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Cool Cat Saves the Kids is a 2015 children's anti-bullying movie written and directed by Derek Savage, based on his children's book series titled Cool Cat and is the fourth film in the series, this being the first feature-length one. It serves as a standalone sequel and is comprised of three previous Cool Cat short films (Cool Cat Stops Bullying and Cool Cat in the Hollywood Christmas Parade, both released in 2012, and Cool Cat Finds a Gun, released in 2013).

On AWFULMOVIES wiki, a user wrote in the last year about why Cool Cat Saves the Kids sucks:

"1. Very poor grasp on the original source material.

2. The plot is very inconsistent, confusing, almost non-existent and has little to no continuity. Because of this, there are some scenes that feel very out of place, particularly the "gun safety" scene. This is because the movie is actually three different short films awkwardly stitched together.

3. Unlikable characters that are practically impossible to root for. Cool Cat is a very creepy, annoying, immature, irresponsible and hypocritical titular protagonist. Despite his supposed role of teaching kids how to deal with bullies, Cool Cat lacks the proper characterization needed to fulfill such a role, as he cries when Butch the Bully destroys his sandcastle and runs across the street without looking both ways, despite saying earlier that you must look both ways before crossing the street. Maria is a very bland and uninteresting character who is only there to be Cool Cat's friend and take advice from him. Butch is a very uninteresting, unsympathetic and one-dimensional antagonist. At one point, he yells out: "I love being the bully!" and constantly mentions that he is a bully in almost every scene he's in, even though it is obvious that he's a bully. He is also a stereotype of bullies as he has no character development whatsoever. The film also gives no specific reason or backstory as to why Butch is a bully (such as if he is insecure or was bullied himself in the past). Instead, he seems to just be a bully for the sake of it. In the infamous "gun safety" scene, Butch finds a gun and decides to bring it to school with him in order to extort kids out of the lunch money (in a kids movie, by the way). He then says: "Boy, it'll be fat time for me!" As several reviewers have pointed out, nobody in real life talks like that.

4. Cool Cat's costume, while not too bad in particular, can look unintentionally creepy during certain scenes or when viewed from certain angles. It even looks like a wolf at most times. An especially notable issue is Cool Cat not having eyelids when he sleeps, despite him having eyelids when Butch ruins his sandcastle. Speaking of the scene where Cool Cat is sleeping, since his eyes are wide open when he is tossing and turning in bed, it makes it looks like he's having a seizure.

5. Amateurish and shoddy camera work. There are times where you can clearly see the cameraman's shadow or reflection off the glass doors.

6. Terrible editing, as there are several scenes where mistakes are left in.

7. Atrocious acting, especially from Jason Johnson (who provides the worst acting for a mascot in existence) as Cool Cat, Connor Dean as Butch the Bully and even Derek Savage himself as Daddy Derek. Savage's overly enthusiastic acting in particular sometimes makes it seem like he is sarcastically mocking Cool Cat, especially when he says: "Wow! $100?! That's a lot of money!". Erik Estrada's hilariously over-the-top delivery for some of his lines, particularly when his character shouts "Did you see that? That kid kicked sand in Cool Cat's face!" after Butch kicks Cool Cat's sandcastle. This performance eventually became a meme. On a similar note, Estrada seemed a bit tipsy when filming the movie, judging by his facial expression and line delivery, though Jason Johnson confirmed that this wasn’t the case, indicating that Estrada knew how hokey the script was.

8. Poor attempts at (intentional) comedy.

9. The police officer is portrayed by a well-known former porn star named Steve Crest, a casting decision that is both baffling and inappropriate considering that this movie is targeted towards children. Porn stars will sometimes star in films rated R or at least PG-13, so having a porn star appear in a kids film makes no sense.

10. Horrendous soundtrack, with the songs being very dreadful and repetitive stock music."


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