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ConocoPhillips is an American multinational energy corporation with its headquarters located in the Energy Corridor district of Houston, Texas in the United States. It is the world's largest independent pure-play exploration and production company and the company ranked No. 95 in the 2018 Fortune 500 list of the largest United States corporations by total revenue. ConocoPhillips was created through the merger of American oil companies Conoco and Phillips Petroleum Company on August 30, 2002. In 2012, ConocoPhillips spun off its downstream assets as a new, separate company, Phillips 66.

One angry former employee shared this in a review "The work environment at Conoco Phillips felt like a high school environment where if you wasnt sitting at the right table you wasnt cool. They did away with the 9/80 schedule which was a big contributor to me taking the position."


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N/A (Current Employee) says

"Filled with snakes worms and weasels who think they know everything under the sun yet they know nothing of how oil is actually extracted out of the ground. Coworkers, snakes and weasels"

Inventory Analyst (Former Employee) says

"The company allows new graduates to lie on reports to improve their monthly performance statistics with full knowledge “ patting them on the back in full sight” while the remaining staff is truthful and gets chastised for their performance. Directors pick favorites and overseas long term employees which creates adverse relations within their departments. Chronic changing of rules and plans without advising those impacted which once again causes deception and instability within the departments and more. With a constant whirlwinds every 18 - 36 months causes chronic unrest and instability from the bottom up."

District Manager (Former Employee) says

"No rewiew to share: they sold the retail business years ago and only operate as an energy company now. I have no idea how corporate ConocoPhillips operates since I was retailNoneNone"

Warehouse Technician (Current Employee) says

"This was a super hard job. The management was terrible and you were treated like you were nothing. There is really nothing to do besides worry about if your about to lose your job"

Records Technician (Current Employee) says

"Great, interior is Red and white, it keeps your motivated!. Nice people and lots of cleaning staff. Secure Building, a great place, lots of long hallways to navigate, be prepared to walk alot.downtown locationlots of stairs"

Cashier/Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"I know this place is closed, but I absolutely hated working there. The manager was always late, hours were confidential (WEIRD!), continuously making excuses on why they would be late to pay the people bringing in food/supplies for the store, and the people that would come in there was sketchy. I had to call the cops multiple times because I felt like I was in danger or somebody would try to pump and run.NoneWorst place I have worked at!"

HSE Shear Specialist (Current Employee) says

"ConocoPhillips is a great employer to work for and provides a good environment to work. The employees are knowledgeable and have a great work ethic to provide a safe work culture."

Utility helper (Former Employee) says

"I was a utility helper. I work with welders and pipefifters as a helper for 2yrs. I also went to a plant/refinery school for 8 months to get the job."

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