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Comcast Corporation (formerly registered as Comcast Holdings) is an American telecommunications conglomerate headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is the second-largest broadcasting and cable television company in the world by revenue and the largest pay-TV company, the largest cable TV company and largest home Internet service provider in the United States, and the nation's third-larges.

A former employee said this in a review: "Retention at Comcast is a joke because you legit have to sell to people and the company masks it as “customer service”. I get mentioning our products that could potentially save customers money but dinging metrics because we don’t want to force a sale is insane. If you aren’t there long enough or if your metrics suck, you will have sucky shifts. Customers are entitled and terrible".


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Former Employee - Communication Technician says

"I worked at Comcast full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Management will set you up to get fired."

Current Employee - Cable Technician says

"I have been working at Comcast full-time for more than 5 years Cons: All about metrics. It’s a lot of bad thing but hey at least there is work to pay the bills."

Current Employee - Customer Account Manager says

"I have been working at Comcast full-time for less than a year Cons: you are just calling businesses all day to sell them more stuff and in the middle of a pandemic that is not what they want to hear."

Former Employee - Sales says

"I worked at Comcast full-time for more than a year Cons: You’re a spoke in the wheel, nothing more you’re not there for any other reason than to make THEM money"

Current Employee - Sales Associate says

"I have been working at Comcast full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Selling your soul and going to war against customers just to make a buck"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Comcast full-time for more than 3 years Cons: They only care about numbers..they don’t care about the customers or employees..$$$$ that’s all they care about"

Current Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"I have been working at Comcast part-time Cons: If you value your sanity do not work here."

Former Employee - Com Tech III says

"I worked at Comcast full-time for more than 3 years Cons: everything the supervisors are a joke its been over 2 years sense i have worked for the company and they still are causing drama in my life"

Former Employee - Business Account Executive says

"I worked at Comcast full-time for more than a year Cons: Toxic, Dumpster Fire Culture. 80% of my team either was bullied to leave or were fired in my first year."

Former Employee - Warehouse Representative says

"I worked at Comcast full-time for more than 5 years Cons: the amount of work is not worth the amount of pay. little room to increase pay. management is extremely poor."

Tech 1, Service Assurance ECC (Former Employee) says

"lay off the good people and hire outsiders for leadership roles instead of overqualified in house is how you get comcast they will never get better till a true change on the top9 Cons: just the companies current general direction"

Xfinity Retail Assistant Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"I spent 5 years with this company. I worked incredibly hard to get promoted, and once I was promoted, it took them 9 months to get me into a new leader course. Then when I asked for help, I was terminated. In 5 years of great history I had never been written up past a verbal warning for something stupid, but the minute I ask for help I got nothing. I definitely don't recommend this place to work. No morals or ethics. Cons: Everything, don't work here"

Level 3 Communication technician (Former Employee) says

"Working as a comm tech has got to be the worst possible job in the world. Bit by dogs, bee hives on the poles, rude customers, no AC in your van, ZERO work life balance and let’s not get into the amount of nepotism in this place. Maybe they should hire supervisors that are qualified instead of propping up people that will backstab you at the first chance. Cons: Everything"

Retention Agent (Former Employee) says

"Calls are horrible and stressful, plus the training does not provide adequate information or preparation for the job. Customers are already angry for being on hold for so long, and Retention Agents are forced to become Sales Reps."

Sales Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"Extreme favoritism managers and reps are best friends which causes favoritism. Calling out or being sick can get you written up. Pay isn’t bad but no benefits and would not recommend Cons: Eveything"

Cable Technician (Former Employee) says

"Pay was crazy. Would work 85 hours a week and make 350$ . No matter how many jobs you would do considering that most of them were trouble calls. Management was very poor"


"While working at the company I was in the retention dept and it was so stressful. People would call and yell at you and even though they were already upset our job was to save them from leaving Comcast and upsell....very stressful Cons: Everything else"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"I applied for a position with this company through indeed. They in turn sent me an email to apply through the site so I took the extra time to do that. They stated they sent out an assessment days ago and after several unresponsive emails to them I give up on getting that assessment. If this is any indication of the kind of communication this company exercises, I Highly recommend going elsewhere for your job search. Position is work at home customer service rep in Tennessee. Cons: Poor communication, Poor follow up, waste of time"

Field Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Everything bad you can think of will happen. Cons: Everything"

Telesales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Pay & benefits"

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Theyre never around for their employees or the customers, leaving you to clean up after their mess. They want you meet sales expectations while acknowledging some months are extremely difficult for sales. Theyre just an overall mess. Cons: Everything else"

Retail Sales Consultant/Key Holder (Former Employee) says

"Outdated systems and bad support, worked for an indirect comcast store it was horrible. Worst decision lf my life no clue how they werent shut down. Cons: Everything"

SR. Sales Consultant (Current Employee) says

"Road to dead end if the managers don't like you they try to set u up for faliure and lying is apart of the Culture here you have to be able to be great at lying to get ahead and no one listens to the truth because lying is acceptable across departments..Retail Manager tells reps to tell customers that the only way they will touch an account to repackage is if the customer buys a mobile plan ?? Basically lying No one knows whats going on here very fustrating job to work for especially when HR doesn't truly investigate into situations Seems like every since the VP change this company region is becoming more desperate for sales while losing great reps and it's been alot of great reps who got fired or quit and Toxic Manager's are the caused to alot of them Cons: Pay decreases each month also Racist Upper Management who Brainwashes Reps"

Customer Support Representative (Former Employee) says

"Working in a call center is not for the faint of heart. Constant calls from angry customers and then supervisors all up in your face about everything. It was not for me so I got out as soon as I could. Cons: Too many rules and metrics"

Inside Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Work-life balance"

Retention Agent (Former Employee) says

"Worst company I've ever worked for. They don't care about their employees no matter how much they try to appear that they do. Superiors undermine each other and have no respect for anyone below them. The only way to advance in the company is if you are a complete piece of human garbage and take advantage of nice customers and upsell them things they don't need. I went on maternity leave and was harassed the entire time. They called and texted me several times the week leading up to the birth, the day of my child's birth, and the days after until I called them back and confirmed my child was born. They wanted A COPY OF MY CHILDS BIRTH CERTIFICATE. Ridiculous corporation with no humanity. I was miserable there. I do not reccommend working here. Cons: Everything"

Vxi global solutions (Former Employee) says

"Vxi comcast is terrible treat you like an animal doesnt pay enough for what u go through. deal with rude people all day . management is AWFUL , I got FIRED because i couldn’t make it to work due to being in the hospital apparently they dont take “ hospital notes” lol so awful wouldn’t recommend it to anyone ."

Retention Representative (Current Employee) says

"I am a big believer in Customer Service. A happy customer is your strongest alley. A upset customer is your biggest detractor. So it comes to what is the goal? Is the goal to give a great customer experience or to be a commission based McDonalds, and flip the tables every 15min. Theoretically you could both give quick and quality service, but to excel at one the other will be diminished. Quality take time, handmade signifies quality. Machine made brings speed, efficiency and mass production. Cons: Compromise your integrity"

Retail Sales and Service Consultant (Former Employee) says

"I don’t recommend working for this company anywhere in Oregon. The regional manager is severely disconnected from the realities of the job and has no business managing. Sales tactics proposed by her are questionable and misleading. And this incompetence trickles down to the managers she appoints. Nice lady, but clearly has never worked in a store. Cons: Everything else."

Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"at first it was good. Everything is on a surface level. The longer you work there you start noticing your expendability. Biggest problems was compensation, the better you do, the less you end up making because they keep switching comp plans."

Benjamin Rosner says

"Incompetence at every turn.

I have been a Comcast customer for internet for over 6 years, and have tolerated their poor service and even worse customer service. But recently, the degree of incompetence has risen to a whole new level.

Internet in our small neighborhood went out on 11/24 for reasons unknown (no weather issues). When I called Comcast, they told me that there had been an outage, but it had been restored. I assured them that I (and some neighbors) still did not have service, and I wanted to report that the outage persisted. There was apparently no way for the agent to report an outage except to try to get a supervisor on the line, which they were unable to do for 2 hours of my call time before I got disconnected. 2 hours of my time down the drain.

We went for 2 days with no internet, and no acknowledgment from Comcast that there was an outage while my wife and I (and neighbors) lost work productivity as a result. I spent 4+ hours on chat and 2+ hours on the phone with Comcast and spoke to multiple supervisors (never the same one, as there was no way to reach the same person) who each assured me that the problem would be resolved and that someone would follow up with me (no one ever did). I was offered a technician appointment at my home in 1 week (a wait time totally unacceptable to my neighbors and myself).

In the meantime, internet came back but it was spotty, so I held on to my appointment 1 week later. That appointment date came and went, and no technician showed up. Another call to another supervisor who said that somehow the appointment had been cancelled, but he could not ascertain why and by whom. He assured me he would arrange for another appointment within a day and would personally call me back. A day later, internet keeps dropping out, no appointment, and no call back.

There is no way to reach the same supervisor at Comcast twice, so there is no continuity and no "ownership" of the problem by anyone at Comcast seeing the problem through to its resolution.

This is the sort of runaround one would expect in a developing country. Comcast does not deserve my business (we are looking to alternate ISPs), and does not deserve anyone else's business that is treated the same way. Shame on Comcast."


"No new offer for existing costumer and keeping rising the prices"

me says

"just got hung up on by a louie who was having a god attitude it was his way and only his way or " get warning" for hung up.
explained my issue to him several times could careless he just demanded answers to his question
guess they forget we pay them and without us they have no job"

Daniel Wood says

"The saga continues...

I swear I try not to be problematic. I rarely get frustrated or become negative but, I’ve had it with this company. On October 7th 2020 I made the mistake of again becoming an Xfinity Internet customer. At first everything was fine but, a couple of days after activation I was contacted by Comcast and told that I had a past due bill with an old account that needed to be resolved. I thought, no problem, I know exactly what they are talking about. The Agent informed me that if I returned the old equipment my past due bill would be $202 which I agreed to pay on October 15th when I received my check. I could had sworn that she told me that she’d reach out to me on the 15th to pay it which she never did.

On October 19th my service was disconnected. I called and spoke with an agent and was told it was due to a past due bill. I then logged onto my account and it said I owed $42 so, I paid and my service came back on.

On October 27th I come home to find my service off again. I call and speak with an agent and I’m told it’s over the $202 from the other account but, my account never reflected this. I was there told that the department I needed to speak with was closed and I would need to call back the next day after 7am.

On October 28th at 7am I call the number they provided and ended up talking with an agent via text message to be told that I need a different department and they open at 8am. I expressed my frustration and he told me to go ahead and call I should get through so, I called.

I ended up speaking with another agent who again tells me I need a different department and they open at 8am. At 8am I call the correct department just for the automated message to tell me they don’t open until 830am so, I hang up.

10 minutes later my phone rings, it’s Comcast with another agent who was so rude to me I don’t understand why she’s in customer service. Anyways after her trying to trouble shoot me I’m toldi need another department.

At 830 I call the other department and get a voicemail. I leave a message for them to return my call. At 11am I get a text message that my message has been received and the next available agent will contact me. At 1pm I still hadn’t heard from anyone so I call back and leave another message. At 430pm they finally call me to tell me that I still owe the $202 and that they won’t cut my service back on until it’s paid in full.

So because of a misunderstanding I will now be without internet for 7 days until my next paycheck when I thought that this was already taken care of. I have never been so frustrated and upset with a company. Listen, I’m an honest, easy going guy but, I strongly urge you that if you have any other provider options go with someone else. Comcast is trash and if you become a customer you will be throwing your money away to only be lead in circles and treated like you don’t matter. I’m ready to cancel my service and I haven’t even had it a month. Be smart and choose another company"

Laura Hamington says

"I really, really do try to not be negative....but comcast has made me go against this trend. Honestly, they know you have no choice and so don't really care to treat you well as a customer. Only glad that I luckily don't have to deal with them too often."

Mercedes Schlaffer says

"We were paying 150$ for internet service because the performance was terrible and supposedly I needed extra services. We paid this amount for like a year for a bad service. Several times a month we would lose the internet. They finally told me I should go to a store to pick up a modem and to get the Pods to extend my wifi.
I drove to the store and got the modem. The person whom I spoke with on the phone said I wouldn't need the pods, with the new modem should be enough. I come home, install the new modem and the same thing happens. I call to order the pods because I couldn't order it online, it was giving me an error. They told me to drive to another store far away to get the pods. I drive to the store and they tell me they don't sell that equipment at the store.
I come back home and I literally spent 7 hours on the phone the rest of the day on hold, waiting for supervisors, again on hold. I ended up speaking with another person at the end of the day who said they were going to send the pods with an expedited shipping. I never received the confirmation email. I called again and now they said they send it with UPS but it should take a week to get to my house.
I request to speak with a supervisor who says I cannot do anything about it, you should wait and SHE HUNGS UP ON ME!. While you don't have any problems, is ok but if you ever have a problem with Comcast is the worse service on earth and is a monopoly because there are no other services in the area. Good luck to you,"

Gman O says

"Bandwidth throttling should be illegal, but they do it like they own it. Every day my streams are interrupted by Comcast throttling, so I have to pay extra for a VPN so comcast can not see my traffic or throttle it. With VPN = full speed internet, without VPN = worthless comcast scum throttling all of my radio stations. I think comcast should be investigated by the FTC for extortion and false advertising on a grand scale, I want all of my money back they stole over the years too! Class action would be nice as well. Just chew comcast out for each illegal action until it learns to follow the laws and rules of common decency. I hate this company !!"

Sean (SubZero) says

"The service is mediocre at best, prices are outrageous & the amount of outages due to the companies negligence is staggering. Worst company to be associated with & loyalty means nothing to them. After many years of being treated only as a dollar sign, I'm in the process of canceling them for good & to make sure others are aware of this sham of a company. In a month's time there is between 22-25 outages & when I called to ask them why they aren't being more proactive I was told it's the customers responsible to make them aware of problems as they are not responsible for being proactive in the company."

Deborah Atlanta GA says

"Fast talking reps slick talking reps
Rude unhelpful
Over charging unempathetic company
Contract ends. They don’t notify you and double your costs. I won’t be renewing but going to voiceover.
Disgraceful company"


"Worst customer service, worst agents taking calls, increased my bill to what I did not agree to paying, thereby forcing me to pay for services i did not use! please do not fall for Comcast! bad company, very poor, and overpriced, over high bills that are not necessary! very unhappy"

Kevin Amiri says

"I have been with Comcast more than 20 years and I thought they had made some improvements but over the past year they have removed channels that I signed up for without notice while charging me the same. I opted for their highest package getting everything they offered paying over $200 a month then they said I had to pay extra for the sports package which they dropped me a few times and I had to contact them to get them to put it back doubling the price at one point. Then a few months ago I am searching for a show that is on Cinemax but it said I needed to subscribe to but I had Cinemax since day 1. They told me there was a change and that I had to pay for the subscription, but they had replaced it with Epix but I had to pay the same price for all the channels.

Well, today I found out that Starz has been dropped and that I have to subscribe to it and oh, I have Epix! How can a business do this to their customers without notice and without compensation? This is simply wrong and unethical.


Christina Doss says

"If Only you I could give a zero rating!!! Waiting for 4 hours on a 2 hour window for the Comcast technician to show for a installation of service today . He never showed so I will be getting Verizon to do it . I called three times to try and get a time for him to actually show up they left me on hold for 45 minutes then I hung up worst service"

John Burr says

"I dreaded calling Comcast again after my contract was up. But unfortunately Comcast is the only provider in Dunnellon and tey know it so they rake you over the coals. I placed my new order and of course the old promotion package is no longer so they get creative to raise your bill. Than they promote x1 and cloud Dvr if they do not have new lines in your area dose not work so you will need Dvr top box and we need to charge you $10 more Agents yes several and tech support was not very helpful. The tell you to hold on and hang up on me. I call customer service and chat for over an hour and they could not resolve the issue. Comcast service is absolutely garbage. Real shame that unless you want a dish and you want internet you still have deal with comcast."

Charlie Bodine says

"The Xfinity/Comcast service is consistently down here, in SC. I have been told it is due to the weather in the area. That makes no sense, since it is delivered by a cable. The support is even less. Is there a way to give them no stars? I am sick of NBC and their garbage communications company which leaves everything to be desired."

Jason Knysz says

"If I could give less than 1 Star, I would. Comcast is a terrible company. Our monthly bill is never the same price. It varies by several dollars each month. The customer service is terrible. It took me over 1.5 years to finally get my cable buried. The list goes on. Ugh. I am likely ditching Comcast and moving to another ISP."

Jonathan Connolly says

"We had to move out of our space and Comcast forced us to pay two extra months of internet along with a $400 termination fee. I just can't see past how they can charge you for something your not using. I own the account and a former employee signed us up for a 3 year plan. I am paying a huge amount for internet I'm not even using. This is extremely frustrating. If I could transfer the ownership I totally would but I don't have that as an option. Way to burn the bridge for any future sign ups. Really wish someone would do something about this."

Janelle says

"Not good service. Internet was spotty and was constantly having to reset the modem. The customer service was terrible and not helpful at all, and trying to get rid of their service was a pain. Generally speaking have not had a good experience with comcast."

Bianka Sison says

"I'm sure my rant about Comcast will be of no surprise to the majority of people that use their service for cable. But they charge WAY TOO much for their service!! I mean it's major over kill!
Granted, they are kind enough to extend your payment date if needed but in the same token, they are so dang expensive that it's almost a must that they do that for you.
I have just very simple basic cable, no premium channels, nothing extra and my bill every month is roughly around $220.00!!! It's just obsurd in my opinion.

Ricky Hayes says

"Datacap on wifi is just unreasonable in this day and age. They also charge an arm and a leg for cancellation fees."

Lisa says

"Good service bad support"

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