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The Coors Brewing Company is a regional division of the world's third-largest brewing company, the Molson Coors Brewing Company. Coors operates a brewery in Golden, Colorado, that is the largest single brewery facility in the world.

Keisha mentioned, "All I can say is yuck. I hate Coors. But that's just my opinion. Most likely would not recommend to anyone."


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Former Employee - IT Specialist says

"Favoritism! Not everyone is who he appears to be."

Former Employee - SMP says

"Give unrealistic expectations for career growth small team sizes play favorites with other smps near corporate headquarters mass layoffs every 1.5 years"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"This is a struggling business with a regular cadence of broad impactful restructuring from high levels, and aggressive encouragement to explore career changes. In this environment, everyone seemed to be treading until their next transition, or waiting to see if they would be a victim of the next restructuring, rather than excelling in their current role."

Former Employee - Sales Representative says

"- No work/life balance - Damn near slavery - Poor Communication - Little to no training - Racist and Sexist work culture"

Former Employee - Quality Assurance says

"All the above pluses are easily negated by the following: Managers/leadership play favorites. Career advancement is limited- even when they had openings upper management already had someone in mind for the position, so you were interviewing with little hope of getting it. If you don't apply for promotions you'll be punished for that too though- they'll see you as not having any ambition. Constantly moved managers that were not qualified and had no business managing people into our team when they had no idea what my team did- they could have hired within my team very successfully but did not because they just want "yes" men/women to do whatever they say. Managers don't pass along feedback and give opportunities to improve- instead you'll be punished and not told why. New people hired into our team were hired at a significantly higher pay than many people working 5+ years for the company with far more experience and certifications. On that note- raises are pretty poor- usually less than what would be needed to keep up with cost of living. In my team people were required to have a 4 year science degree and were paid less than production employees (most of whom were high school graduates/GED only). All of the above cause morale to be terrible at all times. Large part of the group is contract employees who are underpaid with no benefits and there is constant turnover (true in production areas as well). Contractors who under perform are allowed to remain even when it is to the detriment of the team because our managers didn't want to have to go through the hiring process yet again. Our review metrics, how we self evaluated, how reviews were structured etc changed every single year I was there (8 years). Goals were set for you that you had no control over and no way to impact the success or failure and you couldn't change or remove them. Just completely dysfunctional and very political workplace. I hope it has changed for the better since I left but from my friends who still work there it seems like its at least the same if not worse."

Current Employee - Senior Supply Chain Manager says

"Company continues to promote leaders with poor track records to top positions, and then acts surprised when the business results are not what they expected. Lack of new perspective, true innovation, and a willingness to lead new markets and take risks will keep Molson Coors from achieving its potential, leading to more restructurings and lower earnings going forward."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- Senior leadership refuses to change the culture in the face of falling sales - A culture of "nothing to see here, everything is fine" when everything is not fine - Closed minded people often have the power, so new ideas are shot down - Way too many people involved in decision-making. Impossible to get anything done at times."

Former Employee - Line Lead says

"Poor training and talent retention"

Former Employee - Business Analyst says

"Lack of mobility in certain areas, constant re-orgs that put their own people at the bottom of the priority listing."

Former Employee - Electrician says

"Same as above poor hours , you do not have a life in the summer"

Chauffeur-livreur (Former Employee) says

"J'étais assigné à Ste-Agathe comme livreur. En deux mois, j'ai fait peut être 5 jours à Ste-Agathe et le reste à Montréal, je devais me lever a 3:30 pour arriver à l'heure et j'arrivais chez moi vers 19:00. Il m'envoyait dans le centre ville de Montréal sans aide livreur, le lendemain sur le plateau, jamais les mêmes "run". Le salaire de 20,81 je crois est nettement insuffisant. C'est vraiment le pire emploi de j'ai eu ds ma vie.Aucune considération des boss, tu es moins qu'un numéro"

chauffeur livreur classe 1 (Current Employee) says

"salaire insuffisant pour l'effort a mettre sur la travail a effectuer"

MSc Student (Current Employee) says

"Very poor leadership and Terrible HR department Pay lip service to all employees. New CEO doesnt know the business and has made terrible decisions for the UK business"

Brewing operator (Former Employee) says

"Horrible!!!!! No matter what they say there is no chance they hire you on. Hope you like mold and CO2 cause there's a lot of it. Or pushing disgusting yeast!! Big company that takes advantage of temps!!"

Field Service Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Management are brutal bullies who threaten dedicated and passionate people with their jobs if they don't sign up to contracts that affect personal lives and are borderline illegal. Another example of a greedy, inept and ignorant corporate company.None anymore.Illegal hours, bullying management, zero rights."

agent télévente (Former Employee) says

"toujours a la recherche d agents car ils quittent tous car on donne pas assez d heures, bcp tro pde travail pour le salaire presque pas le temps de respirer sinon cela affectera votre gestion du temps et on vous en parlera , de meme de qualités d appel sont exagérés meme des personnes travaillant la depuis des années tombent parfois en pleurs a cause du stress caus. par le management qui est insensible au besoin des employés m on chechent le profit c est tout, soyez bon envers vous passez a une autre offre celle ci est abusivetres belle équipe de travail sauf les bosscharge de travail abusive et bcp de critique jamais content"

Craft Technician Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Full machine overhaul on variety of production line machinery. Self-managing, organizing and prioritizing of work to fulfill production needs. Machine breakdown cover. Mechanical/Electricalsallerycomute"

Crew Member (Current Employee) says

"The company is ok to work for, they have lost any since of keeping employees engaged or retaining talent. There is no incentive to stay in hourly ranks except for pay."

Warehouse Operative (Former Employee) says

"Rubbish company, don't care about their workers, very clicky, it's about who you know! They talk about the Molson Coors ethos but they will drop you in a heart beat."

Warehouse Associate (Former Employee) says

"Working at Molson was great day to day , great people to work with , although company doesn't recognize talent and uses temporary workers rather than hire full time. Very frequent lay offs."

Opérateur au brassage (Current Employee) says

"C'est la pire multinationale pour laquelle j'ai offert mes services. C'est un milieu de travail ou le syndicat est très fort. L'ambiance de travail est sournois et la formation de travail laisse à désirer notamment. La probation est de 6 moisservice de cafétéria 12h par jour, coupons de bièresc'est un peu le personnel syndiqué qui décide quel employé restera en poste, l'amélioration continue n'est pas de rigueur pour tous, aucun sentiment d'appartenance du personnel syndiqué, etc."

Quality Assurance Technician (Current Employee) says

"Very busy Brewery which has 110 employees. Currently running with 12 vacancies with no plans to recruit. High pressure role with a lack of staff. Site is likely to close in 2015. A very strong, hard & smart work force which goes the extra mil.Close to homeNo Comment"

Financial Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Pros: free beer, good benefits, some flexibility, and most the people are super nice. Cons: The company is actively imploding within itself and the industry. I was at the company for 3 years and within that very small timeframe they downsized twice, totaling almost 800 jobs. They are being left behind by ABI, seltzer (white claw specifically) and liquor. Management moves at a glacial pace, even though one of their “keys to success” is moving faster to get new ideas to market. They consistently try to repeat old ideas or steal new ones from competitors at a pathetically lower level of execution. The incompetence goes all the way to the top - a perfect example being in 2019 they announced that they needed to “restate” financial statements for fiscal years 2016 and 2017 after an audit committee found errors in financial reporting. These errors amounted to overstating their income by 300M dollars! In other words, their shareholders caught them in some pretty incredible and malicious lies and sued them. The investigation is still ongoing and I’m positive some people will be going to prison. Bottom line - save yourself a massive headache and do not apply to this company. Dumpster fire is an understatement."

Scheduling Specialist (Former Employee) says

"They have terrible leadership and I believe they still practice systemic racism. Very nice paying job for the area but too stressful after implementing new SAP system with horrible training techniques.Excellent paying job for areaQuestionable leadership; borderline racist; very stressful job"

Préparateur de commandes (Former Employee) says

"Si vous cherchez une job où votre vie sociale est mise en péril, allez-y. En tant qu'étudiant, j'ai été renvoyé sans même avoir été averti. J'ai dû contacté le contremaître afin de connaître les raisons. En parlant du contremaître, il n'était vraiment pas professionnel et sans soucis pour votre santé.SalairePause courte, contremaître"

Deco Operator (Current Employee) says

"Management at the can manufacturing plant for MC has an unspoken expectation that employees should work more & more overtime or get mandatory to do so. they have zero respect for the ones that have been with the company 10+ years. There is a rising turnover rate among the 5 yr. and less ones due to the amount of required overtime, inconsistencies in managers, and work beerstress"

Operator (Current Employee) says

"8 to 12 hours 7 days a weekNo home lifeManagement makes poor decisions Does not care about employeesGood payStressful environment Benefits are terrible"

Brand Ambassador (Current Employee) says

"Although it was easy to get summer shifts, they pay less than any other promo company and when they cant find molson girls to work they outsource to other companies and pay them more than their own team. No room for advancement. Super cliquey and gossipy. If a rep doesnt like you they will find a way to black list you. If you want an easy job with guaranteed pay, this is a good spot but dont expect any benefits or perks. Shifts are boring but GREAT for networking. No longer working for them but dont think i would ever go back."

Team Leader/Manager (Former Employee) says

"The salary and benefits are great but the shift work, lack of opportunity to develop and advance and the constant downsizing over the last 4 years doesn't give me any confidence about the future."

Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at Molsoncoors for me involved the operation of high speed packaging machines. It is a fast paced, professional and passionate place to work. I had the opportunity to work with many different people of various backgrounds and experience. It was exciting to come to work everyday and I left feeling like I accomplished something. I was a Molson boy!get to make beer, lots of beer, with some professional brewery workersperpetual culture change, low morale"

David Garrett says

"Absolute disgrace of an organisation! Despite closing the Craighall Planet Fitness they refuse to stop charging customers from that gym for a service they can no longer receive! They insist you can go to Sandton and that should be acceptable - anyone who’s ever driven to Sandton in rush hour will know this is a joke. Charging for a service you no longer provide should be a crime! If they have to keep charging you for a gym that is closed permanently it is clear this business is failing rapidly!"

Maxine Hillary says

"I've been a Black Card member for several years and I've had the same complaints that apparently Planet Fitness doesn't care about. There are not enough machines to bench press with. Women are the losers in this equation as mostly young men monopolize the Smith machines as they sit on their mobile devices and F*&k around while we wait and wait and wait. And then we get to drag 45lb plates stacked three on each side off and clean up after waiting an average of 45 minutes to get one. It's the same with the leg press. Only one decine slant board too. In all of the PF gyms it's exactly the same. Staff is never seen. They are too busy standing around the front desk on their mobile devices. They do not walk around watching to see that people follow the rules that are clearly posted. Plenty of people on their phones, taking selfies while people wait for machines, gallon jugs of water, slamming of weights and not racking them. The only redeeming quality I'm finding and why I haven't cancelled my membership is because they are open 24 hours. Being a Black Card member is no longer an incentive since the Black Card facilities are all closed now. But Planet Fitness hasn't adjusted our fees--so BC members are now paying for facilities they can't use. Planet Fitness advertises that we will have a good workout. But from what I've seen, that's only if you come when hardly anybody is there."

Lori Davis says

"They blame everything on their app. It is a very judgemental place. The new redheaded girl she was a pleasure to talk to. The asst manager working on 09/16/2020 she left new girl with the impression she'd talk to me. After sitting 10 more minutes I go to the desk where she is. Not anyone around her. I said i just want to cancel my membership. She didnt give a damn. Staff there other than the new girl are worried about themselves. Even if u have to pay a little more I would reccomend you not join this gym."

Brian Dodd says

"Awful experience. Was with them for 7 months. I've never had more difficulty canceling a membership then with planet fitness. It took me 3 monthsth to cancel....I do not recommend. I canceled today finally...thank God. They will still be charging my card in three days even though I tried to cancel over phone over 10 days ago but they made me do in person which I couldn't do til today....they say cancel any time when you get membership.....LIES."

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