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Constellation is an energy company headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, United States. It is a subsidiary of Exelon. The company provides electric power, natural gas, and energy management services. It has approximately two million customers across the continental United States.

Peter mentioned, "Please do not believe anything you read about Constellation Energy. This site has many identical reviews despite representing customers from different states. This similarity indicates the reviews are manipulated. This particular review is an update from a previous review sent to ConsumerAffairs in April. It has not yet been posted because they are still waiting for a response from Constellation. Other review sites described in detail the predatory marketing practices of this brokerage company (they and their parent company EXELON are not really energy companies at all, much like Enron)."


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Administrative (Former Employee) says

"While there were some very good perks (discounts on products) pay in California was based on cost of labor versus cost of living, which was not competitive in the local labor markets. Cons: Cost of living pay"

Information Security (Former Employee) says

"You will eventually be terminated with no reason why.. They don't give second chances and expect you to read their minds with what they want. Stay away, you will be much better off elsewhere."

store manager (Former Employee) says

"Worst company i have ever worked for. Middle management bully and try to make stafff do illegal things such as serve alcohol off site to try "boosting sales" micro managed and have little regard for family life. If you like constant harrassment and never having another long weekend then this is the job for you. They promise bonus but it is paid out 6-9 months after the quarter ends. Cons: bullying, harrassment, lying middle management, broken promises, unrealisitic goals"

Accountant (Former Employee) says

"Constellation Brands is a terrible place to work. They love to misuse people by keeping them as temps for over 25 years and refuse to hire them directly."

sales rep (Current Employee) says

"Working in a downtown location in Ottawa, it was demoralizing everyday to aid the alcoholism of the homeless population. They would come in wasted with a tim hortons cup of change and management would insist you serve them so as to not lose a sale, EVEN THOUGH IT IS ILLEGAL! This job gets around so many legalities because they think their store level staff are stupid. The minute you bring up the labour board they threaten to take you off the schedule. They manipulate and use coercion to get you to do job tasks that you arent comfortable doing. Cons: everything else"

Line Operator/Packer (Former Employee) says

"You're NOTHING but a number to them, it's all about hitting a quota at all cost, the employees are just a number, there is NO support from them, it's even worse if you're hired as a temp employee..."

Director (Former Employee) says

"A very chaotic and stressful environment totally lacking in effective management or organizational direction. With re-organizations taking place at a minimum frequency of a year, and sometimes more than once a year, there is no job security or feeling of appreciation for your work."

Bottling Line Operator (Former Employee) says

"Worst management ever! If management could do anything right, they always intentionally chose to do it wrong. If they liked you, you could do no wrong. If they didn’t like you you were blamed for everything. If you addressed issues it put a huge target on your back and even other department went after you. Cut throat and very negative culture. Cons: Cut throat, negative, pass the buck!"

sales person (Former Employee) says

"The company is so badly managed. It's to bad because they have a great product and great sales people, but the management and middle management is ruining the company. Pay is awful for the liability, they like to push the law and this puts their staff at risk.They bully, and the worst management rise to the top and the competent get fired or quit. Great customers, nice stores, its too bad the company is run so badly. Cons: middle management who treat all like garbage"

Associate Marketing Manager (Former Employee) says

"Horrible management, no transparency, total lack of company direction. Constant restructuring creates lack of consistency and momentum. No interdepartmental collaboration, no communication. The company is so busy with acquisitions and new product development that they don't focus on the brands they have. Management ignores concerns and complaints. Rather than hire new talent for upper management, company constantly rotates upper management into new roles, whether qualified or not (usually not). Cons: Everything else"

Wine merchant (Former Employee) says

"Management is terrible. If there's an issue the manager doesn't address it with the person, instead she talks about those people behind their back to other merchants and customers. Instead of trying to talk to that merchant about what is being done wrong, she reduces your hours and makes you feel uncomfortable in the store until you are forced to quit. A lot of the times you are alone in the store and you cannot go to the washroom. Most company policies aren't followed, such as two merchants are supposed to be in the store during load, which is when we receive our order of wine for that week, due to safety reasons. There is never more than one person in the store during that time. There is no wine allowance. All we get is wine issues which are chosen by the company and we have to fill out a homework sheet on it and if the manager doesn't like you, she will take your issue home without telling you. The wage is not competitive, it's only .25 cents over the minimum wage which doesn't really make a difference. Its an extremely boring job and the company is terrible. You have to work a minimum 5.5 hour shift to get a break. Anything under that you don't get anything. All this company does is take advantage of you. They also don't tax you properly and when you ask for additional tax to be taken off, you get ignored and end up paying a lot of money when you have to do your taxes for that year. Cons: No breaks, can't go to the washroom, management is terrible, slow paced"

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"The company says they care for your work life balance, but in reality they pile on work hours and have unreasonable demands. The pay is not up to par for what they demand, and they do not pay overtime. You're replaceable to them. They take 2 quarters to pay you your bonus and when you do get perks, it's a company gift card that you have to pay taxes on. Unless you don't have a family and want to live for the company, I don't recommend working here. Cons: Horrible hours, horrible management."

Planeador Calidad y Suministro (Former Employee) says

"Ofrecen buena contratación directa, sin embargo la empresa demanda mucho tiempo de lunes a domingo en cuestión laboral. No existe un equilibrio entre vida personal y laboral. La administración y el Management tienen muchísimas áreas de oportunidad. No existen procesos robustos que ayuden la fluidez del negocio y exista un verdadero control. Cons: Falta de administración, Management y crecimiento"

Bottling Inspector (Former Employee) says

"Adecco got me in as a temp but screwed up my time by not calling me to let me know I had work, I tried to explain to Constellation brands and they refused to listen, I never missed a day until Adecco forgot to tell me."

Manager on Duty (Former Employee) says

"Company should have two or more paid employees on site at all times Cons: Salary too low and conditions needed improvements"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"Company changed executive leadership 3 years ago. They lack experience to take the Company through a major change in business direction. No thought or respect is given to employees. It is all about bottom line revenue. Executive leadership continues to make poor decisions."

Production Line Worker (Former Employee) says

"I was temping in R J Spagnols, Kitchener for 10 days to cover for a sick worker. I must say that fellow employees are a better than the usual crowd you expect meeting in factory settings. Working hours from 7 AM till 5:30 PM (10 hour days). They don't have a clock in machine, rather, if you're not at your work station at 7 AM sharp, they cut 15 minutes pay from your pay!!! The wine making kits line has to operate from 7 till 5.30 with no stoppage. A perm comes and takes over from you for the 2 breaks and 1 lunch break. You keep working most of the times beyond 5.30 PM. If you have other arrangements like what happened to me once, the production manager didn't like it at all. Next day, I was 10 mins late for the morning shift because of an early morning accident on the 401 and I commute from Guelph. The same day, a worker asked me to stay beyond 5.30 PM to finish the batch. I accepted, I inquired about payment, he informed me that they round up the overtime minutes if less that 15, to 15 mins. Next day, the manager himself asked me to stay beyond 5.30, for which I accepted and stayed for 30 mins. Cons: Ruthless management who cares none about temps"

Planeador de Produccion (Former Employee) says

"Para fortuna de la compañía el mercado estadounidense le ha sido noble, las ganancias obtenidas son atribuibles a el comprtamiento favorable del creciente mercado de cerveza importada en dicho país, que poco tiene que ver con los esfuerzos de marketing de la compañía y mucho con la tendencia natural del mercado venida de hace años. Cons: Pésima administración, falta de objetividad y profesionalismo"

Master Mechanic (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed working with my co workers a great deal, benefits were better then any job I have had to date in a non-union job. The working culture created by management was sub par. Cons: Poorly managed, blame culture."

Data Warehouse Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Constellation IT management has mastered the shell game. IT management likes to show the business side the latest and greatest in technology every 6 months to make it appear as if all of the business problems will be solved. The actual issue that IT management and the business misses, is that Constellation IT lacks the fundamentals to allow the IT department to be successful. As seasoned IT personnel will know, this leads to long hours, poor morale and lack of work/life balance. Cons: Long hours, poor management, bad morale"

Former Employee - Business Development Specialist says

"I worked at Constellation full-time for more than a year Cons: Too Big and Not Focused. They Acquire Too Many Companies To Control"

Current Employee - Senior Analyst says

"I have been working at Constellation full-time for more than 3 years Cons: All IT in Houston are being replaced by incompetent people from a Wisconsin acquisition. This newly acquired group was under an acquisition agreement that none of them would be let go.. Therefore, Houston employees are being let go instead, even if they are being replace with less competent employees."

Former Employee - IT Lead Analyst says

"I worked at Constellation full-time for less than a year Cons: Extreme micromanagement. Your day will literally include a full morning of status meetings with different colleagues. Then you will have about 1-2 free hours to work on your assignments before your afternoon meetings begin. You are also expected to join meetings after hours for manual deployments that can take up to 2 hours from 10:pm to 12 midnight, insane. Too may disparate data systems and many systems are not stable so the majority of work will be to fix system issues. You will be a software janitor and it's not rewarding at all. The team is chock full of people ready to compete against you for your position because advancement in this company is virtually impossible, the employees refer to it internally as a glass ceiling. It's very toxic depending on the team you work for. Managers will throw you under the bus and will immediately take credit for any positive deliverables. Lastly, don't expect any good ideas to ever get implemented. The amount of red tape and bureaucracy in order for anything to get done is an extreme impediment. Oh, and this place is not an Agile shop even though they claim to be. Its not. They will expect you to be a business analyst, scrum master, developer, QA tester and DevOps person all bundled into one with such a lousy salary. This company operates like it's still 1999."

Current Employee - Analyst says

"I have been working at Constellation full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Overemphasized diversity, and put it far above ability. Not a fair culture, all the management team is good friend of CEO."


"I worked at Constellation Cons: a lot of corporate red tape and people are not very nice"

Texas says

"I have been working at Constellation Cons: No work- life balance. DO NOT JOIN THE RETAIL POWER team unless you are set for failure. Long unnecessary work hours, gossips and favoritism"

Sales Representative says

"I have been working at Constellation for more than a year Cons: My money and to debt free"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Constellation full-time Cons: Management is terrible. The upper echelon of the company only tries to find ways to screw your contracts over. The moment you actually find a customer with a decent commission and you report it to management it is taken away from you. Happened too many times to count. Territories are small and convoluted. The team you work with only care about themselves. Never trusted anyone in the company."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Constellation full-time for more than 8 years Cons: Terrible treatment of employees and clueless management team. Very sloppy processes and a real lack of understanding of how to run projects."


"I have been working at Constellation Cons: The company is very hierarchical and political. The internal competition makes coordination difficult. The company keeps losing strong and experienced employees and will soon be taken over by politicians. Wrong decisions are made everyday and taking over by Exelon is the worst thing that happens to a good company."

Albert Joseph says

"Constellation Power Services. Has one of the lowest kwh rates and credits the monthly bills based on usage, but the summer bills are very high anyways. Reps are not very helpful with bill pays for people in a financial hardship. No meaningful consideration offered during this pandemic, inspite of recorded messages offering help. Only help offered was a reference to a third party, who is not in the business of helping people due to very tight and impractical qualifications imposed to discourage applicants. No incentive to continue with the co."

Rashmi Ganesh says

"very bad company.. last month i signed up for 3 months power plan thru power to choose website. first i talked to one of their representative about this plan he started forcing 12 months plan , i said no. then i signed up for 3 months plan. i got a confirmation email that i couldn't open. then i went to their website to see my account there they have signed me up for 12 months plan that i never did with ridiculous pricing. when i called them back they started saying their systems are down they will call back after waiting for 4 days i called them back to switch me back to 3 months plan. they said they don't have anymore. very fruad company. they should find a better a way to make easy money... may be stripping or begging not cheating customers"

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