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Comedy Central is an American basic cable channel owned by ViacomCBS through its domestic network division's Entertainment & Youth Group unit, based in Manhattan. The channel is geared for mature audiences and carries comedy programming in the form of both original, licensed, and syndicated series, stand-up comedy specials, and feature films. It is available to approximately 86.723 million households in the United States as of September 2018.

A viewer mentioned, "Why is Comedy Central lacking original content these days? It seems like its turned into the channel that plays nothing but The office ,that 70's show,south park and Tosh.0. They have so much great original content in there backlog but this is all they play these days. What happened ? Did they lose faith in the original programming or something?"


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Music Director (Former Employee) says

". When Comedy Central 1st started, it was the best place on earth to work, fun, exciting and a place to learn your skills. Now its nothing like that at all.."

Integrated Marketing (Former Employee) says

"Not much room to grow. Salaries are dismal. People are wonderful, but everyone feels stuck in a dead-end job. Lots of benefits, and perks like meeting comediennes. A good job for a year or two. Not a career."

Writer/Producer (Former Employee) says

"Network was great to work for, the changing media landscape has made it more stressful as the company struggles to adapt. Some questionable decision making and there is a frustrating lack of communication between workers and middle management.Great benefitsrevolving door of supervisors"

Writer (Current Employee) says

"Fun show with manageable hours and great guys to work with on both shows. Learning a lot about producing on a budget. Show getting better with each season.Hours, creative contentLocation, unpaid lunches"

Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"Working at CC can be very rewarding, although the company is in flux right now since the Viacom/CBS merger was completed in December 2019. The overall vibe is one of great uncertainty, no one knows if their job is secure and that is a source of great anxiety company-wide. When lay-offs eventually occur and the dust settles things will calm down. Job-wise, this is a demanding place to work, lots of coordination between the different departments and tons of meetings.Tight deadlines and a number of shows in production simultaneously can create a high-pressure environment. There is a huge amount of talent within the company and room to grow on various teams. Employees have each other's backs, there are some strong senior managers."

Camera Operator and PA (Former Employee) says

"They provided everything we need to go to a venue and document a comedians performance. Final DVD production was received very well.One time gigOne time gig"

General Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed my time working at Comedy Central, however the hours was long and very tiring. However, my time was highly enjoyable due to working with the public and making their time the best I could when visiting a particular event.Confidence on my communicationLong hours"

Smokey says

"I just think everyone out there shouldknowthatcomody central is providing pornographic material to MINORS on a daily basis so get ready to talk to your 6 year old daughter about sex!!!"

D says

"Enough already with “The Office” Good grief everyone is sick of it. Try working on new programming. I imagine your programming meeting for the new year: let’s see... How ‘bout “The Office.” Great! Meeting over."

ADAM says


Chase R says

"It\'s pathetic that comedy central no longer has a backbone to venture out or provide anything remotely funny. Trevor Noah will never be Jon Stewart. It\'s like his only move is the comedy \"rule of threes\" the main problem is they never have a decent punch. At least the writing room has to say something other than something something Trump. Or the corny talking to the camera move\" Mr. President listen up...\" Thankfully South Park has a long enough record survive all the turbulence. Pathetic when a network tv channel devolves to running reruns of what we\'re popular shows because no one wants to watch anything they come up with. Maybe that should be the hint that you aren\'t funny. No one likes comedy that lacks introspection."

Commercial Hater says

"Comedy Central sucks because they have way too many commercials which consume more time than their shows. I don’t know if I’m watching a movie or an infomercial. Absolutely the worst!"

Francisco says

"Shows are hit or miss."

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