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Santander Bank uses the Comfort Card program plan. The Santander Consumer Bank AG is a German Credit Institution in the legal form of a corporation with headquarters in Mönchengladbach. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Spanish Banco Santander S.A. The Santander Group is one of the largest banks in the world with over 133 million customers and presence in more than 40 countries. In Germany, the bank is represented by the Santander Consumer Bank AG. The Santander Consumer Bank AG has a loan portfolio of €30.8 billion and has about 5.6 million customers.

A customer shared this about their experiences about Santander online banking, "I tried to pay my Comfort Card credit card online but it would not work tried phoning for 2 days over an hour each time so on the 25/3/20 I had no option but to go to the bank. I am 71 years old I did not have any money in the house so was forced to go to Santander bank in Kilmarnock The bank was letting one person in at a time A lady cashier dealt with me and I paid my credit card no problem. I asked to withdraw money I was told to go to the cash machine but I needed a £1000. A gentleman cashier stood up and told me money was no good as nobody was taking money he was very arrogant I told him that me and my wife were in isolation as I have underlying health conditions and I did not want to be here nor did I want to keep going to a cash machine as friends and family would bring us groceries and I would leave money for them at that point another gentleman told me to take my card and go I found out later this was the manager, hard to believe this was the manager they were very aggressive and threatening and I will be closing all my accounts. this is the worst bank ever"

The Santander bank Comfort Card sucks!


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Former Employee - Funeral Director says

"they thrive on weak directors, punish the strong, no life, strong corporate environment. could care less about directors, its sales this and sales that."

Current Employee - Family Service Counselor says

"I am sorry to hear that your work experience after these years has changed. We value every employee's feedback and I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss further. Please feel free to reach out to me directly at 832-308-2711 or via email at"

Keith Tomlinson says

"I bought a chair 6 years ago. It was £690 and supposed to be leather. The leather wore away on the arms and became discolored on the back. It became very uncomfortable and two springs broke. It was fine when it arrived and the delivery service was excellent. It's longevity however was disappointing to say the least. I am not overweight 11.5 stone."

sean dodds says

"Shady practices and very poor customer service sales. My father in law who is 90 years old had a 2nd hand ride and recline although too small fo him it served him well. After much saving they had enough for new one they went 2 store ordered new chair nearly £3000. Were forced to pay 30% deposit for the priveldge to be put in tbe build queue then pay the balance a week before delivery basically before they deliver. A few days after placing their order a 30% sale pops up and the question is raised about getting the discount.simple straight answer NO. Even if they cancelled the order and lost they whole 30% deposit which may i add is actually against the consumer rights act. They would have still saved money. The chair finally arrives after weeks of waiting with tne balance being paid in full a week in advance of delivery. To be fair the chair is great then they realise they dont have the slip covers that go over the arms. So mother in law phones up 'Sorry you didnt order any' that will be another £60. For 2 pieces of cloth. Your sales person should go through all items and extras available at the time of ordering very poor service and it feels like you are once again dipping your hands deep back into the pockets of an elderly couple. I only discovered all this today and if i had known before they had recieved his chair today. I would have told them to cancel the whole order and take the order to another company. Be careful when you order and check the fine print as this deposit cancellation clauses are NOT inline with the consumer rights act suspect to say the least."

Paula Karter says

"We purchased a sofa and two riser/recliner chairs from HSL, Brighton on 10 February. We were subsequently contacted with a delivery date of 25 March 2020. However, we received a further phone call to say due to the COVID-19 lockdown, the delivery could not take place. Fair enough. Next we received a letter dated 12th May 2020 stating "a gold standard in Contactless Delivery" had been put together. We rang requesting a new delivery date but no date could be provided. We have rung several times since, each time being given a different excuse for the lack of a delivery date e.g. they have changed their carriers. Yesterday I was told by Liz of HSL that HSL had thousands of deliveries to make - but can only make four "safe deliveries" a day. It will take years to clear their backlog! Where has our money gone? Think twice before buying any furniture from this company."

Peggy Linley says

"I’ve just had a chair delivered from Hsl and not happy with it I have reported it but got no satisfaction down the sides of the chair there’s gaps at each side of the chair plus its not finished of very well there’s bits of cotton down both of the chair iam not happy at all with it and it cost a lot of money"

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