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Correctional Officer (Former Employee) says

"Work schedule changes frequently. Turn over is VERY high. The better parts about the job are some of the other officers with you. Team work is a big factor to making the job work. The changes are made last minute with no warning or regard for personal life. Cons: Management is horrible"

Corrections Officer 1 (Former Employee) says

"When trying to follow policy and procedure a lot of times management would not back you Which makes it really hard to do your job correctly The and mates had no respect for you because they knew management was not going to back you"

Detention Officer (Former Employee) says

"Racist. It's " who you know" atmosphere. If you report wrong doings, you become a target. No respect for longevity. Required to have mandatory call in days. Cons: Crooked officers"

Deputy Sheriff (Former Employee) says

"Small community SO, covering vast areas of rural law enforcement response coverage. Fun to travel and explore. Average call volume very slow. Spend more time playing cowboy (ie. putting up cows, and mending fences) than actual law enforcement work. Small town politics affect even the lowest officers. Cons: dirty politics and corrupt government"

911 Dispatcher (Former Employee) says

"the supervisor was hateful to people and there was a lot of drama with the employees, people were not team players. I worked a lot of overtime and didn't get paid for it. Cons: two min breaks per hour shift"

Deputy Sheriff (Current Employee) says

"Good place to work, non-competitive wages, does have some rewarding aspects, minimal pay increases, does offer take home vehicle, and good health insurance Cons: Low pay"

Current Employee - Software Development Engineer In Test says

"I have been working at Microsoft full-time for more than 8 years Cons: There is no leadership because leadership positions are infested by the overpaid parasites. The company is directed by the impulses of these parasites' for survival. Working here is exactly like working for a corrupt government office."

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