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Connections Academy is a for-profit corporate provider of online school products and services to virtual schools for grades K-12, including full-time online schools bearing the "Connections Academy" name across the country. It is based in Columbia, Maryland and is part of Pearson's Online & Blended Learning K-12 group. It supports public online schools for grades K-12 across the United States.

Connie shared her experience with Connections Academy, "This is the most frustrating, inefficient group of management I have ever seen. My daughter attended several years and when we moved from N to S California, apparently the paperwork was not done properly so they dropped her. No phone call to say the paperwork is not correct (but of course they say they called me). In May, after all of the bright green checkmarks saying all is good to go, AND after speaking to someone from Connections Academy saying that everything looks "good to go," I assumed that everything was good to go. It is July 24th, and I just found out that we submitted one of the papers incorrectly and that she cannot attend next year because they closed their enrollment! Thank you so much for letting me know when you read the wrong paperwork! Was it some lazy worker not wanting to follow up because it is so much easier just to X the account? This is not my first bad experience with Connections Academy but certainly my last."


K-5 Teacher (Former Employee) says "Administration highly unprofessional and clearly had “favorites” For a virtual school - expectation that teachers were tethered to their computers for 9 hours/day - monitored through Lync - Homeschool/Digital instructional model and “Live Lessons” did not foster student growth and development... no true way to monitor."
Educator/Teacher (Current Employee) says "I currently work at South Carolina Connections Academy. This is a for profit school owned Pearson Inc. and functions under the guise of a Public Charter School. The sole purpose is to make money, therefore student achievement/retention rate/graduation rate are important only to the extent that it allows the school to remain open. Student learning is not a priority. Academic Dishonesty among students is rampant and very few student requirements are enforced in regards to meeting actual legal attendance regulations. Teachers and other educational professionals are expected to do as they are told even if practices are legally questionable.. Those who voice an opinion are targeted and bullied by administrators. I have witnessed the Counseling Managers repeatedly belittle and harass knowledgeable and experienced staff members who will not support their unethical behaviors. I have seen teachers basically forced out of the school and/or terminated if they are not liked by an administrator. The school wants young employees that they can totally manipulate. The administrators or "Leadership Team" as they call themselves have little to no experience and they were moved into administrative positions with no credentials. They are hired because they will do whatever they are told to do. The managers that I have worked with are not trustworthy. They always play favorites and there are different rules for different employees. The pay at this school is much lower than the state teacher salary scale and the work load is intense. You are allowed to work from home except for when you"
SPED teacher (Former Employee) says "WARNING: Please review ALL other online/remote education opportunities BEFORE applying to this company!!! Management and policies changed throughout the years, leaving employees with no chances for advancement, too many meetings (unnecessary as well), below national average pay for 30+ hours per week. No benefits if you are classified as "part-time. Company managers say they are "all about their employees" but they are NOT. They do not back up employees when school officials have a problem and blame employee. Also, micro managing goes on at EVERY single level. They tell you they "respect you and your experience", but do NOT let you do your work, without constant and continual CRITICISM. This is very stressful and can make anyone a nervous wreck. This company is NOT professional, mainly because of they way they treat their employees. My advice: Go elsewhere for employment!"
Learning Coach (Former Employee) says "Not fun place to work at as an intern, but great coworkers. Definitely learned a lot from the people around me. However, time management is hard to keep up with in this company.NaNa"
Special Education Teacher (Former Employee) says "It's a great concept. But it's run by horrible people and the focus is never about the students, it's about the metrics that look good to corporate. I would only recommend working here if they had a drastic change of management and culture."
Teacher (Former Employee) says "This job is anything but fulfilling. Unfair management and very low pay. Workload is overwhelming. Feels more like a call center than an actual education related position. Your job depends on the amount of calls you do."
School Teacher (Former Employee) says "You work very hard for very LITTLE pay. Difficult staffing and no support. The CEO is money driven and is only concerned with upper management."
Administrative Assistant (Temporary) says "I was notified that I would be receiving a promotion from a Temporary employee to a Permanent employee effective July 1st. On June 24th I was advised that my LAST DAY was June 28th. All of a sudden NO ONE KNEW ANYTHING about my promotion to a PERMANENT employee. I was lied to. Worked there since October 5th, have a Masters in Education. This company CONTINUES to make promises that they do not honor. I was BLINDSIDED by this company that receives STATE. & FEDERAL FUNDING. Persons who are NOT certified are being elevated to these positions.I believe an investigation is in coffee & teado not honor their promises to employees."

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