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Bisacodyl is marketed under the trade names Dulcolax/Durolax, Muxol, Fleet, Nourilax, Alophen, Correctol, and Carter's Little Pills (formerly Carter's Little Liver Pills),[5] as well as being available generically. It is usually sold as 5 mg tablets, 10 mg suppositories, or 5 mg pediatric suppositories. It is also available as a 1.25 US fluid ounces (37 ml) pre-packaged enema containing a 10 mg delivered dose of liquid bisacodyl.

Correctol can cause serious pain and side effects, according to Liaha at

"I took one pill before I went to bed. Early morning I woke up in so much pain and that I broke out in a sweat to the point that I got so dizzy and thought that I was going pass out. I was able to turn on a fan in my room that help cools me down. That pain was so severe that all I could do was rock back and forth. The pain lasted two days. I will never take another correctol. This should be taken off the store shelves. It's gonna kill somebody!"


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