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Community Health Systems (CHS) is a Fortune 500 company based in Franklin, Tennessee. It was the largest provider of general hospital healthcare services in the United States in terms of number of acute care facilities. CHS affiliates own, operate, or lease 97 hospitals in 17 states. At the close of 2016, it had operated 158 hospitals in 22 states.In August 2015, the company announced plans to spin off 38 hospitals and its management and consulting subsidiary, Quorum Health Resources, into a new publicly traded company called Quorum Health Corporation. The company completed the spinoff of Quorum Health Corporation on April 29, 2016. Quorum owns or leases hospitals across 16 states, primarily in cities or counties with populations of 50,000 or less. It is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol: QHC.

On October 3, 2016, CHS was removed from the S&P Midcap 400 and added to the S&P Smallcap 600. Under CEO Wayne T. Smith, the Company's stock has lost over 76% of its value since the year 2000. Chinese billionaire Tianqiao Chen had a 22.2 percent stake in Community Health Systems in 2017.

An employe left this review, "Low pay. No room for advancement. Poor management that does not support their employees. You are only a number here. Company is very unstable. Lots of layoffs.Low pay.Upper management on down didn't care about anyone but themselves! No communication, no respect, just alot of BS! Now they are closing the doors on July 2nd and sending our work to the ssc in Tennessee and Florida! Thanks for nothing in return for the 5 plus years that I worked for this company."


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Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Non staffing issues not flexible with schedules"

Former Employee - Computer Operator says

"Bad management, low pay, over worked"

Current Employee - Emergency Department Registered Nurse says

"low salary, poor staffing, flexing, low resources"

Former Employee - Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) says

"Poor management, don't care for employees"

Current Employee - Registered Nurse says

"tone deaf to patient risk"

Former Employee - Director Physician Services says

"Zero understanding of local markets by Franklin, TN. Have never met a single person face-to-face (not even the VP we report to) yet the emails border on bullying."

Former Employee - Physician Practice Support Customer Service says

"racist management and supervisors a lot of daily harassment"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Low pay. No room for advancement. Poor management that does not support their employees. You are only a number here. Company is very unstable. Lots of layoffs"

Current Employee - Payor Analyst says

"Upper management on down didn't care about anyone but themselves! No communication, no respect, just alot of BS! Now they are closing the doors on July 2nd and sending our work to the ssc in Tennessee and Florida! Thanks for nothing in return for the 5 plus years that I worked for this company..."

Current Employee - Collections Specialist says

"Managers do not care Hound you to make productivity with no training Do not care how you work accounts even if no money is brought in just need to hit 55 accounts a very unattainable goal Will take away bonus for anything No help during Covid 19 instead will write you up for productivity during all this transition and cut hours"

Nurse (Former Employee) says

"Our administrator left and we were moved close to Grandview. Before the move we had the best administrator, she worked hard and stayed at work for many hours She was working sometimes 12-16 hours a day to get the place ready for audits. Once she it was never the same."

Physician Practice Support (Former Employee) says

"This place should win as the place with the most unprofessional management system. They don't care about their employees at all, the department with the most horrendous management and supervisor is PPSI. They play with the employee jobs they take advantage of their position to play and do whatever they want with people's jobs. Supervisors bring personal problems to work and start picking on minorities. This"

Medical Assistant (Former Employee) says

"This company is not a diverse company in fact I was the only African-American that work in that office and as I worked for that company for a year and a I realized that going to all of their offices I was still the only African-American there were no other African Americans except for one doctor. And oftentimes I was made to feel very uncomfortable very excluded and my manager did nothing to help me until I eventually left the company"

Insurance Verification Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Micromanaged to the point of not getting your work done. Too much favoritism in the department. Can’t move up without a degree regardless of experience.Several schedules to choose fromNever praised"

Sr. Lead Implementation Analyst - Contractor (Former Employee) says

"Lot of work, great opportunity to learn the basics from the ground up. Busy with a lot of work for several different roles that make it unrealistic to succeed"

Senior Analyst Cash & Payment Reconciliation (Former Employee) says

"CHS is not a place I would recommend to anyone. Leadership is substandard and they completely lack respect for their employees. Layoffs have been the norm for several years now. Job security is anything but secure."

Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) says

"This place is awful. Management is ridiculous and childish. They have no backbone and they are bullies! The pay is a joke. Stay away unless you are desperate!!!"

Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Could be good place if it was not for the clicks and boy old boys!! Needs to be clean up management! IT department needs clean sweep! A few other areas should also be considered for cleaning out but if all of the managers to CEO were replaced that would be a great start."

PCA/ Unit Secretary (Current Employee) says

"I love My job and taking care of patients but in enterprise al I’m one of the oldest employees the hospital had for techs and I get Paid the least. 10.00/hr. That’s not even enough to buy food and pay my rent. I get Ran over all the time and watch all these young girls with no experience and less empathy make easily 12-13 maybe more an hour than I do. I’m working almost 5-7 days a week to even maybe make ends meet. I tell My managers and CEO and I’m laughed at. It’s awful.... the longer you stay the less they care about you."

Analyst (Current Employee) says

"Poor training and management. No room for advancement. Raises are virtually nonexsistant and poor when you do get one. Company culture is awful and petty. Company is unstable. Company provides sick time but you are penalized for using it. Don't waste your time or energy.NothingEverything"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Full of spoiled, privileged doctors who treat employees badly, and administrators who usually never last more than a year or two. Chronically short-staffed, with unsustainable demands made of all employees.Nice areaHorrible doctors, and the admin team that cowers to them."

Accounts Representative (Former Employee) says

"if you like to be micro managed and constantly reviewed for a dull job then this is the place to be. they constantly have turn over and lose their best people because they do not care about anything but numbers and the best way to make the most money off paying as little as possible."

Eligibility Representative (Former Employee) says

"They do not value their employee's co-workers were rude, the demand was unrealistic in the time frame allotted. The pay was grossly below cost of living."

Refunds Specialist (Current Employee) says

"We were informed Physicians Practice Support office in Sarasota Florida is closing September 28, 2018 moving it to the home office in Tennessee. Severance packages are offered however Shared Services in Sarasota, part of CHS, is creating jobs, hiring everyone that interviews and pay the same hourly wage for over 30 people? I believe this is to pull employees away from receiving their severence packages then lay them off. Why would they close the office, rehire at another location at the same hourly wage? Do the math.Great group of people to work withUnrealistic daily basis goals"

Executive Assistant/Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"Company downsizing and lack of communication from upper level has brought the morale to a minimum. While eliminating employees, then giving you their duties, you are being told "be thankful you have a job"."

Application Analyst II (Former Employee) says

"I would like to think, a very long time ago, CHS was actually a good place to work. Unfortunately, over the past 10 years it continues to go down the drain. The turnover is astronomical. It's CHS. My manager actually blocked me from any potential growth. I had other managers in other departments where I had applied come and tell me my manager was not letting me move. I'm not sure I would ever recommend anyone working there.They typically let you go a little early the weekend before a holiday.Everything else."

Contract/Payment Compliance Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Only go here when all other options have been exhausted. Work life balance does not exist. Management is detached from realities of the job. NEVER trust their word on bonuses as they will not honor them.the people who work there other than managementuntrustworthy in almost all regards"

HL7 Integration Interface Analyst (Former Employee) says

"I would never suggest to anyone to work there. I would only work there if I did not have a job and needed money immediately and no other options! I can't understand with all the problems they have had with being in trouble with Medical Records breached and Medicare/Medicaid claims that they are still in business...seems odd.NoneThey are CONS!"

Telemetry Technician (Former Employee) says

"I worked in ICU & CCCU with 3 different managers within 7 months, people were hired that had no telemetry experience to watch telemetry monitors, & there were also no set nursing guidelines for the Critical Care Departments. Benefits were very expensive, especially when the pay was only $12.00/hr with 14 years experience in Weatherford/ Granbury, Texas. The staff were nice & did the best they could with no real direction or leadership.StaffPay, Expensive Benefits, Revolving door for management"

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"This company is terrible. They have low pay, the worst managers, no organization, or process. The only good thing is that you can weare jeans in the corporate offices. Please run away as fast as you can."

Teflon says

"CHS is a horrible company to work for. Pay is terrible!!! I got a 13.2% raise when I left, which says a lot. Competition in my field is very high,… so this told me I was grossly below market. Not surprising as my raises were minuscule, despite being told I was excellent in my field, showing up on time and doing a great job. My boss was horrible and was being allowed to bully people,… the CEO was made aware and she,…. Behaved beyond atrociously for a so called professional. She shouted at me, and bullied me . She should be fired!!!! I’ve never even had an opinion on a CEO before,… she is horrendous!! My hospital had so many talented and great physicians, nurses and other employees. That place is bleeding Physicians like crazy, I’m sure for similar reasons…. There are SO many other places to work. Save yourself major aggravation…. Stay away from CHS!!! Look at their stock prices,…. It’s worthless….. "

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