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Concentrix, an American business services company, is a subsidiary of SYNNEX Corporation (NYSE: SNX) since 2006. Concentrix is headquartered in Fremont, California. Concentrix provides services within 10 industries: Automotive, Banking and Financial Services, Consumer Electronics, Energy and Public Sector, Healthcare Services, Insurance, Media and Communications, Retail and eCommerce, Technology, and Travel, Transportation and Tourism.

Concentrix company is disorganized, employees have mandatory overtime and a low salary, there is no consistent schedule, no work-life balance, and no enough training, according to a review by a former employee at

"Low pay, mandatory overtime, poor communication, no work-life balance, no consistent schedule, disorganized, not enough training."


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Former Employee - Customer Service Representative (CSR) says

"Untrustworthy management and ever-changing schedules"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"-unbelievably disorganized -incompetent trainers -no sense of valuing its employees"

Current Employee - Tier II Tech Support Advisor says

"Draconian attendance policy Completely apathetic (at best) or hostile (at worst) upper management Meager benefits"

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"Your call are listen too"

Former Employee - Technical Support Advisor says

"As soon as you hit production, you have no Team Lead or Team Manager, you have to use a chat room to receive help, the Floor Support Representatives are very rude, it is an unprofessional environment, and mandatory OT without being told this in the interview."

Current Employee - Tech Support Representative says

"Better support Chat support Team support"

Current Employee - Customer Service Agent says

"You'll eventually hate working here every day. We're understaffed all the time so not enough people are here to take the workload and you will sometimes be forced to take shorter lunches for it. You're blamed for client issues that never change or have any solutions and they depend on you as customer service to pretty much bs all the customers into thinking you're doing something for them when you're not. Some shady stuff happens here that's unexplained and trying to get help from HR about anything even with documentation is a nightmare. Also, asking for time off is nearly impossible."

Current Employee - Call Center Representative says

"There not enough time of the calls"

Current Employee - Senior Tech Support Specialist says

"Terrible Management And no PTO"

Current Employee - Technical Support says

"- Training SUCKS! - They may bounce you around to different products to work for. (QuickBooks, TurboTax, proseries, lacerate, etc.) even though you get hired for a different one - Resources and tools are not that helpful - Communication is very bad"

Call Center Executive (Former Employee) says

"In Interview process only candidate get wait for Long full day just as time past.And after process done than in call attend there is no proper system allocated all rubish management done."

Customer Service Advisor (Former Employee) says

"They make you work like robots. You give everything, you do your best, put in 100 percent effort and all they do is expect more. They look at everything negative in you and when you do positive things they don't praise you, their expectations get higher. They change your shifts whenever they feel like, without informing you. You can't take your holidays when you want or need too. Long hours with short breaks.NothingEverything"

Customer Care Advisor (Current Employee) says

"They are still trying to figure out how to operate a call center they are very disorganized and the job stress isn't worth the $14 per hour. The upper management ask for feedback but does nothing with it. They make no effort to improve anything and they just make excuses for everything. Long hours, high stress and minimum wage"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Its a never ending revolving door of new recruits. Nobody is every happy there. You don't get truly recognized for your efforts. They hold the wrong people accountable for things rather than the people who should actually be held accountable.The have a convenience store on siteEverything else"

Technical Support (Former Employee) says

"I have no words for what I saw during my time working for Concentrix. People were suicidal they were so unhappy and I regularly saw fellow employees in breakdown and deep distress regarding the working conditions. Not a single thing was done to address these concerns during nearly 2 years.I honestly struggle to think of my time working here, the conditions were truly awful. Never ever ever work for this company."

Advisor I (Current Employee) says

"These people don't care if you are Dieing or a cancer patient. Will not give u any time off to care for your self or family. Managers are power tripped and mean for no reason. They think the can brainwash people. They honestly don't care about the life of anyone. All they care about is money and that is really sad. Naracisstic minded people.Full time workEverything"

Applicant (Former Employee) says

"Communication and recruitment process with an Indian recruiter was afwul. First, they called me and lied about the start date of the vacancy, pushed me quickly to do written-test, video test, computer test. Once the recruiter had all my assessments in, she dissapeeared - not reachable via email or phone.I realized that the recruiter simply wanted to hit their target and turned out there was no vacancy available at a time they reached out to me, and certainly noone contacted me about the start date - which was initially told by the recruiter. For a moment I believed that the recruiter had a genuine interest in my candidacy; after she ignored my calls and emails, I realized that she clearly had her own agenda.At least, they could have sent me a little email thanking me for investing time in this. Not even a word from them.I will never work with the recruiters ever again and certainly I am not going to apply for this particular company. My impression about them is spoiled now."

Technical Support Representative (Former Employee) says

"This place is pathetic !! If you want to destroy your career go ahead. This place is not for educated people who have higher goals. This place is full of uneducated people from lower to higher level management. No respect for employee. Very stressful job and below average pay. If you’re working full time here, you need painkiller everyday because this job will give you unnecessary headaches. Turn over rate is high. Make you work like a donkey carrying stuff whole day and night. Mandatory long hours. I had very bad experience. I feel regret i worked for this disgusting company.No pros.Destroy your career, time, energy."

Customer Service Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Let me see... I started working there for a new campaign. Said campaign only stayed for less than a year. Team leads (supervisors) were hired halfway through training, could not answer your questions, would mislead you and you'd take the fall for it. No one higher up cared about the employees under them. If you needed disability accommodations, you'd be required to get multiple doctor's notes that *you* had to pay for. Typical call centre, was screamed at, cussed at, called derogatory slurs, threatened, etc. All for things far outside of my control. Call backs from supervisors required a 24-48 business hours wait. But wait, it was never our supervisor to do the call backs. It was always a senior agent. Overtime was mandatory. You got no choice. Coworkers were amazing. Work from home was horrid. No support. Started a new campaign once the prior one left, training was online, not helpful at all. You were thrown onto the phones with no support. Toxic workplace, management has favourites, no support whatsoever, and good luck to you if you don't fit perfectly into their neat little cookie cutter box and have any additional needs. Pay did not suit the job we were expected to do either. Call after call, email after email, mountains of paperwork, and no time for a restroom break or even to just catch your breath between it all. Save yourself the damage to your mental health. Just don't. CoworkersLong hours, no work/life balance, draining, expect everyone to be the same, you're just another number, toxic workplace, detrimental to mental health"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Horrible job they don’t help you or care about you or the memebers it’s so busy everyday the sups are all horrible do not work here I would not recommend worse job ever"

Technical Support (Former Employee) says

"Probably the worst place I have ever worked. Worked at the Quorum site in Long Benton. You’re just another number, they don’t care about their employees at all, no regard to mental health despite preaching that they support mental health issues in their employees. No help on the call floor. They couldn’t care less. I would never work for them again; I actually ended up on the sick with depression due to this job!Food was nice. Other than that, nothing.Literally every thing about the place"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"You are better off being unemployed than working at Concentrix Mississauga. This company is filled with uneducated junky people on trainer, Team Leader and operations manager positions. Management just keeps avoiding their job. None of the Leadership team members know anything about the campaign they are working for. They never answer any customer calls because they don't know anything and just keep pushing the agents to their limits. They have no idea about what they are supposed to do. They listen to your calls and criticize you but never answer even one call and teach you what is to be done and how it should be done. They don't set any good examples. Job avoidance is second nature of leadership team here. They all need to be fired!!!!! This is a place for people who cannot achieve anything in life and are failures at everything. Call centre jobs like that are for LOSERS!!!!!! HR Business partner is very biased and is running this place like its her family business. She has employed her entire family here. If you complaint about any leadership team member, she starts defending them. Sometimes it is difficult to understand if she is working in HR for the staff or for the management. Uneducated Lady and extremely unsuitable for the job!!!!! Just give this place a miss because they will make you mentally ill!Free garbage and junky people with no educationThis entire place is a con"

Customer Service Advisor (Former Employee) says

"I would not recommend this place of employment to anyone based on my experience working there for one year. The team leaders are not helpful. Some work hard while others sit and get paid the same rate of pay. Commission payments always change goalposts so you never reap your benefit at the end of the month. The work environment is not kept clean.N/aToo many to talk about"

Diamond Tier Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"if you want to get humiliated and made fun of goahead and start working there. Don't recommend this place to my worst enemy. Pathetic Experience of my life."

Customer Care Agent (Former Employee) says

"Honestly this is the worst place ever; they treat new people like dogs and expect us to take the work place bullying and harassment. It's one rule for some and another for other. Absolutely shocking. The work hours are long and the pay to reflect the work is horrendous. Honestly the worst thing about working there is the culture, the team leaders all have favourites and if they catch you doing anything other than being an obedient little dog they will pull you to the side to harass you. There is nothing of any value here; they are utterly horrible.Absolutely nothingAbsolutely everything"

Technical Support (Former Employee) says

"Worst place to work for. Promises a lot at first but then you would be left alone to figure everything out alone with no guidance. Management cares nothing about workers and would force you to work extra hours, meet targets etc even in spite of a pandemic or lose your job. So if you care nothing about your mental health then this would be the place for you, if not run.BenefitsEverything about the job"

Technical Support Representative (Former Employee) says

"This company is complete garbage. They don’t care about their employees. This company is full of uneducated people. They make you work more than 8hours. Change your schedule without notifying you. Basic pay. If you want to spoil your career, go join this company. This place is not for people who are graduted with professional degree. Don’t waste your time here. You will regret if you work here.Opportunity of work from homeNo respect for employees. Low pay."

Call Center Representative (Former Employee) says

"This is a very hostile work environment. People actually do experience physical violence, either in the building or in the parking lot. There is a lot of discrimination practiced in this place against white people, older people, and disabled people. If you are under-educated, or have no experience, or if you can't pass a drug test, its easy to get a job here.There are none, unless you are a person of color.This was the worst company Ive ever worked for in 40 years, everything about it was a 'con'"

CSR (Former Employee) says

"Even after completing all necessary steps, I was keep getting email stating I have not done my parts for application and they put my application inactive after a month. I have reached out several times as well as sent all proof of completion but hiring team don't even check that email or not even reply to accept that proof. It feels like they don't even know how to work with email and future employees."

Customer Service Representative II (Former Employee) says

"This company when u first get the job. They promised u anything u ask for. Then as ur there, opportunity come available, so u think it great. Then u go to other Dept and find out ur just doing more work, same pay Threat to take job away, when u can not stay on top of the work load. Client’s are always asking for more and manager unprofessional Down right nasty 😷Close to homeThe manager and TL r worst"