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Cortex is a service-centric, digital transformation solutions provider focused on revolutionizing the B2B document exchange. We help businesses save time and money by replacing traditional paper-based manual systems with AP and AR invoice automation. Companies on the Cortex Network are positioned for success with solutions that offer the scalability and flexibility needed to evolve with their unique business needs. Cortex specializes in the development and delivery of integrated electronic document intake and management solutions using flexible connection methods that leverage existing technologies and processes.

Cortex has an established reputation as a dependable partner for over 11,000 customers in several industry segments, including oil & gas, mining, waste management, construction, sports, and entertainment. Each of these markets shares a common denominator of having complex procurement cycles, supported by costly, manual processes, which can be aided with our vertically agnostic system.

Part of how Cortex defines itself lies in our desire to operate our core business in a socially responsible manner. We consider it a vital part of our company's existence to contribute to the creation of a better community, a cleaner environment, and a future for our employees.

A disgruntled tech student aired her experience with the company, she said " Management is terrible causing constant friction and comes across unstable and nasty. Needs to be corrected, Things would run more efficiently, Its a shame as people come and go continuously, not a nice atmosphere. Cortex is stilling dealing with a few remnants of it's former self. Every day we move closer to shedding the old skin but the process is still not complete. Being a part of the is exciting."


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Former Contractor - Registered Nurse says

"I worked at Cortex for more than a year Cons: Low pay, too many unsuccessful calls. Cortex says on average you would make about $25/hour but I never did. You also risk your RN license by calling patients in states you are not licensed in. Contrary to what Cortex tells you, you do need a multistate license, your job title is RN and you are calling patients in another state."

Former Contractor - Registered Nurse says

"I worked at Cortex for less than a year Cons: Low pay and you pay for everything yourself. During my interview they suggested a liability insurance company and mentioned about how much it would cost. I reviewed my contract before I signed it, and made sure I would be purchasing an insurance that would fulfill the contract. Cortex then emailed me about 3 months later that they wanted me to purchase a different type of insurance, which meant I still needed to uphold my original contract and continue to pay for the insurance I had for 2 years. I then would have to purchase an additional insurance that was triple the cost of my current policy, all out of my own pocket. The company pays very low, and you have to cover your own taxes. When I told them that the new insurance was not in my contract and I could not pay for it right before Christmas. I asked to be grandfathered in with my current insurance as per the contract I signed, and they terminated me."

Auxiliar de Produção (Former Employee) says

"Empresa boa para trabalhar, o problema e a desvalorização dos funcionários, os benefícios cedidos pela empresa."

Billing Manager (Current Employee) says

"Billing company within the parent company. Has 4 employees and located in the Medical Center area. The parent company is a Laboratory. They specialize in bone marrow,cyto, flow and molecular testing."

Martin Thiel says

"You cannot wear the shoes and then return them if they do not fit. They will immediatly reject all claims for returning the goods and make you pay for returning the non fitting shoes to you!!! Avoid to order at any cost to avoid such a behaviour!"

Nino says

"Bought two pairs of shoes from this seller. Upon arrival, one of the pairs looked as the left shoes had been “tested” before I got it. Funny enough, the same left shoe had a “cosmetic” fold in the front a when I received them. I contacted the customer service about this issue, as this pair did not arrive in the condition I expected. Instead of complaining to much (I don’t mind if someone have tested it for 1 minute before I got it) and wanting to return the pair, I agreed upon 5 euro refund, as I informed the seller that I was interested in buying a third pair of shoes from them the upcoming month, and that I did not want to leave a negative feedback of EBAY because of this “minor” issue – my goodwill from beginning. Now the funny part start, after wearing this particular pair to work three times within 13 days of receiving the shoes, this fold ends up breaking the material and creating a hole inside the shoe. This is a big surprise to me, and I contact therefore seller and inform them that this is not what I had foreseen and that it must be a defect shoe, as it occurred on the same spot where the fold was when I received them. They reply that actually the case/reclamation was closed when they offered me 5 euros from their side, but as “goodwill” they will offer med another 10 euros. Thanks for insulting my intelligence dear seller! I buy two new pairs shoes, so I do not to have to wear worn down shoes, and what usage do I have of a new pair with broken material in the front? Do you take me for a fool that walks around in defect shoes? Would you wear it yourself? The other pair I have no problems with, and I am very satisfied with them. So why not admit that this was a fault from the supplier, you sold it once, and it came back. Instead of sending it back to the supplier, you tried to re-sell it as new, and hope that someone like will buy into it. Advice: If there is the smallest suspicious of things not being ok with your product, then return it right away. Otherwise you done and depend on their useless “goodwill” as a term they use themselves."

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