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Consolidated Edison, Inc., commonly known as Con Edison (stylized as conEdison) or ConEd, is one of the largest investor-owned energy companies in the United States, with approximately $12 billion in annual revenues as of 2017, and over $48 billion in assets.

On the night of July 13 a significant portion of Manhattan saw a blackout due to a Consolidated Edison cable that burnt out in a transformer on West End Avenue.[40][41] The blackout, which lasted for about three hours, shut down a number of subway stations, much of the West Side from the 40s to 72nd Street, parts of Times Square and Rockefeller Center, and other areas, resulting in an estimated 73,000 customers losing power.[42] The outage fell on the anniversary of the 1977 blackout which most of the city lost power.


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Chief Construction Inspector (CCI) says

"Worked in Queens and Brooklyn. Meetings held in Queens, projects in Brooklyn and various Westchester County locations. Management team lacked professionalism, guidance and support."

Senior Electrical Engineer (Former Employee) says

"This company needs to start from the top down. Get rid of the Board of Directors, followed by the CEO, Senior Vice Presidents and Vice Presidents. Then, build the company by putting people in those positions that have morals and ethics. Don't work for Central Engineering. You're better off working at McDonalds. The Ombudsman, EEO, and Labor Relations exist at Con Edison just to make themselves look good. These people are a waste of life. They don't fight for what's right.nonelow salary, lousy benefits, favoritism and nepotism"

Section Manager, Supply Chain (Current Employee) says

"Working for a utility in the middle of NYC is hard to imagine. The culture at Con Edison is not for everyone. The most enjoyable part of my job was hiring my staff and watching them develop into a high performing work group that change the way my department was perceived by many within Con Ed."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Always busy, never a moment to take a minute for yourself. Management was always onto of every movement you made. Micromanagement was what they did best.Benefits was amazingStressful environment"

Project Specialist (Current Employee) says

"As a Con Ed employee for the last 10 years, I have watched the company go downhill! Every year they strip out more out of your benefits. The company cares less for its employees and only wants to pay dividends to its shareholders. You are not allowed to think at this company! Not a good place to work anymoreno pros not even a discount on your light billvery short sighted management only wanting to pay dividends to investors."

supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Old company with old culture..Met some really good long term employees who were great 30 plus years. Don't suggest anything or bring outside experience to the table - your ideas will not be heard or welcomed. Good ol boys club still exist push and groom those who you want to fill your seat one day...ask any employee whpse been there for years you cant be in the same position for decaded and a turtle can moon walk pass you at a faster rate..I hated the work I did in customer service from the first day of training. They really dont take the time to take your strengths and identify your best fit. Talent acquistion couldnt recognize talent if it was a rainbow across the sky. Typical utility company with billions net worth..Get your money get your pension get your time and get out with your can work here forever.. no other company provides this servicecareeer pathing, good ol boys club, met a few employees who are still stuck in the civil rights era (slavery was over a long time ago)"

Assistant Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Horrible. Didnt help when asked , lied about everything! Yes the benefits were great but i didnt not like anything else. If you would like to get a degree out sode of Con Ed make sure you want something within the company. They wouls not let me go for education."

Administrative Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Poor leadership, horrible culture, stressful, lack of direction, poor training locations, incompetent medical staff, Job advancement is limited, racismHealthcareManagement"

Bilingual Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Although the salary is good, the management at the company simply do not care about the safety and personal lives of their workers."

Senior Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Changing priorities makes finishing jobs very hard. Indecisive management made supervision very hard because they would agree with whom ever they were speaking with. Emergencies totally disorganized"

Operational Financial Analyst (Current Employee) says

"1 star company. No room for growth, no prospect to be hired from within. Hiring a lot of contract work no permanent jobs. Hard to be hired to the Union, better off being management with a Grad Degree"

Commercial Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"I worked for Con Edison in NY, The company changed to a cut-throat operation. You are especially targeted if you are in the union. Employees with more than 20 years are especially targeted for termination since those employees almost have a full pension. The union is weak and has limited resources to defend you. The job gives good pay and benefits if you can hold on to it. If working for this company it is better to go for a Management position since you at least get can get a bonus for hard work."

Application Developer / Consultant (Former Employee) says

"I was hired as an ASP.NET developer. In my time at Con Edison, I did not get a single assignment that had anything to do with ASP.NET. From Day One, it looked like the management had no idea why they hired me.Work-life balance, good people.Politics, having to punch the clock."

Operating Mechanic (Current Employee) says

"If you are motivated and hungry for knowledge it is a great place to work. The benefits and pay scale are average but could be improved with promotions"

Production Intern (Former Employee) says

"only want you for a number don't care about other things and they pay really well but you work whatever times they say until they need other people on a different schedule"

Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Needs to improve their diversity and inclusion culture. Management is entitle and usually do not care about diversity and inclusion. Not a good environment for women."

Customer Service Manager (Former Employee) says

"Although you could advance it was frowned upon, nepatism when in management as I was no protection and everyone that you managed did not care for more trainning more work or simply regular work.benefitswalk on egg shells"

SUBSTATION MECHANIC A (Current Employee) says

"Con Ed was a great company to work for, but recent sky rocketing medical benefits and horrible managment make you want to leave!100 percent tuition reimbursmentbad healthcare, bad bosses, bad work environment. Everyone is miserable!"

Stock Handler (Former Employee) says

"This is a very easy job to do but they have no values. This is truly a company that your success is based on who you know. Seniority plays a very big role as well. They say if you have no seniority just follow suit with what others do and you will keep your job even if what they do is wrong. Management is awful but I guess that is solely because they have no union cover. The pay is excellent and the benefits are okay. You get a set schedule and it is hard to change and you only get a set amount of vacation days in which people with seniority get first pick which means you have to work every holiday but good thing about that is you get paid double time and a half.Great paySlim chance of growth in company"

Chief Construction Inspector (Former Employee) says

"Great place to work if you want an opportunity to move within groups and learn different aspects of the business. There is definitely opportunity for growth and advancement."

Mike says

"Omg Called and listened to recording forever It’s ridiculously designed to either drive you insane or suck you time away until you give up"

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