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Core-Mark Holding Company (NASDAQ: CORE) distributes fresh, chilled and frozen merchandise mainly to convenience stores in the United States. It also provides associated business services such as category management and management of promotions.

One angry former employee shared this in a review "Management and HR at Core-Mark Holding are terrible and unprofessional. They play favorites. If you ever have any issues with Management/HR, good luck because they're tight with upper management. Core-Mark Holding look down on you for leaving the production line (to use the bathroom for example). All they have for climate control are fans so it's humid in there in the summer. Make sure you get in writing when they tell you something, because they will deny or lie about it, unless you are a favorite (happened to me). Rules apply to only some employees. Mandatory overtime, but only for some employees. You must be consistently working. If they catch you idle for a moment or talking, you'll get told about it, unless you're a favorite. They can't keep people for long. Most of the crew I worked with quit. You'll see why."


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