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Confetti is a think-tank for advanced real-time graphics research for the video game and movie industry.


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Former Employee - Programmer says

"I worked at Confetti full-time for more than a year Cons: This is also known as "The Forge Interactive". I worked here for a 1 year 2 months and it's not a nice place to work. The CEO is just Greedy for money treats employee's really bad. Makes fun of ex-employees just because they left job for a better job. He[i.e CEO] doesn't pay extra for any crunch and says "We respect people who are the first one to come and last one to leave". The work place is so bad that there isn't even a Water Can/ Dispenser provided for employees to drink water from. There is no AC in the office even though the office is in CA which is a really hot place. Each year people leave the company. There were around 4 employees who left in 2018 and ~3 in 2019 for a small scale company this is not a good thing.[BTW they earn a lot, they are small scale in terms of size of company but not in revenue.] I used to come to work at 8:30 AM and leave at 7 PM in the evening, with no extra curricular activities even though he[i.e CEO] knew about it never has he ever asked me if everything was OK! or if the work is too much,.. etc. Few people who worked here said they were so ashamed of this place that they will not bother using this work experience in their Resume. This company makes millions every year yet treats it's employees bad. Other employees are so obsessed with work I don't think they have time to help you in any way. You will be lured into the job with the hopes of getting to work in Graphics but trust me in my 14 months stay I literally worked nothing on Graphics. So be wary of what your goals are. The CEO might be a famous Graphics Programmer but you will get nothing to learn from him. If crunch works for you then good for you but if you want to live your life then, please for the love of god find a different place to work."

Former Intern - Graphics says

"I worked at Confetti for less than a year Cons: You get a lot of coding to do with tight deadlines. If you stuck on something, your coworkers won't help you out bc they are busy catching their schedules. Plus, they will make fun of you."

Former Intern - Graphics Programmer says

"I worked at Confetti for less than a year Cons: Crunch is too much with insane working hours"

cleaner (Former Employee) says

"to many lies told by management."

İplik (Former Employee) says

"Ayrımcıliğin fazla olduğu bir yer.eşitsizlik gösteriliyordu. Cons: Disiplinsiz eşitsizlik"

Busser (Former Employee) says

"Working at confetti's was fun in the beginning, until tips were handed out by manager for busser in what the manager thought I should be paid. Hired part time, was told to leave when not needed, and was not given the 4 hour work minimum required by state law."

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Working in such company made me focus on how to run a business and much more wiser. It ables me to work hard and to the job in time frame allotted. I also realized that in every worked experienced we gained a lot"

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