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Cosemi Technologies, Inc. designs and manufactures optical components. The Company offers a portfolio of bare die and packaged components, which include photodiodes for high bandwidth optical networking applications for short and long wavelengths. Cosemi Technologies serves customers in the United States.

One person who applied to Cosemi shared their experience, "I was contacted by three different recruiters from this firm the same day, all of which I could barely understand because of their thick Indian accents. One I had to cut the conversation short because her accent was so thick, I told her to send me everything in an email. Why were two of her associates then getting in touch with me as well? Do they not communicate? I no longer work commission and insisted that it had to be salaried, and she said it was, but I didn't believe her being it was a work from home.. This is a company disorganized, aggressive, rude, unprofessional and I'll bet bogus. The email of the job description was so long, I trashed it."


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