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The Opel Corsa is a supermini car engineered and produced by the German automobile manufacturer Opel since 1982. It has been sold under a variety of other brands (most notably Vauxhall, Chevrolet, and Holden) and also spawned various other derivatives.

On 2016, Adam Finn-Wells wrote on CARBUYER that he would never recommend the Opel Corsa to a friend:

"I have no idea why this car gets high ratings in reviews. It's terrible! Seats are extremely uncomfortable, Ride is poor, corners are scary as the reaction is hardly predictable (and changes with three people on board vs driver only!). Engines are underpowered and noisy. You can hear tires and wind noise more than in older competitor's cars. The Interior is cheap, plasticky, and cramped. Seats wear off quickly. Brakes feel weak too. The ride is uncomfortable, gear shifts are relatively short but not precise. The dashboard is terrible. Lights are hard to switch on. The driving position is poor and visibility is close to none! It's easier to park a LandCruiser - which is unbelievable in such a small car. On top of that reliability sucks. Everything constantly fails - electrics, locks, engines. Few hundred miles and things start to squeak and leak. Because of poor reliability, this car is NOT cheap to run. Residual values are terrible too. My best advice - avoid at all costs. Read user reviews - not critics reviews. Oh, and fuel consumption is twice that claimed..."


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