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ComputerLand was a widespread chain of retail computer stores during the early years of the microcomputer revolution, and was one of the outlets (along with Computer City and Sears) chosen to introduce the IBM PC in 1981. The first ComputerLand opened in 1976, and the chain eventually included about 800 stores by 1985. After this time the rapid commoditization of the PC led to the company's dowfall, with most of the retail locations closing by 1990. The company officially ended in February 1999.

One unhappy customer shared this in a review, "The price for fixing my unit was not worth the cost, so I ended up just paying the diagnostic fee. When I went to pick up my unit, there was damage to the top of my laptop which were not there prior to me dropping them off."


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"Less BI projects and no client facing exposure"

Senior Test Engineer says

"Very limited growth prospect for the experienced peoples. Limited hold on domain/business."

Current Employee - Software Testing says

"Favoritism is always there in our company"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Company is no longer in business - position was terminated. Not much else to say - place was located on Wall Street near WTC and meeting business clients was the best part of the job.Meeting clientsPoor management - company is out of business"

Technicien informatique atelier (Former Employee) says

"Accès aux nouvelles technologies informatiques difficileslieu de travailenvironnement conflictuel"

Employee (Former Employee) says

"Compensation package comission only, friendly management"

Młodszy specjalista do spraw administracji (Former Employee) says

"Pracowałem tylko na umowę zlecenie, czasem nie zrozumiałe polecenia od przełożonych.Dobra atmosfera w dziale"

Business Support Executive (Former Employee) says

"Decent organisation but a lot depends on the management in your department and most importantly your own reporting manager. That can change perspective of the organisation."

V.P. Service Operations, Birmingham (Former Employee) says

"Worked my way up to Service Manager - Rapid growth in personal computer technologies - served many businesses in the Detroit Metro area. Poor management led to their demise.Active work environment - great peopleOwners sold out to corporate and they cut back on everything"

Verkoopmedewerker, systeem bouwer (Former Employee) says

"systeembouw,software ondersteuning, direct kant contact.."

Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"This was a company early in the computer retail market gained notoriety in selling technology hardware to the general public. It expanded into corporate sales, but the fast moving market was difficult in finding balance in a retail and corporate market, when sales conditions were constantly evolving.It was an exciting place to work in a new industry.The constant changing knowlege made it difficult to stay ahead of the technology changes."

Assistant Marketing (Former Employee) says

"Acquisition de nouvelles part de marché, entreprise mal organisée. Personnel accueillant, postes avec des avantages. Bonne ambiance mais charge de travail lourde. Mauvais management des priorités.avantagesorganisation"

Service Administrator (Former Employee) says

"Good company, however was shut down back in the 1990's. Company had a good work life balance and office staff was like a family. Benefits were above normal."

Self employee (Former Employee) says

"my own business, it was motivation and big responsibility to compete in the market. good learning for sales and marketing strategies"

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