although the pay and benefits are great, most remain there because they have a family to support, no education or have been there too long to start again; therefore, they tolerate the job and try and make it through their shifts. Most employees have been working there for years; it becomes like a family environment, which is good. However, management is very unprofessional, do not respect people, tell other people's business and they let their "buddies" get away with everything. Too many hard working employees (long-time employees) have left because of the managers' inability to follow the guidelines and procedures and their unprofessionalism."

Current Employee - Produce Associate says

"There are alot of cons at Costco at least at the Duluth location. The co-workers in the afternoon and evening shift are filled with despicable, condescending, and immature workers. You're practically in a high school with how much judgement you get and they aren't very high on character either. As for the produce department the training is absolutely horrible at least at the Duluth location. Their training is a sink or swim environment which is why they're are short staffed. It also doesn't help that being short staffed that when you do get a hard working employee that being short staffed you can't train to teach that employee because nobody can teach them. Costco is not a good place to work and their turnover rate at least in the Duluth location is high and why they struggle to have employee stay at the hardest department like produce or any other very rigorous department. None of the co-workers shed any explanation or pragmatic way on working the morning shift at Costco and is why everyone literally everyone in the produce department is over 28+ years old (the youngest being maybe 27). Don't believe in the hype at Costco unless you work a easy department like front end, customer service, HR, or any other easy department. Working at the hardest department you still get paid the base pay as anyone. If you think working produce is the same as working the front end doing no labor work but getting the same pay the produce department will always have a terrible culture, short staffed, and high turnover. Costco might be pay alot but eventually these types of work environments, culture, and pay will get their back turned on by their employees and will kill long-term success and vision. I wouldn't be surprised if Costco ends up getting beat by another competitor in the next 50 years. Also, good luck working at produce when there is so much dead weight and everyone is 50+ years old. Costco is a terrible place to work. It takes you 1-2+ years to get full time and that only if it is available and everything falls in place from your training, hours, and availability. There are so many variables at Costco that benefits are not fully given either. You get part time benefits which is no equivocal to full time."

Current Employee - A Little Bit of Everything says

"No room for advancement unless you are a family member of someone higher up or you are doing someone who is higher up. That's just the start of everything else going on there."

Current Employee - Many Currently A Stocker says

"i'm trying to complete an online web development course on my own time, but my warehouse refuses to reduce my hours due to them toeing the line with payroll remaining understaffed due to virus, as well as inventory coming up soon. i work my butt off for this company, walking over 15 mi a day and even with 5 years seniority on top of being an ex corporate and different warehouse employee, it still doesn't pay off. at all. i have second to least seniority on my nights crew despite all of that, and i feel like a new hire with significantly more job skills. You are working on Costco's time, and your time off also seems to be on Costco's time. New CEO doesn't care about employees the way the old one did. This place is extremely corporatized now. good for a job stepping stone, but not only bad, but unhealthy for a long term career. Also, they underpay and overwork tech workers. so keep an eye out for that if you are in the market."

Former Employee - Cashier Assistant (Front End Assistant) says

"Absolutely poor or no communication from HR management and to multiple supervisors. There was no orientation or training. No protocol on site for new hire. For new hire, expect to be confused as the management gives very little information or guidance on the paper works and documents to formalize your employment. I was asked to fill up my W-4 on the 3rd day of work. On the 1st day of work I was asked to go outside do carts instead of new hire orientation and I was also asked to wear a soiled smelly vests (that was dumped by the last one who used it) in a box full of dirty vests,ropes and trash bags. I was talked down rudely by staff for simply asking for guidance. Workers have poor work ethics and respect to management. Too many "supervisors" giving conflicting directions and poor instructions. The workers make many inappropriate remarks about members while working."

Current Employee - Cart Crew says

"Not the greatest hours some managers suck"

Former Employee - Baker says

"Scheduling are not very flexible, and didn't get my schedule in any "Ahead of time" as it was supposed to be. Do not recommend for college students and employees who have a 2nd job. Job is very draining.. and I didn't feel like I belonged."

Former Employee - Machine Operator says

"They use you like a piece of meat and dont care about their employees. I had blisters and feet were bleeding while working 60 hour weeks during the crona pandemic and was recently let go with no reason. They said they had multiple reasons yet didn't have to share them. What a load of crap you used me to work throughout the pandemic you slowed down then proceeded to fire 5 males out of 30 employees they hired. Oh and the other 25 were female oh yeah non got fired only 1 quit. I guess she wouldn't give in to there sexual favors policy. Oh and dont get on a supervisor bad side they all turn on you. Good luck company is complete trash honestly."

Former Employee - Cashier says

"Management nitpicks everything You're under pressure 24/7 to do everything as quickly as possible They are slow at getting your breaks and lunches"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"They milk you until your dry then ask for more. They treat the job like its the best that you will ever be able to get. I worked here while in college and both the associates and the customers acted as if working front line in Costco was the best job anybody could ever have. I just wanted to have something short term until i could get a career. Favorites were often played. I constantly saw employees who started at the same time as me get put on better positions such as membership and food court despite me having more experience in both areas. Position included outside work that was not described when applying or interviewing."

Warehouse Operative (Former Employee) says

"if your face fits your in but if it doesn't prepare your self for rude and unhelpful management. A pregnant member of staff was pushed by a supervisor because she needed the toilet and the manager reason for not taking it further "she's northern she probably didn't mean it"You get a free cardyou have to work there"

Tire Installer/ Sales Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Between the multiple numbers of managers things never seemed to get done efficiently without leading to some sort of panic or disappointment of management. with little to no concern for any employee whom was not a full time member treated like basic garbage paid nicely to start"

Merchandising and Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"They couldn't even keep their promises from the interview to me regarding the type of hours I would be working, start out at minimum wage to do slave labor in the mornings for high strung, stressed out, passive-aggressive managers. In my 30s...frankly don't need that attitude for min wage at this point in my life, thanks but no thanks guys.discounts with insurance companies, get to be a member of Costcoearly hours, high strung management, lie in interview process"

Gas Station Attendant (Former Employee) says

"The documentary I viewed on television did not reflect the Costco's where I worked in Dedham. Numerous threats were made, sexually harassed by members and management. Targeted for my skin color and for being a woman by white men. Not a good in environment at all and the pay is disgraceful.Open to everyoneThe Members are abusive and supported by abusive upper management"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Horrible customer service using excellence plus plan. They claim to fix your electronics, instead they dont repair it and then keep your electronics without any options open. They refuse to negotiate, and then they delay multiple times to speak to supervisors and make excuses when you contact them on phone and dont put important info on the repair paper. I advise anyone to never get their warranty plan."

Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Department managers dating, bullying, gossip, management playing favourites, too many cons to list. Everyone is always in a meeting, and the arrogance with some people is beyond laughable!"

Bob Marley (Current Employee) says

"I can't even begin to review the staff at Costco. Just know I should be getting loads of money if I were to get a lawyer. And yes, loads, just imagine trucks bringing me the money."

Front End Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Treat employees like slaves. Rude, disrespectful management. Very high stress for very low pay. You are hired on a temporary basis so, no job security if that is what is sought. The full time employees (with benefits) are for the most part, miserable. The company likes to put forward the appearance of a happy workplace but nothing could be further from the truth. Work here only if you need something short term.NoneEverything"

Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I worked here for 2 days. This place is not a job it’s a cult. I’m certain. Completely overwhelming micromanagement with managers and supervisors down your throat the whole day. I’m not sure if it was just my location, but I had an awful time. Like seriously I can’t have my phone in my pocket? Are you kidding me? There’s an endless list of rules for the stupidest things. I 150% do not recommend. $15 an hour is not worth the work that they expect you to do. The “stay busy” rule is insane. I’m done ranting. I hope others have a better experience."

Vacation Packages (Former Employee) says

"Call center. No commission. They like to brag about how much they care about members and employees. My experience was quite different. There was a general atmosphere of fear of getting in troublePaycheck. Some nice supervisors.No commission. Some rude members and supervisors"

Member Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"I despise working at this warehouse. Sales comes before safety or sanity. Members are pushed in and coronavirus protocol is broken daily. We are overworked and mistreated by many people in management positions.They pay youIt will cost you in the long run"

Merchandise Stocker (Former Employee) says

"unprofessional & pathetic & waste of time working no respect at all its not a good place to work for the company needs to close down for good the boss and the pathetic supervisor are all basic people not likableno free luncheslong hours"

Meat Clerk/Cutter (Former Employee) says

"Costco was a miserable place to work. too much work was expected to be completed in an unreasonably short amount of time. Everything you did was scrutinized with unrealistic expectations and the management would hound you about minute details. the management was never on the same page and would regularly give out contradictory orders and harsh criticism about job performance in failing to meet all contradictory orders. Any work related grievance was dismissed even thought the company claims to have zero tolerance policy for punishing whistle blowers. basically if you're willing to shut up paint a fake smile on your face and lie about how great it is to work there you'll do fine."

Refund Clerk (Current Employee) says

"Great place to work, until you get a disability. They will make you hate your job to the point you either hav to quit, or they'll limit your hours so you need another job. DO NOT TELL THEM IF YOU HAVE A DISABILITY."

Call Centre Representative (Former Employee) says

"super stressful place to work, management plays favourites with their staff and there is little to no room for advancement if you are not part of the "inner circle". Most management is unprofessional."

Front End Associate (Former Employee) says

"Did not like working here at all, the managers take their job way too seriously and love to play the power role over less important employees. If someone saw you mess up or make a mistake they were sure to make it known to a manager or your boss."

Front End Cashier (Former Employee) says

"I really enjoyed working there and it was a safe environment. Everyone was treated equally and individuals were able to express themselves without a fear of penalization."

Cart Pusher (Former Employee) says

"I left on L&I because they force you to push 360 lbs of carts around for 8 hours a day. I completely destroyed my shoulder, they waited until my physical therapy was done and I got cleared to go back to work than they fired me for no reason."

Food Attendant (Former Employee) says

"You are never appreciated for all the hard work you put in. The shifts you are given are all over the place. One of the supervisors had been a bully towards me and was absolutely nasty. Not one person is happy there, its a miserable place."

cashier assist, front door loss prevention (Former Employee) says

"They take members side all the time over employees even if they’re wrong. Environment is clique oriented and very hostile. Keep you away from your family"

Matthew says

"Management at Costco Hoover al person named Jennifer he/she/we/? is a poor fit for management or anything dealing with other humans. She asked if we could hang out ( aka you know what I referring ) on the weekends and after I explained i do not “ hang out” with people at work, a week later she wrote me up for subordination. "

Big E says

"Costco are now treating customers like crap! Bought electrics and item does not work a week ago. Tried to return and rude Costco worker says you have to go to the 1/2 mile long line up to get in to return a defective item they sold me. Even though there was no one in the return line. Guess Costco customer service sucks now! Sad!!!"

Philip says

"I am a member for over 10+ plus years in Los Angeles area, i remember the pizza they sold always have a lot of cheese on it. Now it was like snow flake on top of it.... i thought this a part of membership benefit since they change rule Only members can buy from the food court. >> More Cheese Please. And complain is the bakery, the \"cheese danish\" white sugar coating on the side is sweet like Hell .... No wonder American are Fatter Unhealthy like Pigs because store like Von, Ralph and Sam are feeding people SUGAR and SALT.... No wonder Obama care premium goes up every year "

current emplyee says

"Costco manager all seem to have to be assholes to get the job. they treat everyone who doesn\'t kiss their asses like shit. nothing ever changes and never will. the open door policy is nothing but a thinly veiled snitch line. I am surprised with covid 19 going on how many people the managers let in at one time. the only tactic managers seem to have been trained in is yelling and belittling their employees "

animal lover says

"stop the torture of your chickens disgusting place should be shut down"

Dale says

"I drove over an hr to get to this shit hole and they say I can’t come in only 60 and older till 10:00 so now I have to sit in the parking lot till 10:00. I paid $60 for this WHAT A DEAL!!! "

Alan says

"Sucks they do away with good products. THE FORCE GENOCIDAL MASK POLICES that have no medical footing. 30 years COSTCO MEMBER cancelled "

Jj says

"Satanic mask enforcers "

DL says

"Don\'t ever buy anything online from Costco that you can pick up and return to the local store. I waited three weeks for them to pick up a washer that did not work on arrival. It\'s been two weeks since it was picked up and I still have not received a credit to my card. I was forced to pay my credit card balance or pay ridiculously high interest rate. COSTCO YOU REALLY DO SUCK! "

wes says

"The keep moving products to different locations. This time the dog treats were between diapers and dish washing soap. Even the employees are frustrated"

Current Night Merch says

"Aside from the great pay and benefits, I guess I never understood the hype about this company. I\'ve been with the company for over 15 years and since day 1, I have been experienced bullying by managers and sometimes supervisors, difficult to please members(which doesn\'t happen as much at the current location I\'m at), being manipulated and lied to about moving into new areas since I like to try new things once in a while and yet I\'m still stuck in Merchandising. It took me a long time to realize the BS which why I have been with the company for so long. I\'m currently saving money so I quit this BS company and do a gap year to find new skills and new career. Don\'t let the hype fool you! "

Tom says

"I've been a Costco member since 2008. In that time I've been very pleased with them as a company, until now. On 1/17/2021, my fiance and I went to Costco in Coeur d'Alene Idaho. We were going to shop, but it had been a while since we had been there, so we stopped at the customer service counter to see if our membership was current. We were attended by a man named Cosmo. I told him that I wanted to check the status of my account and handed him my card. He got on his terminal and it took what seemed to be a very long time for just a simple check to find out if it was current. I interrupted him and asked,"Is it current?", he said,"no it expired last May, would you like to renew it?". I said "not right now, maybe later". He would not return my card to me. I said to him, "that's my card", he said, "no it 's not, this is not your card", and he folded it in half, destroyed it and threw it in the trash. I was upset with that and said, "well, now I'm never going to renew it". His reply was, "Fine!""

Ginni Cox says

"EXTREMELY expensive with the TW0 (only) items worth buying in the whole store for me at least is the Kirkland vodka & hearing aides. I spent $120.00 on membership and only got back a whole $7.27 in rewards which I have to drive 30 miles to redeem. Not worth the time & gas! & about their gas price Wal Mart has a 3 cent off card, hard to beat. Originally planned on the higher dollar membership being worthwhile (in rewards) because I purchased hearing aides unfortunately I had to return them because they did not help my type of hearing loss. In a nutshell, I bought 10 bottles on vodka saving six bucks each, equaling $60.00 So $120.00 minus 60 savings on vodka recieved $7.27 (rewards) equals waisting $52.73. Alldi's has them beat in quality & is 30 - 50 % less expensive & products come in smaller quantities so no waste! Dollar general offers $5.00 off $25.00 three weeks out of each month equalls big savings. Never ever again will I join nor walk through Costco's doors! I will though, recommend they hearing aides because of price, service and six month return policy."

Jeff Woods says

"THE WORST!!! TOO BAD YOU CAN'T GIVE ZERO STARS. Canceling my membership. Never consider joining! Complete waste of time."

Valerie marie says

"Last night my car was in a slight accident that resulted in 2 bent rims and 2 flat tires. I had to have my car towed to the Costco in Gilbert. They said they could do the tires but the rims I would have to buy. They suggested even to find some in a junkyard. The next day (today) I bought 2 rims at discount and drove them to Costco. They told me they couldn't mix steel rims with aluminum. I then drove to discount and exchanged them for 2 aluminum ones. I took them to Costco and at that point they told me that the rims had to be factory. I was done with them at that point. I wanted to tow my car from there to discount. They said my car would be fine to drive with my broken rims and flat tire. I knew better and didn't choose to do that ridiculous idea. Discount closes at 6 and it was 5:30 so I knew there wouldn't be time to tow it tonight. I will have to continue this mess in the morning. I completely understand that they have certain rules about what rims they can and cannot put on but it sure would have been nice of them to explain that all to me last night so I could've avoided all of this today. Super frustrating Costco!"

Barb Gayle says

"Be careful, Costco misleads you if you buy a bed from them in several ways — even one of their most expensive beds. They tell you on some choices they will haul away your old bed and set up new one, on other choices they make several claims on the shipping and handling that lead you to believe that they will haul your old bed away saying “contaminated” mattresses will not be hauled away. In the end they call you about setting up saying if you can answer no to be quarantined in the last two weeks or testing positive they can go ahead with the delivery and set up. Then on the day the driver says no set up, porch delivery only and only your mattress can be taken away even though you are replacing your bed with a new foam mattress that does not need box springs. When you call customer service they tell you you don’t qualify for removal or set up with their most expensive mattress because the language does not say that specifically. Then to return it you must haul it in to the store or pay shipping. So much fo 100 % satisfaction guarantee! Go Amazon instead!"

Samantha says

"The website is outdated. I got the new Xbox Series X in my cart and before I had a change to even complete my purchase they pulled it from my cart. What type of ancient website doesn't give customers a chance to pay for their purchase? Every other site I have been on at least puts a hold on the inventory to provide customers with time to actually complete their purchase. Because of their lack of a good website, they are helping scalpers and I cannot support such a horrible company. It makes my wonder what other aspects they are skimping on in terms of IT, like security and I wonder if my financial data is secure."

Donna says

"I ordered depends and a shirt dec 24 shirt came within afew days I received notice my depends were shipped dec 29th after that nothing every time I check I get “we will notify you when it shipped.they’ve got my money I have nothing a really crappy way to treat an83 year old women"

AG says

"They took off $4 when I bought the coat and kept $7.59 of my money when I returned. Not trust worthy business. Called them and waited about 5 minutes couldn't resolved problem. Need to call them again. Very disappointed."

Melissa Stoecklein says

"My husband, Brother-in law bought a tv online for my father in law on Dec 1st for Christmas. On Jan. 6th we had to cancel the order because we still didn’t have it!! We had called numerous times asking when it was going to ship out and they couldn’t give us a date. So now we are going to Best Buy. Never order anything online with Costco. They like to take your money but give nothing in return."

Carla Dean says

"The website is not user friendly. For example, I get email offers, but when I click on it I am sent to a description and picture. However, it requires me to follow a link to get a price. But, then I have to start all over again with no path to the item which was featured."

Alluring Stena says

"I am very disappointed at Costco, I have always been a Sam's Member because it's closer to my house but since there was new a Costco nearby that's why I became a member last year. My husband ordered an Apple Watch S6 as one of his gifts to me for Christmas supposedly but we did not receive the item it was probably USPS fault and said it got lost. Now, they are supposed to send me a replacement since it's been almost 2 months, I have been calling and got passed on from one person to another and they would tell me to call back the next day. I called today to find out that the UPS tracking they provided online was not even really a UPS number ( maybe that's why I couldn't locate the replacement). The customer service I spoke with told me it was actually USPS and I tried to track it online while I was on call and I couldn't find the tracking number either. He was insisting I have to wait and it will show up in the mail to which I pointed out that's not possible since they were claiming they shipped out my watch and they can't even give me a clear answer to which courier they used. I even asked if I can pick one at the store but they said it wasn't an option."

Tim says

"Don't do business with these people. They froze funds on two of my cards, after cancelling two orders unless I could give them my previous address from over 30 years ago. I couldn't remember the street number and they refused to ship."

Allison Wong says

"I had purchased a dishwasher on I chose my delivery date when I placed my order, which was at least 3 weeks in advance of the chosen date. I had uninstalled the dishwasher according to the instructions, and was all ready for my delivery and install. I waited and waited but never received any phone call confirming the delivery and time frame, so finally, on the eve of delivery, I called up Costoco Concierge to find out what the status was. They then informed me that my delivery and install were not going to happen because they were overbooked, and that I had to reschedule. This was extremely inconvenient for me since I had arranged for my parents to be here when the delivery and install were to take place. They drove 3 hours down to my house to be here for a delivery and install that never happened. I was most upset that I had to be the one who called to find out this information. When were they going to tell me? Apparently never. Morever, I had booked this delivery and install 3 weeks in advance. Why was I the one who ended up getting rescheduled? It's not a fair business practice. Anyway, I ended up taking the next available date which was 2 weeks out. This meant that I was without a dishwasher for the entire 2 weeks, which was another extreme inconvenience. The delivery occurred as scheduled and I did receive a call the night before and the day of. Unfortunately, the install did not follow the same suit. I never heard a peep, and finally on the morning of the installation, I again called up Costco Concierge. They couldn't help me, and made me call up Costco Logistics. They then confirmed the install was going to take place later that day. Again, when were they going to tell me this info? The runaround I got left me very upset. The actual delivery and install teams were great, but the communication from Costco was severely lacking."

Brian says

"The Costco Pharmacy on Dallas Pkwy does not honor GoodRX pricing agreed to by Costco who is a member of GoodRX. Even though my prescription was ready for pickup and they were going to accept payment at their standard price, they made me wait for over 1/2 an hour for no apparent reason other than to discourage me from using GoodRX. I urge everybody to refrain from shopping at this Costco and hold them accountable for their deceptive practices!!!!!"

Barry Thomson says

"So disappointed in Costco, have been a member for many years since they first opened in Glasgow. On my latest trip to my local sstore in Edinburgh i was treated terribly, i was informed that ALL customers must now wear a face mask, whether you are exempt or not, and refused entry into the store. After speaking to the most useless manager who informed me that Costco policy apparently overrule Scottish Government guidelines which say that masks must be worn " unless exempt " . I have severe asthma and can wear a covering for a very short time but it causes me respiratory distress and unable to breathe properly this is why i do not wear a covering whilst in a shop etc for any length of time. Absolutely shocking lack of good customer service Costco."

V H says

"My experience at costco was beyond belief. I was a member for 10 years but I had to move on after they charged my credit card without my permission for their membership fee. It took three months and whole lot of unnecessary back and forth with management who didn't address the issue but instead told me they made sure it wouldn't happen again. i made sure it wouldn't happen again either because I cancelled my membership and I have been quite happy since I did so. I will never spend my money with them again."

Robb says

"My review pertains to both an on-line order and my experiences at this location on 1/5/2021: I ordered a Keurig coffee maker, on-line, for a friend recently. When it arrived around 8 PM on 1/4/2021 I noticed that it had been shipped without the usual Costco shipping box. The item I received was beat up, previously opened and had been shipped to another Costco customer (another shipping label was still attached and the invoice sleeve had been opened). When I explained what happened to my friend, we decided to return it to this location. After waiting a few minutes at the customer service area, I was greeted by an arrogant young woman. I could tell that she had a chip on her shoulder from the get go by her body language and facial expression. Not only was she argumentative when I mentioned that this item was shipped to someone else and that the label was still attached to the box, she insulted me when I asked her if my shipping fee would be refunded by telling me that this wasn't New York and that I should calm down, all because I asked her about the shipping charge. We couldn't believe the disrespect and contempt from this woman. Furthermore, while I was shopping I couldn't locate one of the items I wanted and was told to speak with an agent near the checkout area. I approached 2 male agents who were engaged in a conversation. I directed my question to one of them and when he went to look in their computer, the other agent decided to comment on my face mask, claiming that it wasn't up high enough and indicated that either I needed to bring my mask up or purchase a screen. Either these individuals enjoy disrespecting and berating senior citizens or they didn't get enough sleep the night before. Needless to say, I am very disappointed with Costco and their employees and am considering cancelling my membership."

Neville Martin says

"My wife and I visited the Costco warehouse in Sheffield. I am a person who, due to impairment / disability, is exempted under government regulations from wearing a face covering in indoor settings and on public transport. However upon entering the store I was confronted by a member of staff and told that the company’s policy was that customers failing to wear a face-covering were to be refused admission to the store, regardless of the government’s clearly publicised exhortations to traders to be mindful and respectful of circumstances in which customers have approved exemption. Despite my protestations and presenting my exemption card, I was treated boorishly and humiliatingly in being escorted out of the store. This exclusion is an act of gross discrimination against disabled people and, as well as being disrespectful of customers’ circumstances and exhibiting Costco’s ingrained and institutionalized prejudice against people of disability, is a clear breach of the Equality Act 2010. Having been a Costco customer over many years, I am frankly disgusted by their misogynistic hatred and rudeness towards customers whose physical difficulties prevent them from complying with their perverse and unreasonable prejudice. Such a deliberate policy can only be based on a considered disregard for Article 14 of the Human Rights Act 1998, and I therefore had no alternative but to refer their actions to the Equality and Human Rights Commission and, since such mindless contempt for human convention constitutes hate crime, have duly reported the incident to South Yorkshire Police."

Steven Felix says

"After witnessing three Security guards verbally intimidate and threaten an innocent 70 year old Man and then return through the store openly laughing about what they just did. I will never shop at Costco again! Also, my wife and I were very rudely approached at a different location and told it is store policy to not recognize medical conditions. Unbelievable that his is how they have decided to treat paying customers."

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