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Established in 1926, Coral is one of the UK's biggest bookmakers. Enjoy a huge range of slots, bingo and online casino games from your phone, tablet or desktop.

A very angry user shared this review, "Coral Games is part of the GVC Group, one of the world's largest betting and gaming groups with well established brands on the high street and online. Stay away from these thieves..joined and deposited 1300 then for no reason frozen my account straight after large deposit. Sent all documents in but won't give any answer just keep telling to wait for email so take my money knowing they intended to do this is theft fraud from coral. Reported to gaming commission and will see them in court DO NOT USE THIS CRIMINAL SITE"


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Registered Nurse (RN) says

"this place cares nothing about their nurses and yet are applying for magnet status, unbelievable. the workload and nurse to pt ratio is simply unsafe Cons: short breaks, unsafe ratio, no flexibility for days off, time off is chosen by the manager, senior nurses take the best vacations"

Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"After two weeks of working here they decided they didn't like me even though I showed up to work every day (was only late once) and did almost every task I was asked of. When I asked both my supervisor and the Hr person what was wrong they just said I wasn't fast enough working and that they needed someone fast lol. What?! I felt cornered because they called me into a meeting and basically the HR manager of the lawschool said he was going to write me up, or inferred that I should quit/resign. I felt absolutely terrible and backed into a corner so I offered to resign and said I didn't want ot step on "anyone's toes". I'm not sure if this type of mafia like behavior is rampant in the University but it leaves a terrible taste in my mouth and I'm glad I left because of how they treated me . Still I don't think its ethical to try to force an employee out after only two weeks if they didn't do anything legitimately wrong or work related wrong. So terrible and I considered talking to the dean about my experience."

Audio Visual Technician (Former Employee) says

"If you want to feel like an under appreciated underpaid robot, UM is for you. Worst mistake I have ever made was accepting that job offer. They just string you along with the promise of promotion with no promotion Cons: Everything"

Human Resources (Former Employee) says

"This was a horrible place to work. Nothing was uniform, nobody was on the same page and employees were not treated fairly. There’s a lot of long-term employees there and that really messed everything up Cons: I can’t think of anything positive other than the paycheckThe HR department was really unfair"

Patient Experience Advisor - Complaint and Grievance (Former Employee) says

"If you want to work kissing up to management or leadership or want to learn to be fake! this is the place for you! do not expect to be liked everyone is two faced. no real structure. lack of communication between departments. Always in financial issues or lawsuits. lack of professionalism. Baptist is fair better. its not worth the pay to be there."

MEDICAL COLLECTOR (Former Employee) says

"There is not much room for growth because unless someone leaves a higher position you will not be provided the opportunity to apply to the next higher up position."

Advisor (Current Employee) says

"The university is ran as a social club, only selected individuals are informed changes and/or given privileges. Supervisors create reports that are then deemed not useful by the very same supervisors. A lot of the blame is placed on the software used by the institution and there is no additional training on the software itself."

Program Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"I'm still pretty scarred by what happened to me a month ago in October. I cannot believe the Associate Director was allowed to fire a temporary employee on a whim. I also cannot believe I experienced toxic work place bullying but some of the staff but most notably the receptionist greeting at the front who would constantly gossip---it was hard to concentrate. I came in and didn't have my own desk, I agreed prior to the job thinking I would have my own desk. This woman who I won't name talked constantly and gossiped with other workers. The graduate assistant likewise constantly sat at my desk and I got tired of telling her to move from my work station. It was a MESS. I had 0 support from my supervisor, and one day when I vented my frustrations IN TEARS she went ahead and fired me the next day. This wasn't even the worst of it, the receptionist wrote a note to IT in front of me when they were trying to help me download adobe suite. UNPROFESSIONAL and terrible, I've never experienced that in my life. Another coworker complained to my boss about how I dress (i wore a navy blue romper with a cardigan and heels). Is that really something your workers are focused on? Why can't they focus on their own work unless someone is disturbing them? Terrible work culture, toxic environment and WORK PLACE BULLYING RAMPANT. If you're a new employee , please consult HR about these concerns which could happen to you if they dont like you. Good luck future employee, these people have no integrity and are terrible."

Clinic Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Management has a circle of friends, they all hangout all day & then you are stuck having to pick up tasks that pertain to them. You are exploited, under valued pay"

Public Safety Officer (Current Employee) says

"The Security deparment is corrupt to the highest level. No chance to be promoted unless the person is willing to go along with the corruption that is in place. Frustating place to be, low wages, poor management. Inept, unprofessional people in charge of the safety and security of the place."

Patient Access Representative (Former Employee) says

"Everyone felt grossly underpaid, depressed, stuck and taken advantage of. Terrible management, no one cared about the employee. Unprofessional, fake demeanor in management."

Inventory Control Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I was given a position that was not clearly defined during the interview process. Once I went through the interview process and was hired, I was doing something completely different than what was described. My first day, I had no where to sit, no computer, and no direction as to what I was supposed to be doing. Pay was absolute dismal! On top of the dismal pay, you have to pay a monthly fee to park or take the Metro Rail and pay a monthly fee for that because there is nowhere for the employees to park for free. (Ridiculous). Was there for a little over a month and at no point did anyone make you feel welcome as part of the team. Walked in every day and had nowhere to sit up until the last week I was there! Would not recommend to anyone to work here! The ONLY positive part of working there is the employee tuition to UM is FREE and if you have children, you get a huge discount for them to attend UM if they so choose. Other than that, it really sucks! Cons: Salary, Have to pay for parking, culture etc."

Executive Assistant (Former Employee) says

"University of Miami is a terrible place to work. A lot of gossip and unprofessional, lazy co-workers, crazy hours. People promoted for the wrong reasons. Cons: Everything"

Medical Collector (Current Employee) says

"terrible place to work management is based on favoritism. only the people who brown nose move up and are able to grow. the pay is terrrible in comparison to other medical office facilities Cons: terrible"

Graduate Assistant (Former Employee) says

"The allow r*pists on campus to roam free. They do nothing to protect you, and its the worst when it comes to supporting those who have been r*ped. I know this because it's been known to happen but silenced immediately so UM is never found at fault."

Former Employee (Former Employee) says

"The Police Department at UM is a glorified security job. You have to open locked doors for staff. You are treated poorly by command."

Pre-Testing Nurse (Former Employee) says

"It was a very busy atmosphere. Working conditions were not the best and although I enjoyed working there, I do not regret leaving this place of employment Cons: dangerous"

Senior Medical Assistant (Former Employee) says

"This is a very well respected facility to work for according to the community. Many people are very fond of the University of Miami. The physicians there are very professional."

Director of Student Services (Former Employee) says

"The University of Miami was the best place I ever worked in the beginning and then it was taken over by total frauds. Deans that got their jobs because of their spouses, people that stole money right and left, and bipolar people put in positions of power. What a shame! UM was not a team, it was a family at one time. Now it is a corporate disaster."

Network Security Engineer (Former Employee) says

"the whole process is in when i was there causing it to b e a very difficult place to work for an extended length of time. I personally tried to ride it over for 3 years but nothing changed and it have become a culture on micromanagement and distrust Cons: conctant restrecture and insecurity do to frequest leadership changes"

Dave Brown says

"Deposited a lot on coral games/casino over the past week, and iv not got a single bonus round on any game iv played, mite as well go back to bet365"

Ian says

"Appalling site. The welcome offer is £50 which is restricted to only a few slots games which they chose (ones that have the worst RTP). £50 in bonus funds and I won a fiver... No chance of reaching the 2k wagering they expect before the money becomes available to you. Deposited £500 and nothing... Absolutely nothing. What a con. The website is crap, takes ages to load game, glitchy as. Honestly people don't make the same mistake as many of us have done... stay away from these site!"

Glenn Conoly says

"never saw i site go down as much as this one put bets on and when there winning all of a sudden website down lol....... to this bloke we all know its a gamble but please use a phone and order in .......... Mark 1 review 1 star: Bad 18 Jul 2020 A complete bunch of thief's. A complete bunch of thief's. Played Thai lady ( flower) lost £360 in 20 minutes , no feature biggest win £10 , £2 spin . What a scam , take away betting on roulette but in replace put games which you lose a fortune. Only went in to win £10 for a takeaway ! Won't ever enter a bookies again in my lifetime. Should be shut down as it's a form of daylight robbery."

Ryan Clark says

"Hi, I tried to visit your bookmakers on woodend ave in hunts cross at 7:pm today and the doors were locked even though it states that closing times were not untill 8pm. I was not the only person who was denied access before closing time. It was quite inconvienent. I imagine due to the current finacial situation we all find ourselves in that cannot be good for business. Just thought you should be aware. Thank you."

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